OPINION :: The decline of Miss Universe?


Panic! That’s what the fans are doing right now after some tweet by some mayor of some city said that his city will host Miss Universe 2015. No date was given but press people said it will be January 18, 2015. Which means there will be no Miss Universe 2014, right? But wait, NBC Miami is saying this year’s Miss Universe will be held in Kolkata, India. Well, thank you Wikipedia! The truth is, the Miss Universe Organization is largely mum on these. No official statement was given by the organization yet as to when and where the next Miss Universe pageant will be held.


But what is causing all these panic? Well, the mere fact that it’s mid September now and the organization is yet to announce the venue is already worth to be panicked about. But consider this, without Miss Universe 2014 pageant, the Miss Universe Organization will suffer a huge dent in its reputation. Owned by magnate Donald Trump, how can the pageant fail to secure a venue for a pageant that has been held annually since its inception? Is the brand dying? Is the owner of the pageant no longer financially capable? Are the sponsors no longer sponsoring? What about the franchise and broadcasting fees? These will be the questions that will haunt the Miss Universe Organization should they fail to conduct the 2014 pageant.


And what about the National Organizations and the contestants? They have been working so hard to prepare a candidate for this year’s pageant. Will they be satisfied with the MUO’s performance if the 2014 edition will be botched? Will National Organizations bolt out and seek the franchise of other pageants that are smaller and less popular yet able to conduct a pageant in an annual basis?  Will this be a sign that Miss Universe pageant is no longer the best in the world?


  1. Trump screwed up big time. He is closing casinos in Atlantic City, probably filing bankruptcy again, and is discarding Miss Universe 2014 entirely by hosting the pageant in January 2015 in some crappy hotel (not even on the beach) in Florida. It was bad enough to hold the last pageant in Putin’s Russia and then he made matters worse by not crowning the naturally beautiful first runner up as winner. This is really the pits. Hope he loses the franchise because IMHO Trump is ruining it. I remember when the Miss Universe Pageant was held in all its glory in Miami Beach Florida, long before Donald Trump got his greasy hands on it. This is a huge let down. Boooooooooo!

  2. i really hope that trump let go of the miss universe org. ever since he took over, slutty girls won. i miss the old miss universe where deservingly beautiful and intelligent ladies like lupita jones and sushmita sen being crowned.