Miss Lebanon in trouble




Because of the photo above, Miss Lebanon Saly Greige is under fire back in her home nation. According to some sources, Saly has been avoiding to be seen right next to Miss Israel Doron Matalon as it might cause some controversy. Israel and much of the Arab world has been engaged in a hostile war and various skirmishes since the creation of the former as an independent Jewish nation. Lebanon, although an Arab nation, has a much better relationship with Israel although several Islamic militants within Lebanon have attacked Israel in several instances.

This is not the first time though that the turmoil in the Middle East has affected the Miss Universe competition. In 2002, Miss Lebanon Christina Sawaya even refused to join the Miss Universe competition because Miss Israel Yamit Har-Noy is also competing. In 2006, Gabrielle Bou Rached of Lebanon and Israel’s Anastacia Entin ran into trouble after they revealed that they have established personal friendship despite, at that time, the Israeli air force are bombing some parts of Lebanon.

As for the photo above, Saly wrote this to her fans: “To all my supporters and Lebanese citizens, I would like to thank you indeed for your continuous support of Miss Lebanon at the Miss Universe contest …The truth behind the photo: Since the first day of my arrival to participate to Miss Universe, I was very cautious to avoid being in any photo or communication with Miss Israel (that tried several times to have a photo with me). I was having a photo with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia and myself; suddenly Miss Israel jumped in, took a selfie, and put it on her social media. This is what happened and I hope to have your full support in the Miss Universe contest”


  1. How Miss Lebanon can enter Miss Universe when she unable to promote world peace even among them? Dont even think for the crown….her cause also very big NO

    • Exactly, she was one of my favorites before arrive in Doral, but after this declaration to her fans, she seems like a bitch towards Israel without no reason, it’s just a picture! They are not presidents of their countries, they’re just two girls competing in MU. I hope Lebanon can’t qualify for the Top 16 and in her place Israel places it.

      • I’m sure she’s not being a bitch for the sake of it – she’s just afraid of backlash. And in a country flooded with Hezbollah jihadists, ‘backlash’ doesn’t mean ‘bad article in a newspaper’ or ‘bad TV item’ – backlash means she can be physically hurt. So her comments ‘revealing the truth’ behind the photo are par for the course.
        (I’m from Israel by the way)

        • I am guessing all these chicks are total bitches because beauty pageants. These are like middle eastern Honey Boo Boos. I wouldn’t do either of these skanques with your wiener, but the almond eyed babe on the far right could slide down my pole of peace.

      • I’m guessing she was totally fine with the photo and, because this got blown out of proportion, she’s just saving face so she doesn’t get killed when she goes back home.

        • We will never know but my guess is that miss Israel & miss Lebanon are both great young women. The only difference may only be that miss Israel is free where clearly miss Lebanon is not. So it’s safest to assume miss Lebanon was under immense pressure or threat & acted accordingly. Calling miss Lebanon a bitch or any other name is unkind. As for miss Israel, she took her freedom & acted very appropriately in the face of this!

      • Bitch? She tried to avoid Miss Israel for self preservation . Can you not understand this? Do you think Miss Israel did not know this? She chose to try and cause another contestant pain KNOWING full well what could happen to this poor girl when she got home. She must fell that was the only way she could win.

      • You too stuiped to understand the reason, read history and see why no israelian is or should be Lebanese friend, Israel is a state of aggression…

    • She entered and took the picture next to each other, you can’t blame her, blame the media for making a big deal out of it, many Lebanese women and men married to Jewish men and women, there is absolutely no problem.

  2. True. She’s been avoiding Miss Israel in fear of not getting full support from fans. They should have taken more pictures together and use their influence to promote world peace.

    • How naive of you..I wish it was that simple.
      Israelis don’t care who that girl is taking pictures with. The worst they would do is write a nasty talkback. But the arab worls is not a game. People get murdered for a lot less, and there’s a lot of fear amongst the local community.

