Miss World 2014 10th Hot Picks


Miss World 2014 10th Hot Picks

In this week’s 10th hot picks leaderboard, India emerged as one of the beauties to watch and cemented her frontrunner status. It’s been 14 years since this pageant powerhouse won the title in 2000. A week earlier, Aishwarya Rai celebrated her Miss World 1994 win marking the 20th anniversary. Is it a sign? Can India tie Venezuela with 6 Miss World titles?

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  1. It’s time for all beauty pageants to see the force of a black beauty from the beautiful Island that is Puerto Rico, and all though our asian counter part Dislike our country We will prevail. puerto Rico Is a force That Just started turning heads and You people will not take her down. PUERTO RICO WILL SHOW WHAT THIS SMALL ISLAND COULD DO.

    • when you wrote “…all though our asian counter part Dislike our country” i hope you were referring to only filipin…pls dont put other asian countries in that group. only filipinos enjoy hating others when it comes to pageants. other asian countries couldnt be bothered by all this craps…

      • i am inviting you to visit our country and experience the hospitality of the filipino people….if ever youll come, ill open our doors for you..we are ere for a vacation…God bless

  2. I am really rooting for Miss Philippines to win but it can be denied that Miss India is really stunning. If she will win I will be very happy too.