In Focus :: Puerto Rico


In Focus :: Puerto Rico
by Latino Observer


Preliminaries at the 63rd Miss Universe is now over and many self-styled pageant analysts are already revealing to the world their Top 16. I assume that you, our dear reader, have one. I have checked the lists of so many people especially the people who run pageant websites and I can see there are some patterns. I can see common countries like Colombia, Spain, Costa Rica, Jamaica etc etc.

Interestingly, Boricua (as people of Puerto Rico are commonly called) analysts have slightly different take on the prelims. I can see in many Top 16 that Miss Puerto Rico Gabriela Berrios did not make it or had barely made it but analysts from Hector Joaquin Colon (which I have a huge respect, saludos amigo) to Nina Cleopatra (an esteemed colleague of mine at the forum) claim that Gabriela is semis material and even a Top 5 material.

Forgive me for I will be blunt. The Puerto Rican beauties are not doing well lately at Miss Universe but to see an alleviated optimism among Puerto Rican analysts makes me wonder what motivates them to see things in a way much brighter yet unrealistic – is it that general apathy of their real situation or is it that shared delusion that everything is alright? It’s like Hector Joaquin, while adjusting his glasses, saying “I’m shocked” three times – after Bodine Koehler failed to be in the semis in 2012 – all over again.

The hard truth is, and I could be very wrong, Gabriela Berrios, in the eyes of unbiased judge, can barely even make it to the median of the ranking of Miss Universe contestants. And, por favor mi amigos, this is not just my observation. This is the observation of countless of analysts from different countries. Of course, I could and they could be wrong and we could be eating our words on the 25th of January. But if there is an overall agreement, it’s Bodine Koehler all over again (see above paragraph).

What I can see is that Puerto Ricans are blinded by the fact that they won five Miss Universe crowns. The truth is that they could have just won two – Marisol Malaret in 1970 and Dayanara Torres in 1993. The rests were won under dubious circumstances. For example, in 1985, Deborah Carthy-Deu came out from nowhere to snatch the crown from the obvious winner Spain’s Maria Teresa Sánchez López (who by the way was the leading contestant since the semis). In 2001, Denise Quiñones August won in a hometown decision that saw two Puerto Rican judges in the panel. In 2006, Japan’s Kurara Chibana was the obvious choice of many fans, including those who were at the Kodak Theater but the decision to crown Zuleyka Riveira made her leave the stage right away. Zuleyka is perhaps the most bashed Miss Universe winner ever.

Of course, one can have biases in making a list. In my personal list, Miss Mexico, perhaps, placed higher than she should. However, I am comforted by the fact that many of my fellow Missosology forumers as well as other pageant-related websites concur with my belief that Josselyn Garciglia is a Top 5 or Top 10 material. I just hope that my opinion will create a self introspection about the true state of pageantry in Puerto Rico, that is – if no reforms will be initiated in order to select the very best, they will, as they had, continue to clap.


  1. Puerto Rican’s point of view: Why would we be sending stunning delegates? Bodine Koehler lost. She was one of the best. Yet, she failed. What’s the point of sending the best! Lol!

  2. Firs of all I want to say that I am Puerto Rican, I really don’t know if Gabriela will make it or not and I accept that for the vast majority of pageant observers she will not be in the finalists groups. Now, when you read your 5th paragraph where you state that we have won only two miss universes is when you can see you are completely biased and stating something you can’t prove. If the favorite contestants was always to win then the majority of the MU crowns were not really won. Another thing, you finish saying that if we don’t send the very best we will continue to clap, now I ask, what Miss Universe contest are you watching? Since 2009 we have classified every single year but one, I don’t think that is clapping. Sorry amigo, you started really good but then your true self came out and you demonstrated that you are as biased as you are saying we are. But oh well, is Missosology, the page that always have the Philippine contestant as one of the best ones even if the whole world disagrees, talk about being biased!!

    • Completely agree. When was the last time the clear favorite won the title? Why isn’t he questioning the crowns from other countries, just us? What a waste of space on this site and what a waste of space on my part for reading it.