  3. Before heading to miss universe, the government in Lebanon forbids miss Lebanon to make any contacts with miss Israel, or she will be judged when back to her home country, it is not her personal decision,

    so please stop making blablabla and judging this beautiful cute girl, who is following the rules in her country

    Sally you’re the best

    • I hope this Lebanese bitch doesnt cut it to top 15 and plz lebanon stop sending delegates to MU if you dont agree with world peace

      • kindly stop calling the girl a bitch, can u confirm giving her a green card or a new passport with a new nationality , because if she goes back to her country ” the government ” I said the government will judge her and put her I prison and not the Lebanese people who love life peace and happiness, and from tomorrow if the open the limits between the 2 countries they will be more than satisfied,
        sally is obliged just to avoid the other lady,
        she ‘s an educated woman and not a bitch as you called her
        and we will keep sending beautiful girls as sally to miss universe, maybe one day there will be a world peace and I promise we as Lebanese will be definitely a part of it.
        I suggest you go to youtube and check how the Lebanese spend their nights and days ignoring politics

        • she should sit her butt at home then, period. yes, she is ugly in her personality and her soul and has no dignity. she is a disgrace for the female and human kind to be making that statement. she is just a coward girl and don’t belong there competing at MU. she is just an ignorant little nobody, simple as that. you know you are from some extremist fanatic culture? well, sit your ass at home and do not come compete and interact with others. stay at home and make your own pageant with the likes of yours and with those that share your same beliefs. dont come and poison others with your whatever, smh. Shame shame and again shame on you miss lebanon, yes, you are an ugly person, you shoud withdraw from the MU competition and go home. shame on you and those who applaudes your ugly and low class gesture and statement.

          • I Think that you did not read the above, when you live in a country you should follow its rules, and that’s the government rules not the people one, some agree and some do not, and if you were at miss Lebanon place I think that you should have done the same or they will sit your ass in a prison when you go back to your home country or you they won’t let you enter the country, and we as Lebanese are not racist as you seem to be when talking about Lebanese people that you know nothing about what the went through during the last 30 years and how many children have died burned due to the bombs and the war with Israel.

          • Those children were bombed because that their country have started a war with one of the smallest countries in the world just for being the only Jewish state out there, the Israelis said ‘never again’ after the Holocaust and have become one of the strongest countries in the world just in case anyone will try to hurt them again, but all that has nothing to do with the Miss Universe competition whatsoever, you can see that Miss Israel is putting politics aside and shows that there are other ways, but Arabs… They’re just full of hate… And not only they live in countries that need to follow its rules, they just live in countries that have stupid rules like not to make rapport with any Israeli personnel in any kind of competition (rules that usually give them an automatic loss)

            btw Miss Israel is gorgeous!

          • Maybe you should go back to history and check how long the israel army dominated the lebanese land From 1975 till 2000, we never Attack your little pure country dear But you did, now it’s pretty clear how much you are racisst and i know where you beling to

          • Ralph – WRONG. Israel invaded lebanon in 1982 because palestinians used southern lebanon as a base for bombarding northern Israel (for nearly 15 years). If you are lebanese, and you do not know this – you were fed half truths. Daily bombardments were a normal thing in most northern Israeli cities until then (and from parts of syria as well, until 1967). The operation was meant to route out certain militant organizations that took over parts of southern lebanon (In fact, relations between Israel and lebanon were quite reasonable until then, despite all of this, on an unofficial level.) Israel doesnt have some mad hunger for war, we hate it just as much as you – but a look in to history will show you that our neighbors (including some in your own country), dont dislike Israel because it attacked them at a certain point (for, these attacks were usually counter attacks, except for 1967 which was a response to egyptian moves and syria bombings of the galili) but because it exists. If you admit that it will make your point of view a bit more clear to the rest here. If you dont agree and dont have a problem with the idea of Israel but rather with the wars of the past – open a real book (even wikipedia) and check out the history more deeply.

          • It seems uou have your own wikipedia, i suggest you check this on google: israel invaded lebanon in 1969, in 1976, in1982, in 2000…. and try to see if oneday lebanon invaded israel
            Lebanon was and will always be A scapegoat of the middle east, we are a people who love life

          • I think if the lebanese government is so closed minded, they should refrain from participating in events that include israel. Maybe they should create Miss Arab Universe. No one will miss any of you.

          • Ralph please stop. if a country has such restrictions and rules then they should just not take part in any international activities such as sports or pageant. this is just ridiculous and ignorant and wrong. this is a savage attitude, and you know where savages belong? in the jungle and the desert, point blank. and i repeat, after such a negative and cowardly statement miss lebanon should be kicked out of the competion. I hope the MUO ask her to leave.

