Miss Universe 2015 Final Hot Picks


Here we go again, another Miss Universe to be crowned. There are so many feasible possibilities for the Top 15 spots. All delegates have shown the world what they had to offer during the all-important preliminary and the competition proves to be very stiff this year. Let’s see what happens. Here’s our Miss Universe 2015 Final Hot Picks.

After the preliminaries, it seems that Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina is the clear leader. This lady has a lot of stately demeanor and her aura shows a winner in her. She’s a standout with being too showy. She was sheer perfection. She was daring, bold, beautiful, sexy, and had excellent timing and great overall presentation. She has been a firm contender for the crown.

But if there is anyone who can ruin it all, that would be Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. The tenacity of this beauty queen is exemplary. A lot of sacrifices were made for her to reach this pinnacle and it is very apparent that she is a favorite of the Miss Universe organization. She morphed into an incredible beauty. She is solid all around – smoking body, stunning face and hair, magnetic aura. You know this girl will deliver!

Entering the fray is the host delegate Miss USA Olivia Jordan. This is Las Vegas 2012 redux: another Olivia coming from behind, shock everyone and win in her home turf. This time around though we are seeing an Olivia who is taller, blonde and far more experienced. She boasts body proportions that are in line with everything from her smile to her candor & infectious personality. She’s the kind of contestant pageant watchers love the most – the one who has it without having to try too hard.

At top 4 is Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez-Arévalo. Yes, everyone is aware that a back-to-back is like shooting for the stars but remember it is very possible and it happened before. Ariadna is a strong delegate. She’s vivacious, fierce and simply confident. She has the goods to win. Thank you for having a sexy body that includes all of the hourglass elements. Her Latin fire is undeniable! She’s in with a fighting chance for a back-to-back victory for her country.

Who is the lady that made it to the Top 5 of almost 99% of the list? Why, it is Miss Vietnam Huong Pham. She’s just difficult to miss onstage with her signature walk and a wide smile. And everyone is calling her the next Honey Lee! Indeed, Huong Pham is one of the most beautiful Asian delegates of the past 15 years, for sure. Her country has not faired too well in the history of the Miss Universe pageant, but this year they probably sent one of their best delegates in a long time. Everybody is on the Vietnamese bandwagon. She’s gorgeous and constantly upbeat — there’s always room for a finalist who’s fun.


On the sixth place is Miss Brazil Marthina Brandt. She is another girl who proved consistent as the categories wore on. Her competition gown is a stroke of genius and she’s too beautiful to be denied and we actually think she might be in for a Top 5 finish if she’s able to really bring it. She moves quite well, she looks ravishing in it, and it shows that she is a risk-taker.

Miss France has a strong swimsuit body on top of an absolutely stunning face and the usual eloquence. France has been a name that has commonly been called to the semi-finals the past few years and this year won’t be an exception. She is one of the best French beauties to come out in over a decade.

Miss Australia has done everything right in this competition. She always looks adorable and you gotta love her innocent but naughty aura. This Aussie beauty is pure sexy. She sizzles in her presentations and could easily go head-to-head with other pageant pros that came to win.

Miss Paraguay is tall and striking and seemingly strong in all areas so she’s definitely good for a really high final placement. We honestly thought she had a phenomenal preliminary performance and looked positively stunning but then her sash would be too big a hurdle to overcome in the face of a few powerhouse countries that are also being represented by gorgeous girls.

Miss Georgia is another contestant who’s done everything right but seems to be lacking that extra spark to propel her towards the finish line. She has the face, the body and the gown but she doesn’t really seem to have any stage personality to be accounted for. She strikes us as the type of ravishing enchantress that would keep walking on the runway utterly unaware even if the theater started exploding around her.

11.) Miss Peru Laura Spoya
12.) Miss India Urvashi Rautela
13.) Miss Chile María Belén Jerez
14.) Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong
15.) Miss Italy Giada Pezzaioli



  1. Brazil got a Classic beauty , She got a natural elegance . Her catwalk in SS is like an international Top model with Class not like a bitch like others do. Brazil’s catwalk in EG is perfect , so sophisticated , elegant and amazing . She really looks like a natural queen and the better thing is that she’s not snob ; when u talk to her , u clearly can see the beauty she got inside too not only outside ..She ‘s ADORABLE . Brazil loves u Marthina Brandt !!!!!!!!

