• Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
  • Maria Poonlertlarp


The panel of beauty experts at Missosology seems to agree that at this point the Miss Universe crown is a toss-up between Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and Miss Thailand Maria Poonlertlarp. Both countries are long overdue for another crown with Thailand seeking its third while South Africa looking for its second. It looks like though that there is more urgency for South Africa than Thailand. The last time a South African beauty queen won the Miss Universe crown was way back in 1978 while Thailand had its victory in 1988.


Which of the two stunning ladies will win will also set precedent on what Miss Universe will look like in the next decade. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is perfect in every way. She’s a Hollywood beauty, very supermodel and a glamazon if you like. Maria Poonlertlarp meanwhile exudes elegance and prim and aloofness. We will soon see the contrast of their beauty and demeanor as the contest heats up.


  • JAMAICA – Davina Bennett


What most fans would like to see is a winner from country without a crown. Curiously, while Jamaica had numerous titles at Miss World, it is still crownless at Miss Universe. The towering beauty Davina Bennett could put Jamaica into the game. The country has shown great competitive spirit when they sent Yendi Philips in 2010 and Kaci Fennel in 2014 and definitely they will put a good fight with Davina this year.


  • AUSTRALIA – Olivia Rogers


Australia was conspicuously excluded at Miss Universe 2016 semis and it was in way disappointing. Still, Missosology has written an article that Australia might be down but not out and what a great way to rebound at Miss Universe by sending the stunning Olivia Rogers. She is not only gorgeous but she is also an easy going yet intelligent woman. She could easily ace not only the interviews but the swimsuit and gown competitions as well.


  • PHILIPPINES – Rachel Peters



Philippines is a strong nation when it comes to beauty pageants and they never fail at Miss Universe since 2010. The least that Rachel can place is to be among the Top 16. Anything short of that would be a huge disappointment. Rachel Peters’ assets includes her long slender legs that will definitely stand-out at the swimsuit competition and her ease when engaging in interviews. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she will go as far as Top 6.


  • COLOMBIA – Laura Gonzales


After in the Miss Universe 2015 snafu and the expected comeback/victory that fell quite short at Miss Universe 2016, Colombia is hungry for its 3rd Miss Universe crown. Laura Gonzales exudes what we also associate with a Miss Colombia – fierceness, confidence and undeniable beauty


  • BRAZIL – Monalysa Alcântara


Monalysa unexpectedly came out from nowhere to snatch the Miss Brazil title from the frontrunners and many analysts believe that her beauty, grace, poise and character is what Miss Universe is now looking for. We are actually looking at the alter-ego of Deshauna Barber. Now whether her charm and magic will work at Miss Universe is another thing. After all, Brazil has been yearning for its Miss Universe crown for decades.

  • MEXICO – Denisse Franco


Many people see a Ximena Navarrete in Denisse. Some see a Pia Wurtzbach in her. Whatever the case maybe, this young 19-year-old beauty will not settle for anything less than a place at the semis.


  • FRANCE – Alicia Aylies


A back-to-back win for France? Why not! While it is quite unlikely, Alicia Aylies’ charm and elegance is a perfect follow-up to the large shoe that must be filled.


  • CANADA – Lauren Howe


Canada surprisingly did well at Miss Universe 2016 and this year, they should be impressed with Lauren Howe. She is after all an engineering graduate, actress, entrepreneur and a sports personality!


  • ICELAND – Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir
  • HAITI – Cassandra Chéry
  • ISRAEL – Adar Gandelsman
  • USA – Kára McCullough
  • INDIA – Shraddha Shashidhar







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