    • Because Philippines IS one of the best in the last 4 years. It was backed up by results, I see no reason why you’d even say that…’nuff said.

      • Back up by politics, business, ratings um what else? Because filipina girls are not deserving. The only one who deserved her placement was the girl that was 3rd runner up in 2011.

        • Welcome to the real world mate. But let me tell you this, Philippines did not place in the semis for 10 years since 1999. Meaning to say that what they have now in the world of pageantry is a sash factor fueled by fans support, grueling physical trainings, personality development and all other preparation. They, arguably is one of the most obsessed in digging deeper and finding out how they can excel amidst the line up of best looking women flying in from different countries. Philippines may not be sending the best faces in the competition but they’re trained to kill the competition and play their cards well. You do not base the deserving ones based on who’s having the most goddess looking contender. There is more to that.

          • Me neither. But my gut feel tells me she’ll be in the top 5…again. It’ll be anybody’s game at that point. Getting into the top 15, making an impression from arrival all the way to the prelim I think is what Philippines is starting to get really strategic, they know now how to step their game up. Not to mention that sometimes they wear the average evening gown.

        • Exactly, the last Filipinas candidates that ranked highly on MU, I see only Shamcey as really worthy of her position, she was really stunning, the others were unfair, only performed well to please the Filipino audience which is the largest fanbase of Miss Universe.

          • “…Filipino audience which is the largest fanbase of Miss Universe.”…and how is that exactly the contestant’s fault? I’ll say it again, you don’t win MU based on face value alone. Case on point, Christelle Roelandts, Melinda Bam and all other Miss Photogenic winners that did not even place in the top 15.

      • Thing is that I’m not talking about the last 4 years, this page has been claiming they are favorites since forever, and I forgot to say, when Phillipines won the two MU crowns that you won, were they the favorite? Uhmmmm no, so using the logic of this article, you don’t have any MU!!

        • Sorry dear, Margarita was a huge favorite even winning Miss Photogenic, the first to won both and was adjudged by local press photographer and the 1st winner outside american soil. Gloria however was one of the favorites as well.

    • Actually you are clapping the purpose of the game is to win so all those who doesn’t win are clapping period plain simple. So Puerto Rico has been clapping since 2006 like canada has been clapping since 2005 same like Dominican rep since 2003 and so on all clappers. venezuela is and will continue to be best country for Beauty queens

      • Continue to clap? We have missed only 2 since 2009. 4 out of 6. So next time u wanna post a moron thread, do the math 1st.

    • I have to agree with you (Ms. Elsa Desastres) that the article above is a result of an irresponsible and insensitive writing. And I feel the same sentiment, even though I’m not a Puerto Rican, that to put in doubt three of the crowns won by your candidates in the past is not only lacking in perspective but also deficient in emotional sensibility knowing that those girls had to undergo painstaking preparations to win them.
      But to mention in your reply a particular candidate (i.e. one from the Philippines) to be considered by Missosology as one of the best ones “even if the whole world disagrees” is also very irresponsible and insensitive knowing that she was undeniably great during the preliminaries. I cannot blame you though and I hope it’s just a result of your emotional outburst after reading the article.

  3. Dear MIssosology folks- I cant believe you are allowing trash articles and write up like this to be posted on your site. I am not coming back.

  4. Few days back someone wrote a article about Noyonita bashing her for being herself and now this…..what is happening here, some people are saying right these writers are totally biased and using this platform to spread these bashful views as a general thought.

    • hell yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinion about how they feel about a particular contestant, you are no one to ask them to shut up

  5. Wow, this is really disgusting, specially coming from a latino. Only a looser could have written an article like this. Puerto Rico, a small Island, has 5 Miss Universe, 1 First Runner up, 2 Second Runner up, 1 Third Runner up, 3 Fourth Runner up, and 8 top 20. In the whole history of the Miss Universe from 1952, we are ranking #3 with USA and Venezuela ranking 1 and 2 and Sweden and Brazil ranking 4 and 5. So get your facts straight, Puerto Rico, one of the smallest country competing in Miss Universe is and will be one of the best in this Pageant. Anyway, We have to be proud of all our latinas and support them.