          • No Ralph, hell no. you wanna follow your own country’s rule then you follow them in your own dam country, not in another country? wtf? and worst in the U.S of A? are you effing kidding me man? you’re a fool, a moron. You go to an international country and venue and your black or white or indian or arab or islamic ass will have to behave accordingly and to the rules of international and basic and comon courtesy and the promotion of peace. it’s people like you and her and islamic fanatics that make the world a bad place. if your ways are so extreme and so this and so that, well again stay and sit your asses at home, do not try to impose your weird and terrorist ways on any international community, lest alone in a country that is not yours. stay home and hurd your goats and camels, please stop watching HBO and CNN and ESPN and stop partying for Halloween and thanksgiving and stop going to Disney world and go shopping in Miami or NY or whatever. maannn, just shut the hell up. yeah, your miss lebanon is a little bitch and has no personality.

            P.S. miss israel did not photo bomb your #misslebashit, it was a group selfie. look at the picture again and see all them eyes looking at miss israel’s camera. smh. get a life

          • well dear , we are not Muslim, we are Christian, and we never had camels, we are an educated people, ranked 4th in the complementary and primary education at the united nation statistic, we speak 3 to 4 languages, we are making a lot of intellectual glory all over the world, try to check all of this on the net, if you know how
            your low level of speech reflects how much you hate Lebanese , we are a people who suffered 30 years of war and we still trying to live and to learn,
            and I will try to keep my conversation clean an polite, because this is how we speak to others in our country
            go go miss Lebanon, God protect you

          • Ralph, we don’t hate Lebanese people, I don’t hate you guys. As a matter of fact I have countless Lebanese and Syrian friends and other Arab contries too. Ok i’ll rephrase my self and will not use ugly languages. I, we and the rest of the world are simply tired of your crap customs and ways once you are in international grounds. We respect them but you people also need to keep them to your selves and in your home land. Once you come in neutral terrain you must obey and act according to international ways and courtesy, simple, this is all we are saying.
            If I come to your country I will imform my self of the do’s and don’ts, just like I do when I travel the world as a business person or as a tourist, but if we meet in Miami, NY, London or Paris, or my own country, you better believe it that you best be at your best behaviour and that of an international citizen or I or any other will tell you our opinion.
            If your miss Lebanon had any courage or was woman enough, all she had to do is tell miss israel “look, this is complicated and you know it, i dont want to get in trouble so i am sorry but i can’t take a picture with you” It would have been her right to not want to.
            Although it is very debatable but my opinion is when you have extreme religious or custom ways, well you just don’t participate in events where your ennemies will compete. You have the choice to not go. The world doesn’t evolve around you or any other countries with war or other unfortunate circumstances.
            Many indivisuals and athletes in the past have chosen to stay home because they would not accept to take part in friendly events, may it be sports or social where the knew other individuals from an ennemy state would be present.
            So again, sorry Lebanon and your miss and your supporters but you are all wrong on this issue. Simple.
            Is this better and educated language for you sir?

            P.S. I speak four languages too and my country (which i don’t need to mention) has two official languages and also have two other languages mandatory at school. So yes, we can pretty much communicate with most people of the world.

        • I would rather not be in the pageant then treat someone like that. They did not threaten to arrest her but to take her out of the pageant and if they threatened her because of a picture then maybe they should not even be there. I bet the other girl was not threatened for the picture.

      • Fer, don’t worry man, if any truth to this the MU organisation and judges will make sure she is a clapper cause she sur showed the world thhat she is an ugly person. smh

    • then Lebanon should stay the f… away from this type of competition. although not their mission but this is a good platform to promote world peace and humanity or at least show it. if they feel they are from some extremist country where they can pay a heavy price for such “no big a deal” well they should not send their delegates to any civilized affair. if any truth to this story then miss lebanon should have stayed home cause if true she showed the world that she is a bad ignorant nobody and don’t deserve to be among those other great girls. dammm, what a shame.

  4. This is not the business of hard-line politicians and extremists! For the government officials in Lebanon, please think again about your ridiculous rule. You are ruining the image of Lebanon internationally! How about Israel? The conflict involves Israel but will Miss Israel be tried for this pic? 🙁

  5. just a small info for all the ignorant,
    Any Lebanese can be accused of treason by hisballa, as long as they have the power of the gun.

