Miss Universe Denmark 2nd Hot Picks

Miss Universe Denmark 2nd Hot Picks
Miss Universe Denmark 2nd Hot Picks

Check out the Miss Universe Denmark/Face of Denmark 2nd Hotpicks!

1.- Paulina Posse (Miss Universe Frederiksberg) – Paulina has consistently impressed us with her confidence on the runway and her Mediterranean look makes her beautifully exotic.

2.- Helene Hylling Jensen (Miss Universe Køge) – Helene possesses a flawless face and powerful catwalk on the stage that makes us fall in love with her.

3.- Malene Sørensen (Miss Universe Hellerup) – Malene with that wonderful Scandinavian look together with her vast experience in modelling makes her a strong candidate for a crown.

4 .- Alexandria Eissinger (Miss Universe Roskilde) – She is currently fourth in our ranking , Alexandria has a unique beauty and along with her flirtatious poses, we are sure that she will catch the attention of the judges at the Grand Finale.

5.- Christina Mikkelsen (Miss Universe Copenhagen) – She is beautiful and passionate, and we can see it on her moves. We love her image as she has projected confidence, discipline and nerve.

6.- Christiane Krøll (Miss Universe Lyngby) – Christiane has a very expressive face and uses it mischievously during her catwalk. She possesses this Latin/Scandinavian look that Miss Universe Organization loves.

7.- Nanna Vestergaard (Miss Universe Esbjerg) – Nanna is charming, elegant and sexy on the runway, 3 important ingredients that make her a strong candidate to get a crown.

8.- Cecelia Christensen (Miss Universe Herlev) – Cecelia is a wonderful surprise as she is focused in being seen with her fine movements on the catwalk and impressive height and beauty. She reminds us Miss Russia Universe 2008, Vera Krasova.