    • I’m sure they are still hurt their delegate DID NOT MAKE IT to the semi’s at the Miss International pageant and PUERTO RICO WON!!!

      • and making her the least attractive Miss International ever.. not even her countrymen thought that she was a contender, no websites have her on their Top 40. she won, im glad but nobody’s rejoicing except the boricuans. #truth

        • True, sounds that Miss International loves choosing ugly women to win their pageant. Perhaps this explains multiple winners from your country. #buckteeth

          • Yeah, that’s why she won MU 2006!!!! Say something that make sense please. Maybe you are just mad because PR have more crowns, latinas ALWAYS have been consistents and always the best ones! And if you are talking about ugliness, talk about this year Philippine contestant. Thanks.

          • She’s top 10. your girl didn’t place in Miss World and Miss Universe.. coz your girl is f*gly! suck it up! hahahaa

          • PR have won more crowns? please count your crowns? Philippines have 10 and PR? Gabriela Berios defines ugliness and masculinity. I heard she cried coz of the comments she got about her. Well duh! she didn’t place, did she? Funny how you generalize latinas, in fact, there are several latin countries that didn’t have crowns for over 50 years. Now compare that to Philippines. yikes!

  6. I love, LOVE how you dedicate an entire article to essentially bash a candidate that you believe shouldn’t be considered a contender. If she isn’t a blip on your radar as you mention in your article, why then would you bother creating a article saying as such? If she is not on your list, then why would you focus your energy on telling the world she is not on your (or others) list if it was not because deep down inside you do believe she has the potential to make it? Further, so what if she is not on the list of certain peoples but she is on the list on others who are mostly Rican? Do you or would you say the same thing for the Filipinos who ALWAYS have their candidate on all lists of every pageants in the world, even if their candidate is not even competing? I mean, that’s how rabid they are, but instead of focusing on that, you have your energy focused on Gabby and Puerto Rico. You can have your lists. Puerto Rico and the fans will not be constrained by your list or anyone else’s. If she is someone that someone–anybody–believe can make it then let them have that faith and stop bashing them for their belief. But thanks for the focus on Gaby. Let’s hope your negative thinking turns into positivity for her.

  7. 1.Bodine Koehler, is not Puertorican. The delegation of the MUPR…chose her for some mysterious reason.
    2.Gabriella Berrios won’t make it to the top ten.
    3.All of the representatives of Puertorico, that have won the Miss Universe tittle have won fare-n-square.
    3. Yes, I’m Puertorican.
    4.The person that wrote this, must be Mexican.

  8. If Puerto Rico isn’t MU material why do you even bother to write about her? Sonny boy you just showed your true colors with this article this website has lost all sense of credibility. You write like if you have a Bachelors degree on Pageantry and you don’t know squat!! I hope PR places and places in the top 10 so you can put your opinion where the sun doesn’t shine.Thumbs down for this site!!

  9. This article is really disgusting. I’m really let down by this site. If anyone with eyes on their faces look at the two pictures included here they will see that Miss Puerto Rico is beautiful. I mean, look at the picture of her in her bathing suit, look at her legs, they are amazing! She did really well in the preliminaries, much better than a lot of other favorite candidates. I demand that Missosology removes this discriminatory article. If they don’t, would they let me write one about Miss Philippines, how old she is (27! and she looks like it) and how huge her teeth are, or Miss Mexico plain looking with a big mole on her face, or Miss India, nice face but very short to be Miss Universe? Everybody deserves to think that their candidate is the best, but if you put down ours we have the right to do the same.

    • So funny how he want to create “introspection”… We have 5 crowns that he insists are not legitimate… what an idiot, is an attack in the whole country. Hope we get to know who this is. Dubious winnings? He needs to relax a be happy with his two crowns, one that was very very dubious indeed.

