GEOPOLITICS – The Philippines stood alone in Southeast Asia


The crowning of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach proves that the Philippines is the odd one out of the Southeast Asian nations. Geopolitically, it is really. While it is racially related to the rest of Southeast Asian nations, it is so far the only Christian-majority nation in the region. Majority of its townscapes echo the tropical barrios of Latin American nations than say the villages of Thailand or the kampungs of Malaysia.

When Pia was crowned as Miss Universe 2015, the netizens from Vietnam, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia barely supported her. Many even called her victory as fraudulent and hurled a lot of insults towards her. It must be noted though that there were people from these countries who were happy with the victory of the Philippines but majority of them are not. Contrast that with the situation of Colombia. The country gets unequivocal support from most of Latin Americans because it shares historical and cultural affinity with them – from Mexico all the way down to Argentina.

While its historical and cultural uniqueness may explain why Pia Wurtzbach barely registered any support from netizens in other Southeast Asian nations, its success in pageantry could be the other reason. Among the ASEAN countries – a regional grouping in the region – the Philippines fare very well and is on the upper bracket of the Big4 Ranking. It is currently ranked as 4th while Thailand in second at the far 24th place and Vietnam at 75th.

Among major Latin American countries, there is no huge variance in their rankings and there is no frontrunner that has a huge distance from other nations in the region. Venezuela for example is on the 2nd place while Colombia is on 5th whereas Mexico is on 16th while Puerto Rico is on 18th place. When a Venezuelan woman wins, the Colombians are generally happy and vice-versa.


Sure, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach got the support from the candidates in the Southeast Asian region. Myanmar and Malaysia were among the first contestants to rush to Pia to congratulate her while most of the Latinas rushed to comfort Colombia. In a pageant, regionalism is pretty much prevalent and perhaps they understood that with the victory of the Philippines, the Southeast Asian region will get the much attention. Remember in 2010, when the Philippines became the first ASEAN country to land in the Top 5 of Miss Universe since 1999, the attention began to shift in the region with Indonesia making it to the Top 15 in 2013 and Thailand making it to the Top 10 this year. Well in fact, ASEAN was well represented this year with Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand in the Top 15!

The Southeast Asian region should understand that regionalism plays a crucial role in pageantry. The Latina candidates have enjoyed solidarity although not really 100% of the time. This allows them to get all the attention and pass the crown from one Latin American nation to another. The ASEAN netizens should set aside their differences and jealousy because the success of one nation benefits the others.




  1. Sorry but your article is a NON-ISSUE. Philippines culture of pageantry started with fiestas which is akin to the rest of Latin American countries. Thus, it is EXPECTEDLY producing better quality candidates through years of contests down to the grassroots level.

    The rest of Asia does not care about beauty pageants. PERIOD. It is NOT IN THEIR CULTURE. It’s been only LATELY that it has gained momentum in Asian countries because of greater acceptance of GAY PEOPLE who are mainly the DRIVER of these beauty pageants. They are OPENLY and AGGRESSIVELY supporting beauty contests in all aspects whether it is a MAN, WOMAN, or GAY.

    The women or girls of other Asian countries UNFORTUNATELY are still SUBSERVIENT to men so bonding amongst women to the point of being a threat to men is frowned upon. This is me simply saying that we are BARELY scratching the surface on reasons why Asian women act the way they are and why LATIN AMERICAN women act the way they are.

    • Such a STRONG but an IRRELEVANT statement. The article is on point. And I would suggest research about the topic before jumping into conclusions that the rest of ASIAN countries don’t care about beauty pageant because the fact that Thailand & Vietnam gave a strong and loud support for their candidates was a sign that they do care more than what you’re implying.

      • Obviously your comprehension skills is subpar. I did NOT make A statement hon. I made statementS. And if you read my statementS and understood it clearly, I DID agree on some points of the article that is why I said it was a NON-ISSUE. The rest of my arguments are SIMPLE ENGLISH so I assume you can read?

        • First of all, it is needless to say but i dont think you assumed so i’ll say it anyway, I took all your personal opinions, views & ideas then i summed them all up as your personal SIDE or STATEMENT, yes without letter “S” because in this case, the verb should agree in number or the quantity of the noun (which is your summarized statements).

          Secondly, it is quite immature to correct ones grammar when everybody knows

          • Again, another #comprehension fail. I did NOT correct your grammar. I corrected the fact that you mentioned that I only made A statement. I made more than ONE statement but NOT LITERALLY as you insist. I made more than one point about the topic. Entiendes? Cunt you understand or you are just being bullheaded?