  6. I never thought Miss Lebanon was pretty like her lips are weird shape and don’t go together with her face, I don’t know just don’t think she isn’t very pretty but now I know she is ugly in the inside. Miss Israel is gorgeous and had beautiful shaped lips and amazing bone structure. I’m glad Miss Israel took a picture with her and was hateful like Miss hateful evil Lebanon. Miss Lebanon is a mean hateful twatt. Yeah I said it I’m so sick of girls being mean like this and hateful and acting like bullies. Sorry I’m just so mad her at she is so mean and I have dealt with bullies like her.

    • Don’t even get me started on that Slovenian pole dancer in the picture. What kind of strip clubs and brothels did they troll through to find these gals?

    • they are both pretty yet she shouldn’t be afraid and make any excuse by mixing this with politics and need not fear what will happen to her next (unless it is brutal over there then she should just move to countries that don’t promote hate) if she promote love and peace, she will be one of the exception and be in her history as probably infidel unaccepted yet be above that world-wide & be rewarded for her bravery standing for the truth of love and peace from some of her countrymen.

    • Miss Lebanon is beautiful, she’s just doing an awkward face cause she was nervous taking a selfie with someone shes not aloud to. And don’t call her a bully, she just didn’t wanna be in political problems, but SHE was in the selfie. Miss Israel has a weird scar on her top lips and ugly eyebrows.

      • then we agree it was a selfie, and she was not photo bombed by miss israel. so go figure, smh. by the way, all should take another look at that picture and realize that all the girls were looking at miss israel’s camera. that said again it was no photo bomb but a group selfie. Miss lebanon is a little liar and a coward. i say MU organisation should throw her ass out of the competition. smh

        • To me it looks like the three girls were taking a picture and Miss Israel saw her chance to jump in and cause problems for another contestant .She knew what she was doing and what pain it would cause another person AND CHOSE TO DO IT ANYWAY

          • David I see your point. it could be true but will never be proven unless miss israel would confess that indeed that’s what she did.
            1, Then all miss lebanon had to do if what they claim is actually true, was to tell miss israel sorry but i can’t take a selfie with you and i will get in serious trouble in my country if i do.
            2, again if true she would face severe consequences then she would have had no probleme telling her sorry i can’t take a pic with you.
            3, again look at the girls looking at the camera, that was a groupe selfie and no photo bombe.
            4, the same way we won’t know the real truth unless miss israel tell us so, well, miss lebanon will have to prove to us also that she was forced by her organisation and her government to have made that foolish statement that she did.
            My two cents.

          • Why must she prove anything to us? She OWES us nothing. And why can’t we just take her at her word? She said she tried to avoid causing a confrontation with Miss Israel.(a classy thing to do given her situation ) That is good enough for me. Why does she owe anyone an explanation ?

          • then why should we believe miss lebanon crappy excuse? why should we believe she is any better? you’re right she doesnt owe us anything. she showed the world her true colors and in the eyes of every non lebanese people she showed us that she is just a vermine and a hater and a liar. man you are even a bigger fool than i thought.

    • Why are you making a huge deal about this? Miss Lebanon IS beautiful, i posted a better photo of her. And miss lebanon wanted peace so she took the selfie but she didn’t wanna be in trouble with the government of lebanon cause she could be. Don’t be so damn ignorant. Not to mention miss Israel looks like an average lebanese person in the streets, not even special.

  7. Not because of the creation the Jewish state, it is because Israel flooded its neighbors with millions of non-Jewish/Israeli citizens refugees, creating security, poverty and crime raising the anger level for rejecting to allow them back to their homes, why neighboring countries citizens tax payers has to pay the price for the citizens of Israeli war.

    • I guess you don’t know about the Jordan war and what happened? That fact is they are Arabs from Arab countries. If those Arabs don’t want to give those ones citizenship, normal jobs, medical care or education that is on them but we all know why because they have said it before they want to destroy Jewish state and turn it into something else and also stated even in their charter they want to kill all Jews. They don’t want peace and that is obvious. Maybe they never will. Anyway that is beside the point their is no excuse for her to treat Miss Israeli like shit

      • First of all your comment is like Sh., she didn’t refuse to take pictures, she did take the picture and the media made a big deal of and people like you, Arab is not a country, Arab is not a citizenship, Arab is not a passport don’t call the non-Jewish Israeli most hated citizens Arab, they are Israeli unwanted citizens flooding Lebanese streets with half million of radical Islamists from Israel, why Lebanese tax payer has to pay the price for you hating your own non-Jewish citizens destabilizing Lebanese government, security creating hunting war for your own people on Lebanese land, airspace violation, invasion all these war machine game and ethnic cleansing is part of cultural politics in Israel and the region.