  10. Are you the bad looser ”dominacana” that lost the Puerto Rican’s Miss Universe franchise, or just her”alcahuete” writing this trash article? Shame on you, shame on this site for allowing this trash to be publish.

    • This is reality! it’s not trash! There are several pageant enthusiasts that have their Top 5 or Top 10 without Puerto Rico. Gabby is a nice girl but seeing her in prelims make me cringe. She’s manly, she’s too masculine to look at. Admit it

        • The author is not bashing the boricuan girls sweetie, Yes, I can read and maybe you can’t? The author is merely highlighting how these boricuan pretentious pageant experts (you know who they are) always assert to put PR in their Top list even the obvious circumstances is too blatant to ignore. Now, who’s the IGNORANT? YOU BORICUANS! hahahaha
          Check different websites and just don’t depend on your bias minded brain.
          check tom pages, predictions among pageant experts, websites, betting odds, even the faulty and bias GB don’t have PR in their list.

          • Different websites are NOT bashing a singular contestant and a country like this obviously biased ignorant author with a clear dirty agenda.I am not your sweetie.Again you are an ignorant, and probably the same coward that wrote this piece of trash….deal with, we area POWERHOUSE in Miss Universe.Now get back to your cage , and relax.

          • Notice how you specify Miss Universe… coz that’s all u gonna get… that’s all bcoz of Trump. #lolz

          • Well, this article talks about MU so obviously people will talk about that. PR is such a small island compared to your country, is enough for us making the point that we have beautiful womans, and pageants show it. Shut up!

          • without trump u won’t be… your placements didn’t reflect in other pageants in the world. poor u.. keep thinking… what is PR in Miss World? Miss International? Miss Earth? Miss Supra? ayayay!!!!

          • No you can’t read. Pageant experts from EVERY country root for their home girl, that’s what people do. NOrmal people. This article is unprofessional, totally biased, complete trash. Shame on you for supporting it and shame on the website.

          • Yet they always question if pinoys do the same thing. it’s only applicable to us but it’s not applicable to u. reality check.. ur girl didn’t place in the 2 most importance pageant.. so hush!

  11. I can’t believe this article. In my humble opinion each delegate is beautiful and represents the best of each of their countries. If Puerto Rico wasn’t that important then why a full article on her? Why you even mention Hector Joaquin glasses when we didn’t place in 2012? Because you want that to happen again so you can feel happy? This only shows how mean of a person you’re! Funny part is that you use great pictures of Puerto Rico’s Gabriela Berrios to say she isn’t good! LoL, I love that you can’t even find bad pictures of here to appropriately use in your article. Every country deserves the right to enjoy when they win, we have 5 crowns, you’re pissed Mexico as such a world powerful country only have 2? Or that Phillipines with its 100.5 million habitants only have 2 and the last one was almost 40 years ago? Let us be proud and compete in the right way, not doing such a nasty article to Miss Puerto Rico, you only sounded jealous!

  12. I think every candidate was chosen by their respective country.Everyone Deserves To Win in their Own Best Way.Sometimes It hurts being Criticized by People but that is their opinion.But on the other hand it also give us idea how to improve.I think Puerto Rico is a Beautiful Girl and She Deserve to Win like other Candidate.In the Philippines We Know that the tough contender Next to Venezuela are Columbia and Puerto Rico We Love Dianara Torres she was acctress in the philippines before.If Its Their Destiny to be the Miss Universe then they will be.Its my first time to comment here on missosology.I am from the Philippines and I know the feeling being bashed so i respect all of them.besos

  13. Is this article even for real??? Who does this? Why do you single out a contestant and most of all a whole country with a great legacy in pageants despite their size. This is just classless and plain rude. Talking about Bodine when in 2012 she was chosen on this particular website as the top contestant. I really do hope Gabriela proves you wrong.

  14. Was this article written by an actual reporter or member of a pageant website? There’s one thing called ethics. There are 89 contestants competing and instead of writing an article talking about the candidates you wish made it to the top 15 you write a whole article (with multiple grammatical errors–>there’s something called proof-reading or auto-correct) talking about ONE contestant you DO NOT want to see making it to the top 15? Talking about bullying a contestant. Perhaps you know something about the preliminary scores that we don’t and your contestant did not make it? Shame on you and your lack of ethics.

