Miss Universe 2015 Hot Picks Week No. 2


Miss Universe 2015 Hot Picks Week No. 2

MU 2015 HP 2


In this week, Miss Universe Philippines 2015 Pia Wurtzbach leads in our Miss Universe 2015 hotpicks after both her official and candid photos showed how much she has dramatically improved since her crowning. She now sports a lean figure and there is no denying that there is this fire inside her yearning for that third crown for her country. Let’s admit it, even her harshest critics are suddenly making an about face and she has been the talk of the pageantlandia since the first Missosology Hot Picks for Miss Universe was published.

Miss Universe Jamaica Sharlene Radlein comes in close second and it is difficult to associate her from the fact that her immediate predecessor – Kaci Fennell – has suffered some sort of injustice. Jamaica is yet to win the Miss Universe crown and the beautiful multi-racial girl named Sharlene may accomplish that seemingly impossible mission.

Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan meanwhile has been out and about together with the reigning Miss Universe Paulina Vega of Colombia. Olivia was seen in tennis matches, in baseball games, charities, and high profile events. She has shown why experience matters and that her elegant beauty is clearly a threat to so many. Needless to say, she is one of the best Miss USA winners we’ve seen in decades.

Carla García Barber from Las Palmas will bring Spain into a 3 year streak post-Miss España. She is poised to continue the good showing of Patricia Rodriguez and Desiree Cordero and she has what it takes to even surpass their accomplishments. Her facial beauty is one of the stand-outs in this year’s competition.

A back-to-back again? Why not! Miss Ariadna María Gutiérrez is a strong contender for the crown. Her divine body shape and fierce Latina looks will surely turn heads at the Miss Universe contest.

Her hotness may be simmering down but Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto is not yet out of the contention. Her compelling story about race in Japan attracted a lot of attention especially in the United States but there is tepid response back home. Nevertheless, she is showing a lot of promise but she need to sustain the momentum if she wants her magic to work.

Venezuela is a beauty superpower and the sash alone is enough for its delegates to get noticed. That was satisfactorily demonstrated during the Miss Universe 2014 that was held just this January 2015. Having said that, there is no doubt that Mariana Jimenez deserves a place in this hot picks.

Monika Radulovic will bring Australia into a newer level at the Miss Universe pageant. This Australian beauty with Balkan roots is just full of glam with a winning smile and a body to die for.

If there is one thing that can be easily noticed on Miss Universe Czech Republic 2015 Nikol Švantnerová, that would be her shapely body. It is simply divine and mouth watering as this babe is set to rock the next edition of Miss Universe. She needs to improve her styling though to project her beauty better.

Rounding up this week’s Miss Universe 2015 hot picks is Puteri Indonesia 2015 Anindya Kusuma Putri. This Indonesian beauty has an uncanny resemblance to Miss Universe 2012 first runner-up Janine Tugonon. On top of that Anindya has been transforming into a world class beauty and it would be to her advantage that Indonesia is now getting a lot of attention at Miss Universe. Could she be the first ever Miss Universe from Indonesia?

Bubbling up: Miss Universe Great Britain Narissara France, Miss Thailand Universe Aniporn Chalermburanawong, Miss Universe Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina, Miss Peru Laura Spoya and Miss Universe Puerto Rico Catalina Morales.



  1. I’m afraid because Colombia looks so strong this year as well. That girl now has a breathtaking body and such an unique face!. Besides, she’s been modeling for years, so she will eat the runway!! Her confidence and catwalk are pretty impressive!! COLOMBIA has everything to win this year again!!

  2. We can not forget that this year you incredibly put MJ Lastimosa as the first runner xD… So, do not expect us to believe in these predictions.

  3. With apologies to the Filipinos, but Pia appears false, cosmetic lenses and quite photoshop, we must be objective and see that there is more beautiful candidates …. Of course, …. Venezuela with many surgeries overand it did not improve …. best Dominican Republic, Australia Spain, Czech Republic, and back to back Colombia ….

      • oh when will i shut the effing hell up already…can somebody just stuff my mouth with turd to keep me busy and helpful to society for a change, please…thank you..

        • we pinoy can never be smart. we are dumb people..maybe the dumbest in the world..it’s in our blood…we are like empty barrels…loud but empty! so, let the world see how stupid we pinoy are…we are good at being idiots anyways! we deserve every insult becuase we are…well, STUPID!

  4. Watch out for Miss Puerto Rico. It’s going to be very interesting once she gets there. Sexy, sensual, attractive & amazing body.

  5. im sorry? FYI the photoshoot was held at the same time and date with same photographer! pictures were presented to the judges and ofcourse changes were done same thing done with other contestants pictures! i respect your opinion but thats too much subjective opinion. im not saying this because im from philippines im saying this for fair judgement. may the best woman win with pure heart beauty and brain

    • that envious bitch!.. her smile during the swimsuit and EG in the preliminaries obviously looked so fake! she even tried hard not to look while going down the stairs to make her look professional…LMAO!!!!.. glad she clapped so HARD!!!