          • We have half million came originally from Israel as refugees only, the Jews in Lebanon are minority as a result of war and ivasion by Israel push them out to US, Brazil, Australia, Canada and France they are proud Jewish Lebanese, there are many Lebanese women and men married to a Jewish women and men, there is no problem, the only problem is the soviet communist zion ruling regime of Israel war games, anti-Lebanese stereotype and propaganda.

          • Christina Metron, I’m so sorry, but you are an ignorant (or just an anti semitic). If you don’t know the facts, and you obviously don’t, please stop arguing about a subject you know nothing about!
            Because of people like you there’s so much false hatred in the world.

          • Bla bla the same old song about anti-semitic while i am semitic myself. Facts are obvious that all terrorists are Islamist armed with the Russian Klashinkov, the soviet communist Zion ruling regime of Israel ethnic cleansing and war crimes. The political culture of ethnic hate as part of Middle East policy power play, these are facts.

          • Again what I am saying that Arab is not a passport, Arab is not a citizenship, Arab is not country, these people in Israel are Israeli Islamist citizens and your neighbors don’t have to feed them simply because you don’t want them, flooding the streets and cities in Lebanon for over than half million Islamist of yours, every country has Islamist and Israel does.

  8. This article states that lebanon has a much better relationship with Israel than blablabla. Guess what!! That is wrong lebanon has no relationship with Israel what so ever. For the hateful ignorant commentators stating that miss Israel is nice and blabla bullshit and are bashing miss lebanon; I say you need to go and educate yourselves. Miss Israel was clearly fishing for a controversy. For the dumb idiots arguing that miss lebanon should have acted like miss Israel’s cheap act of peace promoting, I say that this is like bring together under the umbrella of peace a raping pedofile (Israel) and an innocent peaceful child (lebanon); the pedofile never changes. You people are dumb ignorant and hateful

    • Miss Israel was nice and she did nothing Miss Lebanon on the other hand.. It’s just a picture and she treats her like horrible over it. Peace raping pedophile? About Muhammad because I’m confused you make no sense what so ever. Innocent peaceful child?! Get some mental help lady, stat.

      • You are confused coz u r ignorant and dumb. I bet miss Israel is now an emotional wreck Bcoz of miss lebanon’s harshness… Boohoo… Plzzz grow up and again go educate yourself. No it is not just a picture it is an act of forcing something onto others without their permission as has been Israel’s shameful history. & regarding your mentioning of Mohamed; again go educate yourself you stinky antisemite.

        • Wow so hostile. You are such a nice person I can see why you support Miss Lebanon behavior. Antisemite? Do you even know what that means? You are ignorant as hell and that is you fyi. No one forced her to do anything or be like that to Miss Israel except some people say your country did and there were no problems tell people in Lebanon started freaking out and going crazy crying and whining over the picture so get your facts straight. Also you are the one talking about Muhammad. You need to go to school with spelling like coz, bcoz, plzzzzz, u. You and your bullshit lies stink and you are a racist evil woman and a bully. The only one crazy and freaking out having a emotional break down is you.

        • what about group photo’s? what about group activities? you are as dumb and ugly as your missfit miss lebanon who knows she is an ugly person with an ugly inside and with no chance of shinning here but to be a clapper so she is trying some stuppid stunt to get attention. the MUO should expell her, kick her out of the competition for making such an ugly statement. again i say miss lebanon does not belong in this competition, she should have stayed home, period.

          • Mia003 you are so pethetic I’m just laughing at all the rubbish you are writing. Im sorry i usually don’t engage in a converstaion with such uneducated people… :)))

          • Learn to spell pathetic and conversation. This fool calls other people uneducated but idiot can’t even spell pathetic or conversation. Also you are not responding to me idiot you are responding to Michael.

          • hmn suicide’s comment was the smartest one here 🙂

            I’m a jew and even though i think Miss Universe should stay away from politics , it just shows us what the media is focusing on .. Thousands are dying all around the world and the media still likes to bring up Israel and neighboring countries.

    • You really needed to get that out! Wow. I hope you feel better. Now stop projecting your hate & assuming anything on anyone you know nothing about.

  9. Part of the point of such pageants should be to come together in peace. If this pic shows that “enemies” can get along despite politics, then good for them.