          • Honestly, stop trying to act like you’re so smart hun. You, commenting and arguing about how I wrote the word wrong instead of sticking to your opinions about the article (which is the reason why we re here in the first place) you’re only making a fool of yourself.

          • So what is your opinion hon? You are still convulsing on my opinions but you haven’t made any except for telling that I’m irrelevant? Can you support your statements why you think Thailand and Vietnam have very strong support nationally for their candidates instead of picking on my statements and MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF? Let’s hear your articulation.

          • Do i have to point it out? We’ll mine’s up there. And I don’t think I really need to prove my point because it was apparent and was clear that Thai and Vietnam fans were very supportive of their candidates. Thus making your claim that aside from Philippines the rest of Asia doesn’t care about the pageant.

          • Can’t prove your point? Good job. So no need to engage with you because it is just a complete waste of time. I agree on that.

            Do I have to RE-READ your previous posts every time I visit Misso? You’ve been CONSTANTLY EDITING your posts. Can’t make up your mind hon? Let me know if you need help. I cunt wait. Repeat that 2nd word as many times as you edit your posts because it refers to YOU. LOL.

          • So I see you don’t have a point. Just as I thought. I don’t have to waste my time then. Thanks for letting me know. LOL.

          • How many times do you have to edit your posts? LOL. Can’t make up your mind? Let me know if you need help.

          • Ex Lara Kendana, Your brains are already rotten bitch. Get off Misso. Your passe and irrelevant and NOT funny. I am the new Lara Kendana. Stop posting with your lame one-liners. Ciao.

  2. This is so true. It’s about time somebody finally said & acknowledged it. With all their prejudice and pride tho, I doubt it would be easy for SEA countries to set their differences and jelousy aside. But hey only time will tell.

  3. for the benefit of ASIANS team for international pageants then let us do the sisterhood thing ..If all will unite then we all can be as powerful as the Latinas hehe, and it is starting to get the recognition.. Philippines, India,Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar ,Malaysia and the rest of this group- congratulations to all of us 🙂

    • I definitely agree with you.. Tho I’m not quite sure about the idea. I’d bet it will take time for other Asians to realize this idea.

      • Had asia been colonised only by america …we cud have had this sisterhood thing….but we had diverse set of masters….so we are not like latin america

  4. A very hollow analysis of geopolitics in here…..and what a wasted opportunity. BTW why is missosology obsessed with Philippines… is it giving the same amount of attention to Spain for having won the miss world?

    • i wouldn’t take that as an “obsession” perhaps a “highlighting” because it has been a big year for Philippines having place in all big4 pageants this year (if im not mistaken).

    • Just realize it that Philippines thought that it’s 2013 was the most successful year for the country but it’s actually 2015 with over 7 international crowns, that not even the powerhouse Venezuela ever made this kind of historical achievement.

  5. I know it’s a very minor part of your point, but try not to disregard East Timor when you’re making one. It may be a small country but nevertheless a sovereign state with a Christian majority. A much higher proportion of Catholicism to the Philippines and a fundamental reason of its independence from Indonesia in 2002. The point is, Philippines IS NOT the only Christian majority in the region.

  6. I’m from Colombia and have no problem when another woman more beautiful beats my candidate, as was the case with Dayana Mendoza in 2008. But in the case of 2015 Colombia was the clear winner, in fact I do not know how Pia came to Top 3.

    • I’m from Colombia but I don’t understand how Ariadna who has a big jaw got into the Top 5. Her walk during the swimsuit completion is forced and unnatural.

      • Teresa, Ariadna’s Catwalk is one of the best in Miss Universe History. Even the presenter praised it and so I read from several missologos too.

        • moi, let this go. I love Ariadna but Pia won so I have nothing against her. We should look forward to 2016, Hopefully Miss Colombia will make it next year!! xoxoxo.

    • Moi, I don’t how Miss Columbia who looks like a transgender got into a 1st runner up. She, or rather HE should be joining Miss Gay pageant..

      • And you think PIA looks femenine? She is so Androgynous, that sometimes Pia looks like an ALIEN and Other times like a Military Boy!

    • How could Miss Colombia was the clear winner when she was totally fake. Let’s start it with her fake bleached blonde hair. She a total bimbo. Most of the girls think she’s arrogant. She looks masculine. She reminds me of this Sofia the transgender in Orange is the New Black TV show.