Miss World 2015 Hot Picks Week 2

Art by Island_Girl




This week, without any doubt, Miss Mexico Yamelin Ramírez is the hottest Miss World 2015 delegate. She is a highly qualified woman who can do the Miss World tasks with sincerity and dedication. Like the Miss World winners of the past, Yamelin exudes integrity and genuine concern for those in need. She is what Miss World wants and add the fact that Mexico has this insatiable longing for the crown. Will Yamelin finally fill the void? You bet she can!

Miss Brazil Catharina Choi occupies the second place. She is a classy woman whose ethnicity straddles between two opposite cultures. Her blend is just perfect for she is a Brazilian with flair and elegance peppered with her Oriental charm and poise. With her cosmopolitan appeal, wouldn’t she make a great Miss World? And yes, Korea and Brazil could both rejoice!

On the third spot is Miss Scotland Mhairi Fergusson. She is the epitome of Scottish beauty and she defines what makes Scottish beauty different from the rest of the United Kingdom. With Mhairi, Scots can be so proud, they could declare independence at any given notice. She’s charming by the way and she is well vered of the current events. Beautiful, intelligent and charming – isn’t that what Julia Morley is looking for?

Miss Chile Fernanda Sobarzo is ranked fourth for she is increasingly winning the hearts of Missosology pageant experts. There is something about her that says she will be a formidable opponent at the upcoming Miss World 2015 competition. Sad to say, while they already have a Miss Universe and a Miss Earth, they are yet to clinch Miss World title. Will it be this year? Probably. With Fernanda as the representative of this South American nation, the possibility of winning the crown is increasingly becoming realistic.

Kimberly Singh of Trinidad and Tobago is fifth and she reminds us of the beauties that dominated the 90s. There is broad consensus that her aura resembles that of beauties from India, not just because she is Indian by race, but because of her breeding and attitude. A large percentage of Trinis are of Indian descent and Kimberley is representing not only the twin islands but of the timeless beauty of India as well.

At sixth place is Reine Ngotala, the representative of Gabon. She has this contagious smile that could lit up any dark room. The curvaceous lady caught the attention of the experts and they pointed out that she is the perfect follow up to the superb performance of their 2014 delegate. Reine is very classy as seen in her pose, in her smile and in her moves. There is just this right amount of attitude and confidence whichever angle of her you will look!

Since Azra Akin, nothing much was heard from Turkish beauties but it seems Ecem Çirpan – on the seventh place in this list – is drawing more and more attention and she will change the Turkish status quo. As one of the beauty analysts puts it, Ecem is arguably the best Turkish delegate since Azra. It is easy to see why this is so. Ecem’s beauty is soft to the eyes and sweet to the palate. She however needs to work a little bit more to overcome her rather boring aura. Once she finds something that would spice up her personality, she could be unstoppable.

Miss USA Victoria Mendoza‘s Hispanic beauty and American temperament is just a wonderful mix and the beauty experts placed her on the eighth spot. She is a lovely lady who worked tirelessly on several charity projects. Her beauty is effortless. She can throw in any wardrobe and would still look chic. Above all, she is affable, very approachable well in fact, and is the perfect poster girl for what it is that Miss World stands for.

Miss India Aditi Arya (Rank No. 9) has been the favorite of so many beauty experts since she was crowned by the Femina Miss India organization. That she is at the second to the last in this list doesn’t mean that she is no longer their favorite. She is still. It’s just not much is heard about her lately. What is comforting to know though is that she is backed by a behemoth and experienced organization which has the sole aim of bagging another crown for India’s kitty. Aditi is Miss World material and it would be a grave mistake to underestimate her.

Jessie Jazz Vuijk completes this list by filling the tenth spot. The representative of the Netherlands is slowly gaining some attention. She is a drop dead gorgeous blonde which can easily turn heads in Sanya later this year. The Netherlands had been working doubly hard to bring back its glorious years using its racial diversity as well as its new found experience in the world of pageantry. Their hard work is clearly paying off and Jessie Jazz is in a good position to sustain the Dutch momentum.






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