    • WWII is different. This is Islamic terrorist like Hellzbonllah and other terrorist always a problem not only to Israel but US, France and India ect. I’m French and I would take a picture with a German. There is no war but with the terrorist and extremist but it seems like all these people have the same evil mind set to destroy Israel and kill all Jews and will never change.

    • knowing that he or she would find themselve in that situation they would just not go. The great Joahn Cruif of the Netherland football team in 1978 chosed not to go to Argentina and play with his national team because he did not agree with the ruling of the president of Argentina who was then considered a brutal dictator. so yes, he was the best player in the world at the time and still in his prime but he opted to seat it out knowing he might find himself in a situation where he might have to be shaking hands and taking pictures with the rulers and governing staff of that country. Does that explain it to you?

  10. You have Miss Israel called Doron and Dolon—which is is? Doron is a Hebrew name (usually a man’s name) and I do not know about Dolon.

  11. I can’t believe all the negative reviews, first with all what is happening in her country she wasn’t allowed to take a picture with miss Israel and she was doing as instructed. Then miss Israel took a picture without her approval anyway. She is only explaining herself why she didn’t do as instructed. I don’t see how this is considered being a bitch, she is just scared.

    • I completely agree, and I feel really sorry for her too, especially since she owes her victory in her national pageant to her progressive views in support of women’s rights.
      In fact this issue regarding Miss Lebanon refusing to acknowledge Miss Israel in Miss Universe isn’t all that new either. Back in 2000 and 2001, the respective Lebanese delegates Norma Naoum and Sandra Rizk were highlighted in MU coverages for the same wrong reason, i.e. distancing themselves from/”ignoring” the respective Israeli contestants Nirit Bakshi and Ilanit Levi, as per government orders. Additionally, back in 1993 at the Miss World pageant, Miss Lebanon Ghada el-Turk was denied entry into her home country for months simply because she had posed for a press photograph with Miss Israel Tamara Porat. Perhaps this was a fate that Norma, Sandra and more recently Sally were trying to avoid.
      I also understand how the absurdity of such a politics-related situation may seem unreasonable to many, hence the use of labels like “bitch” and “ugly” by several commenters, but to be honest, neither Sally (Miss Lebanon) nor Dolon (Miss Israel) are to blame here.
      Quoting one of the previous commenters, it’s the Lebanese government that needs to “grow up” and realise that its “enmity” with Israel should never extend to international platforms that promote peace, unity and goodwill, like beauty pageants. Nothing good will come out from such excessive insecurity on the part of the Lebanese government, except negative perceptions towards Lebanon and the Lebanese people as well as bad press attention and general disaffection towards Miss Lebanon, as reflected in many of the comments here.
      In spite of this unfortunate turn of events, I wish good luck to Miss Lebanon, Miss Israel and all other contestants in vying for the coveted Miss Universe crown…may the best girl win!! Peace, everyone…


    Miss Lebanon just made her self look very bad. yes she needed to please her fans in her country BUT Miss Universe is an American owned pageant so the winner will needed to be loved by Americans; a nation of many races and religions.

    So if Miss Egypt wants to get a dark-horse top 15 spot she should take advantage of the situation.

  13. The Lebanese govt needs to grow up. Come on, it’s a bunch of young women, not generals or Prime Ministers.

  14. Miss Universe should be a place for sharing happiness and making friends, not a place of political quarrels. Shame on all the fundamentalists counties, which cannot celebrate diversity in Peace!

  15. The stress that Arab militants in Lebanon put on young people like this who simply want to get along is ironically sad, not to mention the real danger she faces at home. Interestingly, when the Lebanese Christian coalition had their own autonomy, Israel and Lebanon enjoyed seasons of peace and good will. But with invasions from Syria, PLO uprisings and Hezbollah entrenchments, Lebanon suffered as much from civil war as from estrangement with Israel. The national stress shows in Miss Griege’s face, a young girl who would probably prefer to get along but also knows she and her family can face death by showing friendship with Miss Israel. And Miss Israel, responding with class in saying she is saddened, shows understanding of the situation. Would that these countries could rediscover the good will these girls have.

    • I believe Miss Israel knew very well what she was doing. Causing problems for another contestant . And will do anything to win .