    • Jorge, there’s no such thing as “reporters” on this website, I bet this is just pageant fans that has no education in the communications field at all! So talking about ethics here is like trying to teach a donkey how to fly…waste of time.

      • That’s the saddest part. You’d expect that whoever runs a webpage like this would pre-check this type of article that is just filthy and seems even desperate, to the point of writing this 2 days prior to the actual pageant. I actually used to have this webpage over Global Beauties, but now it’s obvious none have any legitimacy or seriousness.

        • I’m not saying this because of this article but I used to have this page over GB but that was a long time ago, this page might be more entertaining bc they release more articles but just reading them I notice that there is no credibility and lack of professionalism (not always but very often). I really believe GB is a more serious webpage.

  15. I agree. Puerto Rico has never been a powerhouse not until Trump bought it. They have won 4 consecutive years in Miss Photogenic thru voting as well. They’re not even a powerhouse in any other pageants besides Miss Universe. That sums up everything.

      • You did i agree but sparingly place. However, placing 14 times out of 19 years after trump’s ownership and that includes 2 crowns? All of a sudden you became a powerhouse? Wierd coz it didn’t reflect on other pageants. You even clapped in Miss World with the heavily hyped Genesis Davila.

          • PR is only a powerhouse in Miss Universe after Donald Trump’s ownership. PR is obviously NOT a powerhouse without Trump. Not even a powerhouse on their own latino pageant Reinado del Cafe whatever. Not a powerhouse in any other pageant. SO BASICALLY, nothing to be jealous about. hahahahha

          • 2 Miss Universe, 5 Miss International, 1 Miss World, 2 Miss Earth, 1 Miss Supranational, 1 MTQI, 6 Miss Tourism International, 2 Miss Tourism World, 3 Mister International, 1 Manhunt International, 1 Miss Globe, 1 Ford Supermodel of the World, etc.. etc.. etc… NOW YOU REALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS. #LOL

          • we can’t be jealous.. Philippines is the 3rd most successful country in beauty pageants in BOTH MAJOR AND MINOR PAGEANTS. i don’t know where to place PR in that category. bwahhahahaa PR is only relevant to a pageant that has trump’s name on it. ahahaha

          • Cooking Show Phillipines, only relevant because they give themselves the crown… Miss Earth cooking show and two ugly winners in the 70s and some undeserving finalists… hopefully they go back to clap in the next decades…not many girl from America to represent you anymore…no more Megans…lolololololo

          • Well the Pinoys are making more the finals since Trump bought this too, even when they are so undeserving, the true real beauties were the two first runner up, the others no… lolollolo let’s see how the Apestosa do..your powerhouse is a cooking show

          • and to add… Philippines is the 1st country to win 5 major titles in 1979 with 3 Miss International and 2 Miss Universe long before Venezuela became a powerhouse. Cooking started with Trump bought it and been giving favoritism to the boricuans #lolz

          • So, basically you are saying that we have some kind of contract, complot or agenda with Donald Trump( one of the most powerful man in the world) to put our delegates in the top 15 every year??? jajajajjaaj OMG!!!! Damn!!! we are even smarter than we think we are!!!

          • ure not understanding.. those were the times that donald gave special treatment to pr.. i guess now no more.. haha

  16. How can PR relevant? Are they relevant in any other pageants? What is their ranking in Miss World? Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational or Miss Tourism Queen International? I know they’re only relevant in Miss Universe after Donald bought ownership. I have never considered PR as a powerhouse in beauty pageants.

      • Sorry dear, the sudden placement of PR in Miss Universe after Trumps ownership is pure favoritism. You had 3 crown prior to that but check your placements. You rarely placed but after Trump’s ownership it’s 14x out of 19 years placement? with 2 crowns? hahahahaha Do we see your acievement outside Miss Universe without Trump? ouch!

