Puteri Indonesia 2016 is Sulawesi Utara, Kezia Roslin Cikita Warouw!


Check out the photos of the Puteri Indonesia 2016 pageant from Bong Tan – our correspondent – who is covering the event at Jakarta International Convention Center. Keep refreshing this page for updates.


Puteri Indonesia 2016 (Miss Universe Indonesia): Sulawesi Utara, Kezia Roslin Cikita Warouw

Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan (1st runner-up, for Miss International): Lampung, Felicia Hwang

Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata (2nd runner-up, for Miss Supranational): Sumatera Barat, Intan Aletrino


Miss International 2015 Edymar Martinez in her fabulous kebaya!



The Top 3


Sulawesi Utara


Sumatera Barat

The Top 5 in their fabulous kebaya
The Top 5 in their fabulous kebaya

Top 5



Sulawesi Utara: Kezia Roslin Cikita Warouw
DKI Jakarta 1: Claudya Dara Chaerunnisa
Sumatera Utara: Ariska Putri Pertiwi
Sumatera Barat: Intan Aletrino
Lampung: Felicia

11 12 13

7 8

5 6

The Top Ten:




Sulawesi Utara

Sumatera Barat

DKI Jakarta 2


Sumatera Utara


DKI Jakarta 1

Sumatera Selatan




Puteri Indonesia 2016 Opening Number
Puteri Indonesia 2016 Opening Number


    • ahahahha, thats funny Lara, you are right, i think this is temporary hairlost that will eventually be permanent,, ahahahhaha. Definitely a clapper. Not a miss Universe Material. Maybe in Miss International they will be in semis.

      • Well she looks like she could be Pia’s cousin, and if Pia won then anything can be expected of the new MU organization lol. I think she has as much a chance as any. If Pia was Miss Universe material (even if it was at discount price), then Miss Indonesia is too. Seriously, ang korona ay maaaring sa kanya.

        • Well I dont think so,… Even if she looks like Pia’s cousin, do you think she is as smart as Pia, do you think she is as fluent in english as Pia? and by the way, where is the Pia feature on her face, Pia has a fierce eye duh, she looks more like Ema Mary Tiglao who Joined BB Pilipinas and has a great chance of winning and Joined Miss Woerld Philippines but at the same time didnt win because she is not prepared for question and answer. I have 3 Points and please read carefully.

          1. No girl crowned as Miss Universe looks exactly like their predecessor, look at Pia, she doesnt look like Paulina, Paulina doesnt look like Molly, Molly doesnt look like Laila Lopes and so on and so forth, meaning there is a variaty of Miss Universe that this world is looking for,there were several set of judges and they are different each year, so for me what you said is very immature or not applicable as a prediction.

          2. She looks very asian, what Miss Universe is looking for is a versatile beauty, something that can be recognized globally, something that when you see her, she looks stunning even if its in africa, europe, oceania, asia or america, she must be globally pretty, and besides that is the first thing that miss universe organization and judges are judging, its first on the physical, and the few chosen can be tested in the question and answer. Plus remember that there is a close door interview that people dont see but the judges are judging girlks based on that, on how smart they are, if ever this new miss indonesia can speak fluently in english, she might have a great chance, people say that no matter what language you use as long as you know how to express it, you will do great, that doesnt apply on our generation missy, reality check please, our reality is full of lies and flowery words, come on, english is very advantageous in many ways, especially in miss universe.

          3. It’s IMG time, IMG is the new owner of Miss Universe Organization, which means they were looking for a model material, not a sweet chu chu girl who has an inspiring story, well that is partly considered as a pointer but this time, IMG needs a fierce girl, that will be qualified as a global ambassador of their modeling partners and at the same time a global speaker for awareness and women empowerment, if you cant speak english, do you think you can convince Miss Universe and IMG that you can be a global speaker? Duh, reality check again, here in reality, you cannot bring a translator all the time, you must learn the universal language.

          Get me now reality check? And by the way, piece of advice, please try going to an ophthalmologist, you might have a poor eyesight, give me points and features that make her qualified as pias cousin, because in many aspects I cant see, or maybe I am the one who has poor eye sight. By the way, thanks for reading, muah muah muah,,,, and anindya Putri looks ugly,, and I am laughing because she is not the highlight of the coronation since they invited miss international, the miss international last year from indonesia grbs so much attention,,, ahahhaha… laughs for Anindya Ptring Ina Mo KA!!!

        • Pia’s cousin? You seriously need glasses. She’s got that Miss U 1973 Margie Moran teeth and smile but comparing her to Pia? Uhh uhhh. And Pia is not a discounted Miss Universe. Try Miss Universe Colombia Paulina Vega. She’s more like the discounted one. Watch her interviews. She sounds more like a high school girl who try to throw in jokes all the time to compensate for her limited English vocabulary. Pia’s interviews shows a smarter, confident and educated woman.

    • even if her name ends with A, doesn’t guaranty that she will win. She is pretty though but her prettiness is not fierce but all in all she is better than Anindya Ugly Putring Ina. I hope she has a better attitude than their past candidate, plus I hope that she transforms and be disciplined enough to train.