Can an all-Asian Top 5 be possible?


Indeed, this is the question that has been raised at the start of the 63rd Miss Universe competition. While the city of Doral at the outskirts of Miami in the state of Florida is overwhelmingly Latin American in demographics and culture, the Asian delegates this year are in a strong form. But will they be able to dominate the Top 5?


Well, it’s not that improbable. Back in 1988, the Asians dominated the Top 5 . Thailand (the winner), Korea, Japan and Hong Kong occupied the four slots of the Top 5 with Mexico as the odd one in the group. In 2007, one can say that the Top 5 is also dominated by Asians as Japan won while Korea became the third runner-up.

This year, Asians are pretty strong and should an all-Asian Top 5 materialize, here are the contestants that could make it that far.


1.) Miss India Noyonita Lodh – if an all-Asian Top 5 will eventually come true, Noyonita will definitely lead the pack. She’s a deadringer of Ximena Navarrete and her exotic looks and dark skin makes this girl a delight to the eyes. Her beauty is enigmatic as if it is a fusion of Latin America and of the greater Indian subcontinent. Noyonita also stands out from the crowd and when she is dressed up for an occasion, she always manages to look classy.

India had been in decline since 2008 at Miss Universe but in 2011, their fortunes were reversed. The country boasts two crowns and is enjoying a two year unbroken semis streak.


2.) Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira – she’s well prepped up and the way she styles herself makes her a stand-out from the crowd. A simple experiment using a group photo reveals that people who are not avid fans of beauty pageants would point to Elvira as someone who stood out from the rest. The reason perhaps is that she knows how to project herself and is always mindful what she is wearing and how to style her hair.

Indonesia is fast improving at Miss Universe. A semis finish is very likely this year but it is also possible that she can be one of the Top 5 finishers given the intense preparations that Puteri Indonesia had carried out for her.


3.) Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa – she’s one of the front-runners and she’s very confident, easy-going and she clearly enjoys the pageant. Her beauty and body simply stands out and she’s scaring the competition especially the Latinas. Despite of that, she established good rapport with the other frontrunners. Very friendly girl and a good conversationalist too!

Philippines is gunning for its third title and it is long overdue. The fans are dying to have a new crown especially since their country enjoyed numerous successes in other major pageants in recent years.


4.) Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew – that tall, lithe figure reminds us all of Lou Zilin back in 2011. The towering figure of Pimbongkod means she can easily be noticed amongst the crowd. This American educated Thai combines the best of the East and the West during the interviews. That means she is a soft-spoken Thai with a unique American twang.

Thailand, like the Philippines, is yearning for its 3rd Miss Universe crown too. That is also long overdue and the Thai fans are equally passionate. The series of heartbreaks in the past years plus the scandals are their nationals are hurting the Thais but this year, the prospects are very bright.


5.) Miss Malaysia Sabrina Beneett- her beauty is mesmerizing and no one can argue about that. Although she is not considered as a front-runner, one can say that she is a dark horse. The MUM has prepared Sabrina well and Malaysians should hope that she will be wearing a great gown this year. At swimsuits, this girl is already great for she sports a good body structure.

Malaysia’s biggest problem is its light sash weight. No one equates Malaysia with pageantry success. The heartbreak brought by the exclusion of Debora Priya Henry back in 2011 still lingers. On top of that, only one Malaysian beauty had made it to the semis in the entire history of Miss Universe.

So do you think that these are the candidates that can make it should an All-Asian Top 5 happens? Share your own Top 5 in the comment box below!



  1. I can only see PHILIPPINES and INDIA in the TOP 5, the others are semifinalist materials only. PHILIPPINES got the highest chance of not just entering the TOP 15, TOP 10 or TOP 5 but most probably win. ANYWAY, WE NEVER KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN so best of luck to these ladies.

  2. Personally, as a Malaysian, the most thing I worried about Sabrina is that her hair and feature looks during the preliminary. Kimberly and Carey was so beautiful but the problem is their hair and dress. Now, we can see that Sabby is ready with the exquisite gown with gold color on top of it. The only thing Sabby can do now is fixing her hair and make sure she looks so right at the preliminary. If she made it, and she probably enter the semifinals. Some of the contestants Like Hungary in 2012 and Portugal 2011, there were not the chosen one to be in the semifinals, but when I saw the clips of them t the semifinals, I can understand why does the judges picked them. So, honestly as #ProudlyMalaysian the only thing I do hope from Sabby is to make sure that she looks elegant and her hair is right at the place and with that dress… BOOMM, YOU GO GIRL…. You rocked the interview session like Kimberly, Debora and Carey…. And now you have to kill it…. Become the underdog just like you made it at the Miss Universe Malaysia last year… I’m sorry girl, I’ve used to hate you for winning that title against Lalitha Molisha but now I’m in love with you…. Prove to me that I’m wrong when I do hate you.. Make us proud just like Dewi Liana Seriestha at Miss World last year…. Love You!!!

  3. Malaysia is definitely the strongest dark horse this year. This woman will succeed big time in show business too. She is a full package!

  4. With the strong representatives from South America and Europe that woud be ridiculous or just clearly a political choice. The only one with real chances seem to be Thailand or Indonesia, Miss India is gorgeous but she has terrible stretch marks. Philippines has the worst representative in years (her face is not beautiful or fresh and her body had a very odd shape)… I think we will see stunners like Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Serbia, or even Colombia in the top five… we have to wait for the preliminaries to know for sure!

    • I disagree with you on this. Philippines is Peta’s sexiest vegetarian. Philippines being on a top 5 for 4 consecutive years from 2010-2013 is a hard evidence that Philippines is a strong candidate to beat in all Asian candidates There is no doubt that she’s going to make it to Top 5. Besides she is one of the frontrunners together with Colombia and Venezuela and also she is a crowd favorite. Sorry but I can only see India and Philippines as country to beat in Asia for MU this year

    • BUIKA….you may consult an opta, you may let your doctor check your vision. If your vision is still 20/20 then let a psychiatrist check your mental condition. Don’t ever comment to something or to someone that you are not even sure of yourself

  5. 1988 was a complete fluke. korea was just ok, but japan and hong kong had no business being in the final 5 against the gorgeous USA and dominican republic. even the old-looking venezuela (who won miss globe a month later) would have been better in the final 5.

    yes, in 2007 two asians made the final 5. but since when is 2 out of 5 a “domination” as you say??? the other 3 were all from the americas: venezuela, brazil, and USA (born in panama). who taught you math, dude?

    with such a weak roster of asians this year, an all-asian top 5 is absolutely impossible.

  6. ONLY PHILIPPINES AND INDIA for me possible top 5
    Indonesia can be Top 10
    Thailand maybe Top 15 or 10 i guess so

    From Indonesia :* <3