    • Aja, y qué importa? De cuándo acá se tiene que complacer expectativas de otras personas? Aunque definitivamente NO estoy de acuerdo con tu punto, aunque no soy puertorriqueña pienso que PR siempre ha sido un fuerte oponente, pero ese no es el punto. Los comentarios se basan en que el artículo es cruel, criticando de mala manera a la concursante y poniendo en duda sus antiguos títulos. Yo no pongo en duda la belleza que tengan las Filipinas, o la de las puertorriqueñas y que sus títulos hayan sido bien ganados, pero el artículo es como “bullying” para la candidata, se ve que se expresó con rencor hacia el país y la persona SÍ cuenstiona a las antecesoras ganadoras del certamen. Eso, más allá de cualquier cosa, es falta de profesionalismo. Muy mal de su parte, y de tu parte por apoyerlo y no ver que esta mal.

  17. Why can the site write an article about how politics help 4 undeserving Miss Philippines contestant place 4 year in a row. Or maybe write about how Ara having the worst body in the top 16 and been the facially weakest contestant in the top 16 enter the top 5. Or maybe do an article about how miss Venezuela is fat and still consider a favourite due to politics. Or maybe Misso could do an article about MJ multiple plastic surgery procedures that include butt implants, breast implants, nose job and abdominoplasty.

    • because the main reason that Philippines is not only placing in Miss Universe but also in Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supra, Miss Intercon, Miss Tourism etc etc. so easy to say that Philippine achievements reflected and magnified to almost every pageants in the world unlike Puerto Rico. Philippines ranked way higher than Puerto Rico in all beauty pageants in the world except Miss Universe. Let’s not include Ford’s Supermodel of the World 😉 #lolz

  18. Do not know why so much hate in this product against Puerto Ricans, everyone knows worldwide that the three countries most beautiful women in the world is Venezuela, Puerto Rico and USA there is no choice, but you’re a Latino Observer hidden hateful and frustrated, hurt me just give -_-

  19. I lost all my respect for this site. Is trash!!! What’s the problem with us puertorricans thinking our candidate deserves to be in the top 5??? Is our candidate!! Of course we want her to win!! so does every other country!! The fact that you have to dedicate a whole article tou our candiudate just shows your lack of professionalism and how threathen you feel. When Denise Quinones won in 2001, aside the fact that the show was in PR, no one could take their eyes of her, she was without a doubt the most stunning candidate that year. Zuleyka stole the crown?? of course she did, that’s what happens when you put un a killing dress, you eat the candies out of the competition!!!

  20. Well, Missosology, you lost a fan of this page with this. Why the author of this terrible article focus only on a country (obviously, this is not only about this year candidate). I’m sure every country have their “experts” and “analysts” who think their candidate is one of the best, that’s not exclusive of Puerto Rico. Imagine, if their own people does not believe in their candidate, why send one in the first place? Who would watch the pageant? This kind of article should not be even allowed in a page like this, who claim to be number 1 analyzing beauty pageants. And on top of that, by an anonymous writer! If Puerto Rico doesn’t make it this year, why is that so important to him/her? Because they think they will? That is not being blind, that is being hopeful and proud of their candidate. To the author: You ask to forgive you for being blunt, but I won’t. I can’t forgive you for a vicious attack on a single candidate, this seems almost like you are being a bully. This is not right! You even question Puerto Rico’s past winners! I’m not sure she will be included in this year finalists but I hope she does just to prove you wrong. And last, if I’m not mistaken, those who call themselves Boricuas are puertorricans born or living in the United States, not puertorricans from the island.