      • I’m a little more inclined to give those girls the benefit of the doubt. These are kids. Sure they’ll squabble, go ditzy, and some perhaps will even go horizontal to win, but they’re not there to kill each other, nor were they cutting heads off as little girls. Sadly, some of them are from more hostile countries than others. But overall, they’re more overwhelmed by the magnitude of the competition for Miss Universe than they are with manipulating some nasty agenda like some of their older regime leaderships.

        I remain persuaded that Miss Israel has class. I also remain persuaded that Miss Lebanon is much nicer than the militants in her country. Lebanon has been blessed in times past with a high standard of Christian influence which, unfortunately, is being smoldered by islam innate cultural hatred. But, that’s the writing on the wall for America, if it continues on its path of appeasing muslim radicals and reveling in perversion.

  16. It’s really a wrong move competing for miss universe title and not promoting peace…….I suggest countries who are against peace movement should not send their women for Miss Universe competition, it’s a sure loss.

  17. For those who are conveying that world peace is dear to their hearts, it hurts when you portray criminals as victims. But there is no surprise here as the world is full of unfairness and ignorance. No one has anything against the Jews; they are a Semite religion like Christianity and Islam. The issue is only against Israel and it’s brutality and bloody history. Israel to the Jews is as ISIS is to Islam; not related. Ironically Jews were treated badly everywhere except in the Arab world; where guess what they unleashed all their hatred and inferiority complex and harshness.. They continue to rto convey their false victim status in every occasion whatsoever and the masses being stupid and ignorant fall for it. Guys for those who are eager to know more; everything is one click away. Educate yourselves be fair and lose the hypocrisy.

  18. Remove
    Vladislav Kolet Similar to countries who do not want to be compared to Israel and stand away from it, the ugly girls do not want you in the picture. Any such comparison is not in their favor.

  19. Obviously, all of the girls are looking at the same camera and smiling. Sally could have done the brave thing and stood up for friendship. Sadly, she did not.

  20. The contestants should put the disputes at their hometown aside when joining such kinds of contests. What Miss Lebanon wrote to assure her fans and other Lebanese citizens really disappoints me and those who love her so far I supposed.

  21. Then according to the comments who say that Miss Israel should follow her country´s rules, if she was a white Miss South Africa at the Miss Universe back in the 70’s, for instance, she would avoid getting close to the black representatives there. Is it this? If the government of Lebanon wants to act in that ignorant way I think the Miss Lebanon Organization should stop sending representatives to any competition where the Miss Israel participates. It´s better than embarrasing themselves that way by telling Miss Lebanon to stay away from Miss Israel. C´mon guys those girls are just people enjoying living, you know, having fun. PEACE, please.

  22. Well, Miss Lebanon just said that Miss Israel tried “take photo with her”?

    First of all we can see it’s not right, Miss Slovenia and Miss Japan also in the picture so she can’t say that.
    Secound, even if Miss Israel tried to take picture with her, I can’t see any problem with that. It looks like Miss Lebanon just cares about her self and about what people think about her and it just disgusting.

    • Sad that you cannot understand how Miss Israel CHOSE to cause her pain and did it knowing what could happen to this poor girl

  23. I cannot believe you people. Miss Lebanon Saly Greige can’t help the place where she is from is full of crazy, murdering, evil people. She was trying to do her best without taking the chance of getting killed. Miss Israel Doron Matalon KNEW what could happend to this young lady and chose to put her life in jeopardy ANYWAY….. WHY WOULD SHE DO SUCH A THING? Does she not care of the pain and harm she could cause a fellow contestant ? I think she should be ashamed of herself. Anyone who says they would have done and anything different if they were in Miss Greige’s place is lying to themselves or a fool.. Miss Matalon laid in wait, looking for the first chance to pull the evil stunt. NOT THE KIND OF QUALITY OF A Miss Universe. She is a sneak thief and I wonder what other kind of lowlife stunt she would pull to win.

  24. Since i am not Donald Trump I don’t have the power to make sure miss israel and miss lebanon would be the last two standing. too bad lol. I’d then see how miss lebanon would react when they both would be standing side by side and see if she would hold miss israel’s hand as the girls often do and if she would kiss and congratulate miss israel if she had won. smh. no need to even think about all the what if’s and multiple scenarios that could be set, such as questions and other stuff. oh well 🙂

  25. These two beautiful individual were victims of the war happening in their respective nation. So sad… we just hope that behind the camera they both of them are doing well.