    • Vietnam candiates should go to PH for training and learning.

      Look at how Indonesia did. They sent their candidate to PH for training. Boom! Top 15!

  2. AHAHHAH..your prediction is real STUPID! none of your prediction and your stupid Hot Picks show good result. you totally missed! Look at your Final Hot Picks on MW 2016 Sanya China! all are missed!!

    • but what about the other pick from the other site? lols.

      So far this site has provide good picks. The other site is just so engrossed with latina effect

    • the prediction is actually very good. all the top 3 are in the predicted top 5. the other 2 in the real top 5 were 7th and 8th in the prediction. i don’t know of any group having this high batting average. it seems they have turned the “art of divination” into a science.

  3. The new miss universe organization is a complete joke, half of the top 15 were completely unexpected/shocked!!! I seem to agree with missosology’s list. Disappointed in the overall show of this year’s miss universe.

    • disappointed just for the announcement, yet the whole show was exciting. Although, we cannot deny that those in top 15 have been sending GREAT and honed ladies. They were trained properly.

  4. This was the WORST CORRUPTION SCANDAL I have ever seen in my life, just
    in front of the tv, there are many proofs that shows COLOMBIA was the
    winner, there is a video in youtube which lets see how the “right” card
    is suddenly given to the host, and the same Paulina saw the original
    card with Colombia´s name written, even Olivia Culpo declared the final
    decision in her twitter account. This is so sad, specially for those who
    enjoy the beauty pageant, I am not saying that Pia did not deserve it,
    this is a matter of justice, and I am sure the truth come up soon. The
    least feith I has in @missuniverse just dissapear last night.

    • They print 6 cards, with each different eventuality. Meaning every outcome is made into a card. So once the tabulators give the actual result, they chose the correct card to give Harvey. Someone gave the wrong card to Harvey, hence they changed cards.

      • And how do you explain that Olivia Culpo has declared Miss Colombia as the winner in her Twitter account minutes before all this scandal exploded. Did not the judges know even who the winner was??.

        • 1. Its whom Culpo thought would be MU. Or, more likely, 2. Miss Universe is on a delay, to make sure no obscenities or nudity are inadvertently shown. So it isnt exactly as LIVE as you think. I was there when Culpo was crowned. I was on the phone with a friend. I found out 1-2 minutes before she saw it on TV.

          And OF COURSE, the judges do not know who the winner is until it is announced. They each vote individually and cannot consult each other. That is why they have accounting firms tabulate the results, each person gives a score. PLUS, events like Miss Universe are heavily betted on in betting houses, much like horse races, so the results are only made aware when the host announces it!

          There is no conspiracy to dethrone Colombia, it was a purposeful mistake to increase rating and publicity for FOX and MU. As you can see it has gone viral all over the world. Just what the MUO needed to spike ratings, in the wake of Trump’s scandal. The general feel of the TV presentation was like a reality show rather than competition. It was a ratings stunt, nothing more.

  5. I totally agree with you John Carrell. I feel like they threw some of them in at the last minute to shuffle things around. The unfortunate girls got whipped out like Miss Vietnam per said. The judges were ridiculous this year!

  6. FOX took a somewhat honorable event into a smutty reality show. It had class but with FOX networks input, it became classless.

    With the interim videos of contestants saying, “I cant think of them as friends, they are my competitors”

    And this “twist” ending, which I think was planned on purpose for ratings.

    And now Ms. Germany saying Philippines didnt deserve to win, but she believed France did or Colombia.

    They made a lady like event into a cat brawl.

    I truly hope they find another broadcaster to restore the honor. Otherwise I defect to Miss World.

    Miss Philippines is the rightful winner as per the judges, that is all we need to know.

    Miss Colombia, is she hadnt been so over confident and truly a sportsmanship person would have taken the crown off herself and given it to Philippines, before being embarrassingly decrowned.

    Steve Harvey was a great host, funny and engaging. But the “twist” at the end seemed planned.

  7. Wow, of your Top 5 picks, three of them made it to the actual Top 3. That’s amazing premonition you guys have there. Even though you got Ms DR wrong, she still made it into the semi-finals. But what happened to Ms Vietnam?