  21. um? Im sorry but PR is part of the US. PR and USA doesn’t give a F about being in the other pageants! or are you blind? lol People forget AMERICANS HAVE LIVES have other goals we go to college!!! we have real jobs!! we do things we have things to do places to go places to see!! we do music , acting ,sports etc etc people don’t just focus on pegeants !!!! personally I DGAF bout MI,MW what else is there? never seen one either they don’t air it in US or PR that i know of… and if they do wow no one cares LOL i found out PR won miss MI like 3 days ago apparently PR barely gave an F we were like oh i guess and she’s not even that pretty…eh but we want MU LOL Anyway MU is the basically the only good pageant for americans that think are worth fighting for has the most opportunities now tell me something…. a PR can go back and forth to US whenever they want why would we be jealous ? when we are just a ticket away from going to US? to get what we want no need for visa or passport all we need is a ID? what im trying to say here is that PR doesn’t have the hunger like other countries to win a bunch of crowns and go to USA we aren’t obsessed we already have 5 and already have the benefits of a MU queen except the crown and money? just go to college & travel the world BRUH LOL……..another thing everyone in the world knows the most beautiful women in the world not based on pageants are LATINAS and Europeans so go cry somewhere I highly doubt a latino wrote this BESOS CABRONES!
    Gaby id like her to win! but i never really thought she was going to…. im just like if she wins YAY but im not delusional! as we all know the favorite never wins!!! only time was DAYANA ’08 and for me my favorite Ximena ’10 …. also don’t have my hopes up after what has been going on the past years and im disappointed with the job the new miss PR Director is doing….just ask any PR

  22. This is the article that deeply offends a specific country, specially Puerto Rico… Im a Filipino with 1/4th Spanish blood and I see what emotions speaks from Puerto Rican’s who’s been hurt by my fellow Filipino who writes a very clear offending message about Puerto Rico would not make the cut and not a Beauty Pageant Power House… even if Puerto Rico is a small country they progress from Pageants and other things… And then my fellow Filipino who sees himself like perfectionist but inside a savage heart who rises his words which really offends. As for me I Agree that Deborah Carthe-Deu was not a stunner but has a chance to win because every girl has a potential, while Denise Quinones is a favourite but when you see her competing she has the face of a winner with Greece, while some articles that i read that Zuleyka is like a fish or what but she’s competitive with the favourite Japan… Not all favourites are winners like Gabriela Isler gets the crown because she’s deserving as you can see on swimsuits and evening gown..
    And for me a fellow Filipino you dont have a heart and you ruin you’re name and also the entire Filipino Beauty Pageant Industry with that simple but offending words you speak from you mouth and for a little advice open yourself to different barriers and if not you could shut your mouth and dont make a thing which will ruins you and others and give a controversy which catches attention…. so Very well my top for Miss Universe.

    TOP 5


    TOP 10


    TOP 15-20


  23. An article pretty obvious hating Puerto Rico beauty without a byline.. so well, who really wants to loose the time with a nobody! @ 🙂

  24. WTF with this article!
    I’m not Puerto Rican but i can’t say Zuleyka Rivera is the real deal in 2006!
    Her perfomance is FLAWLESS! From fierce Swimsuit to stunning gown!
    She is the clear winner that night!
    All i can say is this article is full of jealousy!

  25. i’m glad that this article was allowed up on the site, Missosology is a site that keeps trying year after year to heart the Puerto rican country. To take away its pride and joy, Miss universe may not seem like much to you, but i live in Puerto rico i know how much it means to us. Our queens are really well prepared, confident and in most cases a mirror into the traditional Puerto rican women “thats not something the Pinos can say because there queens are just made up by the hype they give them thats it”. The tittle of powerhouse was given to puerto rico for its ability to produce QUEENS WINNERS , REAL WINNERS NOT RUNNERS UP. The pinos shoed respect that. and stop hatting. With that said Puerto rico Needs its Old directer Magali Febles back Because if she does not come back we will Become Phillipines a Nation that its relies on Hype to het its queen to the tops spots, Mj did a great Job Nice girl But in the past few years she has been your worst.

  26. i’m glad that this article was allowed up on the site, Missosology is a site that keeps trying year after year to heart the Puerto rican country. To take away its pride and joy, Miss universe may not seem like much to you, but i live in Puerto rico i know how much it means to us. Our queens are really well prepared, confident and in most cases a mirror into the traditional Puerto rican women “thats not something the Pinos can say because there queens are just made up by the hype they give them thats it”. The tittle of powerhouse was given to puerto rico for its ability to produce QUEENS WINNERS , REAL WINNERS NOT RUNNERS UP. The pinos shoed respect that. and stop hatting. With that said Puerto rico Needs its Old directer Magali Febles back Because if she does not come back we will Become Phillipines a Nation that its relies on Hype to het its queen to the tops spots, Mj did a great Job Nice girl But in the past few years she has been your worst.

