Trump calls Paulina Vega hypocrite



US Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has called the reigning Miss Universe Paulina Vega of Colombia as hypocrite. In his tweet, Donald said:

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.14.24 PM

“Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, criticized me for telling the truth about illegal immigration, but then said she would keep the crown-Hypocrite”

Paulina Vega earlier issued a statement denouncing the statements of Trump where he called the Mexican immigrants as drug carriers and rapists. The Miss Universe pageant seeks to distance itself from Trump and insisted that it is operating independently from its owner. While Trump was largely criticized for his anti-Latino statement and that 3 Latin American countries has already announced they will be boycott the pageant, Miss Universe is far from being prejudiced against Latinos. Fifty percent of Miss Universe winners since the turn of century are from Latin American countries including Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete who won in 2010.

Paulina Vega has already cancelled some of her schedule appearances in her native Colombia. Bogota meanwhile decided to pull out from its bid to host the next edition of Miss Universe.



  1. it’s about time for m. trump to consider how he should give that kind of comments…he must not generalize maxican people…he is entitled to his opinion if he has basis but i believe there are mexican people who are really good ones…being owner of ms.universe pageant he must consider his purpose why there is ms universe pageants…and since he’s running for U.S.A.president the more he should be sensitive to people…

    • Trump should give up miss universe & miss usa & give it fully to Paula Shugart because if he wins the elections he still has to give the pageants up anyway.

  2. This was expected. As I said many times over, Donald has to be politically correct at the very least to candidate as US President. Unfortunately, he believes that a bad publicity is still a publicity. You can’t offend and hurt people and keep your popularity. I say, massive boycott! Oh, and by the way, what about Ms. USA 2014 who also has given a statement and sounded with the same effect as MU 2014’s statement? Should Donald dare her to give up the crown, too? Until he has not, I would call Donald the biggest hypocrite!

  3. My honey balding Donald Dump Trump wants Paulina to give up her crown and give it to his hypocrite whore beeyatch Nia Sanchez who despite her Mexican heritage has not said a single word against Donald Dump Trump for his racist remarks against Mexicans. She likes her 15 minutes of fame and would not give up her Miss USA crown because she has no self respect and her vajayjay is telling her the Donald’s whorehouse is the best thing ever she got.

    • thanks for insulting trump for me…i never like that creature…he is like pinoy…attention seeker and over-glorified…cheers!

      • pinoy is not like a fucking bitch like you who knows nothing but to suck a dick of your father and swallow its jizz..resulting your mouth to say bad things to people who doesn’t care about your uncle’s dick(Donald, Dumb like you)..fuck yahh!!!

  4. Donald Trump is right in saying Mexicans r drug dealers illegal immigrants and murderers. I strongly support him. Nations like mexico, panama and Costa Rica have shown the world they r corrupted nations bcoz they oppose trump saying and support mexico. Colombia if support mexico and boycott MU they show the world that they too r corrupted. MU should be held in some European or Asian or African country for 2015. Why does trump only want to sponsor this latina whore nations when the world has so many beautiful countries. For the last 20 Yeats he has crowned only latinas despite so many beautiful women coming from.Asian African and European nations. But I feel bad for Paulina Vega on being called a hypocrite bcoz she isn’t a slut like those Venezuelan whores on the contrary she is try to save the same of MU pageant and she is trying hard for her country not to boycott the pageant. She doesn’t want to say he is right bcoz she is from Colombia and her life can be tragic of she supports him as some idiot can murder her. She is a sweetheart and intelligent kind decent woman .trump must apologise to Paulina bcoz an innocent woman like this girl doesn’t deserve to be insulted. Paulina u r a good seed Colombian girl. Don’t support Mexicans they r corrupted. Be yourself.

  5. Paulina should be promoting Miss Universe, fashion and womanhood not immigration politics. I am not from your country of USA and even Mexicans and some other countries tried to smuggle drugs in my country and neighbouring. They are well known for it worldwide, admit and learn to fix your problems if politics is to be involved. Stop Over populating, equal woman rights and opportunities for all countries are the politics topics that Miss Universe should promote.

  6. Donald Hippopotamus Trump is such a hypocrite for asking me to give up my crown when in fact he should give up his candidacy because he will lose anyway. I promise this Old Fart Trump will not make it past the primary in Iowa because he is not only a loser but a big joke and embarrassment for America. Viva SudAmerica!!!