Are the chances of Philippines and Venezuela at MU in peril?


Last year, two superpower nations dominated the Big4 pageants – Venezuela and the Philippines. With two crowns for each nation, there is no doubt that Venezuela and the Philippines made their mark in the pageantry world. That is why this year, there is an enormous pressure for their beauty queens to keep up or even surpass last year’s performance. Venezuela is revamping its Miss World strategy. The Philippines is still after that elusive third Miss Universe crown.


But recent photos of the Venezuelan and Philippine bet to the Miss Universe 2014 is putting a huge cloud of doubt over their chances this year. Migbelis Castellanos was labelled as a stunner blonde who could be the 8th Venezuelan Miss Universe. Mary Jean Lastimosa on the other hand has a curvaceous body and a beguiling beauty that could finally fulfill what the Filipino fans had been yearning for. Alas, both were photographed recently showing significant weight gain.


Migbelis was spotted visiting a school and is sporting a plump body perhaps due to the kind of clothes she is wearing. Nevertheless, it shows that in candids, Migbelis is not that stunning and she obviously had some extra weight on when compared to her coronation pics. Bad angle? Poor choice of clothes? Maybe, but Venezuela has 8 crowns and they are quire comfortable about it. But the nation’s reputation is at stake. If Migbelis will fail to be in the semis, Venezuela might slip into a mini drought.


Mary Jean meanwhile sported extra weight too and is clearly visible in her face. This is an alarming situation since the Philippines had already a four year streak Top 5 finish. This year would be a make or break that is, either they should win or they will simply go back to their clapper years. The stakes are high and Bb. Pilipinas should not take any chances. The Filipinos are blood thirsty for their 3rd Miss Universe crown. They will never forgive Mary Jean if she will become a clapper due to her extra weight.


Do you think that these two ladies will be ready for the Miss Universe 2014 pageant? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.




  1. I don’t believe that Venezuela will place in top 5, Migbelis is cute, she has a face like a doll, but still she looks more like teenager than a real beauty queen. She doesn’t have the elegance and charm like Gabriela Isler. Already when she was crowned Miss Venezuela she wasn’t any skinny puppy so every pound up can be fatal for her succuss.

    Phillipins and their MJ Lastimosa is another story, MJ has potential and charm to be Miss Universe and she has a huge fan portfolio which can put her into the top 16 (like in case of Ariella Arida). She needs to stay in focus and stay slim, she can make it.

  2. Miss Philippines still looks stunning – its not that scary- maybe the angle of the photo is different, this is a candidate who has joined so many contest so she knows…Besides the Philippines had already proven its worth as a Powerhouse of Beauty and no one could deny that so why make this kind of content? As if the Admin wants to scare the Philippines that the title would be in PERIL ? Hahaha do not scare us ! This is just a beauty contest not a world war… and who cares if we dont win? we were a Clapper ones so we if we Clap then does it really matter? Dear , life in beauty pageant is like a wheel – the country cannot have all the titles in the world- besides we had won a lot and showed the world of what we’ve got – if we dont win and so be it… Philippines is Philippines !

  3. it’s funny how missosology composed a crap article. this is just way far from the coronation. of course they will lose weight by the time they had to go for the competition. Missosology, I call upon the force of beauty pageant lovers. pls make a good and a non crap article. can i apply?

  4. This is the time for them to relax a little. They’re only human. But the fact that they won their crowns in their countries only tells us that they know how to handle it during crunch time. I’m excited to see them in battle mode in the Miss Universe Pageant. Waiting for Miss Ukraine, Mexico, Russia and Indonesia too. Miss Nicaragua is cute but I hope she makes it to the semis.

  5. It is no fair to put picture of venezuelan before miss venezuela competetion, and you use miss philippjnes pictues after her competetion. I believe you must use rigth pictures before to talk about the hem.