  27. Well, obviously this is just a matter of OPINIONS, right? I must said that you guys are a bit blinded and/or perhaps prejudiced, that’s what it seems to me. MIss Puerto Rico 2014 Gaby Berrios had been followed by controversy ever since she was elected. Some people thought that in fact the first finalst should have been elected. I think she’s a real pretty girl & had to work very hard during her time before going to Miss Universe. I was also a bit skeptical. Now, once she was getting close to leave to Miami I was starting to see the changes & overall they were all good & positive. You may be watching another contest but I had seen her looking very good during the whole thing. Desiree Lowry & her team did almost the impossible to help Gaby & they did a fantastic job. As far as the comments of the past Miss Universe, I think it was really low on your part to mentioned that apparently we deserved to only have 2 Miss Universe’s? Really? How low can you go? Like someone below mentioned, we had classified almost every year or every other year in the last 15 years. So let me remember you that Puerto Rico it’s indeed a genuine force when it comes to winners of beauty pageants, (remembered Miss International 2014?) including of course Miss Universe. Watch out for Catalna Morales Miss Unviverse Puerto Rico 2015, she’s coming strong & apparently will be a lawyer by the time she made it to the Miss Universe 2015. This year is VERY competitive so it may be a bit hard for Gaby to make it to the top 15 but you never know. She’s worth to make it to the top 15. Even if she doesn’t make it, I am very proud by her accomplishments in this competition. And again, it’s all just matter of opinion(s). Will see what happens tonight.

  28. First of all THANK YOU FOR PUTTING GABRIELA ON THE SPOT LIGHT… if she is so bad and so whatever why bother on writing a whole piece just about her? i’m puerto rican and to be honest she wasn’t my favorite till i saw the prelim show i was “ok she just found a spot on my fav list”. She is well prepared and she have been in the pageantry industry a while now and she is thirsty for that big win. It is stupid to think that Denisse or Zuleyka didn’t won those years crowns fairly they both killed it they had the crown since both did that last evening gown walk they just killed it! Deborah i didn’t saw her show but i know her in person and she truly is a queen. I still have my favorites Venezuela was one of them till the prelim show(i didn’t saw that spark that she usually has and her face she looked like she gained a few pounds), im sorry for the filipinos here but she just looks old(which is not a problem but pretty sure thats not what they are looking for) Dom Republic i just love her(and i don’t think she is that pretty but she is a star)!!! and Spain i mean she is just gorgeous and they want to finish what they started last year with Patricia, Colombia is the one to watch but she looks really arrogant and that can be her big flaw and we all know that Mr Trump doesn’t like that. end of point let the best one win i see a lot of candidates with a lot of potential so lets see whats happen tonight… and this article shows the true colors of who wrote it but the truth is that “THERE IS NOT BAD PUBLICITY” thanks again for talking about Gabriela. this is my person OPINION

  29. It’s just a shame that you lend yourself as website content custodians to allow an anonymous posting like this. We expect better from you.

    • that means.. she’s ugly in person.. only beautiful in photoshopped pictures. and it justified that she didn’t place.. oh well.. something to be proud of i guess. #lol

  30. Wow. The envy and jealousy of Puerto Rico on this website runs super deep. It makes me wonder what the tiny island of Puerto Rico has done to deserve it.

  31. all ricans should shup up now. now that your girl clapped and collapsed in Miss Universe 2014. the article is 100% factual. #notodenials

  32. Puerto Rico’s placement in Big 4 ranks No.17 and that says it all. They’re only popular in Miss Universe because it’s owned by Trump and Puerto Ricans are american themselves are enjoying this. Realistically? They’re not popular in other pageants.