Miss World 2014 to utilize unpaid labor?




The British entertainment Bectu has reportedly slammed the Miss World Organization after it was revealed that the make-up artists who will work with the 2014 edition of the pageant will go unpaid. In a report by The Independent, a British newspaper, the recruitment e-mail for Miss World 2014 make-up artists state that only “credits” and goody bags will be given.

Bectu’s communication officer Sharon Elliot penned an article “Is Miss World 2014 aware that unpaid labour is being recruited to the contest?” and lambasted the pageant saying that there is a“sense of outrage from qualified make-up artists wanting to make a living is palpable. We congratulate the make-up artists prepared to make a stand against exploitation and we invite many more in the creative sectors to stand with them.”

Colin Laphan of ADCreativ, the company who will be providing the make-up services for the pageant said that goody bags and “credits” are a norm in the industry. This is despite the claim of Bectu that the suggested day-rate for freelance make-up artists is set at between £200 and £300. Colin however claimed that he chosen to pitch for it on the basis that he would get exposure. He added, “Having Miss World on my CV is more important than the money.”