VIEWPOINT :: Can they sustain the momentum?


In 2013, the five countries that claimed the top five spots at Miss Universe were Venezuela, Spain, Ecuador, the Philippines and Brazil. As of the press time, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Philippines have already chosen their winners. Brazil and Spain are both in the process of selecting their queen and missosologists are already claiming that both countries have their best batch in recent years.


Ecuador boasts an American educated Alejandra Argudo who is 22 years of age and have lived in United States since she was 12. Not so many people are happy with her victory and some called it as a downgrade. Alejandra has big shoe to fill as Constanza Baez landed as 2nd runner-up in 2013 – the highest placement for Ecuador at Miss Universe. But it is quite early to judge Alejandra. Her affable personality and her witty American style conversation skills will be a huge plus at Miss Universe 2014. She is unlike her predecessor but she can make her own mark at the pageant.


The hottest country at Miss Universe right now is the Philippines. As if in a stock market, this country is the hottest stock right now and it is stupid to bet against it. This year’s Miss Universe Philippines is a divisive figure. Mary Jean Lastimosa tried several times at the nationals before winning and her relatively short height gave some fodder to her critics. But she is also very shapely and her beauty has international appeal and she has legions of fans. Another semis or even Top 5 for the country?

momenvenezuelaVenezuela won the crown last year and don’t discount the possibility that they will do a back-to-back again. Migbelis Castellanos is an über-beauty that can give other countries a run for their money. She rattled the nerves of her fans after some photos of her gaining some weight surfaced online. However, the recent pictures of her is flaunting her shapely body and is giving other countries a scare. She’s a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with shapely body and a personality that speaks in volumes. If she’s not going to win, a Top 5 at the very least is in the offing.


So what about Spain and Brazil? Well, Missosologists are keeping an eye on Miss Rio Grande do Sul Marina Helms who exudes great personality and a beauty full of glam to sustain Brazil’s momentum.



For the Miss Universe Spain contest, all eyes are on Barbara Amerigo whose people is the one that can closely match with last year’s first runner-up Patricia Rodriguez. She has also a vavavoom body and glamorous personality.


Missosologists are rooting for these two women to win their national pageants as they have analyzed that they are the ones with good chances of making the cut. The success of Jakelyne Oliveira and Patricia Rodriguez in 2013 is ushering Brazil and Spain into a mini pageant renaissance with top notch women lining up for the nationals. If this is indeed true it will give Venezuela and the Philippines a tough time and all other countries could simply keep on clapping.


  1. Why make height an issue for Miss Philippines? Let’s face it, Asians are not that tall and it’s about time we accept the diversity and uniqueness of each type of beauty.

    • Exactly, especially after Olivia Culpo winning MU 2012 the height is not any issue longer. Personally I would see MJ’s age as a bigger issue then her height. Although I hate comments that she is old, she has the challenge not appear older with a huge make up (which is not an issue for younger girls and even can be plus)

    • yes, you are truly correct..At 5 ft and 7 inches tall, MJ’s height is still fair. Basta si MJ dako jud kaayo syag chance nga makadaug sa Miss Universe ai…char…hahaha

  2. Venezuela is the only one here with a real chance to hit semis or even a top five. Ecuador could be a surprise but it’s a very long shot. Let’s wait for Brazil’s and Spain’s delegates. As for Philippines, definitely Ms Lastimosa is not the best delegate from the Archipelago when compared to previous delegates like Venus Raj or Shamcey; so not sure if it’s that ‘stupid’ not to put your bets on her…
    Plenty of very competitive delegates this year, but as always, the REAL competition will only start when they arrive to the host country. Until then, you can keep hyping all the way ! 🙂

    • I am still consistent that Miss Philippines this year is the hottest. She has great advantage over the other candidates because of her sash factor, beleaguering beauty, a body to die for, witty and spontaneous, excellent catwalk. So, we can not ignore her beauty no matter what happens all Filipinos will vote for her enroute to the semi-finals….Actually I have voted as much as more than 50 votes for Ms. Arida last year…

      • You’re right Mr Politud, probably the ‘fan-vote’ will be the only option for the Philippines to enter the semis this year….sad, really.
        Again, it’s only early in the competition and plenty of time for all delegates to get ready for battle. Once again, only when we see them in ‘action’, a more accurate evaluation will be made…

  3. Height is not matter if you are not as tall as other contestants in winning miss universe.There are many factors to be considered.Appeal, intelligence, personality as a whole,etc.Are we sure all the predictions for top 5 miss universe accurate?Let’s say Ms.Philippines for somebody is not the best compared to previous representatives of Philippines,but to others her beauty is really enthralling,appealing, head turner.As long as the pageant is not yet happening, all predictions have no assurance.Probably, if lucky some predictions might come true but not all.Furthermore, since Philippines is a race of all races,we cannot change the fact that the beauty of filipina is a blending of east and west.The outcome is truly glamorously lovely,enable them to win in various international pageants.