Miss Universe 2014 Updates No. 2 :: No Press Release yet


Tuesday in New York, where the Miss Universe Organization headquarters can be found, came and went but the supposed press release of Miss Universe Organization did not happen. But here’s the hard truth for the optimists – the official Donald Trump twitter account retweeted a news report by a local NBC station in Florida saying that Miss Universe 2015 will be in Doral. The good news for the optimists? The very same news report failed to state the exact date. So maybe, Miss Universe 2015 will be in Doral in December 2015! Hope springs eternal indeed.


SIDELINE – Did you notice the Miss Universe website? Earlier, we reported that the banner saying that Miss Universe 2014 (referring to Ma. Gabriela Isler) visit the Dominican Republic was deleted. But sometimes we can see it and sometimes we can’t. But the link associated to the banner brings us to a Youtube video referring to Ma. Gabriela as Miss Universe 2013. So there you go. Ma. Gabriela Isler is Miss Universe 2013 and not Miss Universe 2014.

But it looks increasingly likely that there will be no Miss Universe 2014. If Trump retweeted the news report that Doral will indeed host the Miss Universe 2015, we can always go back to the tweet of Doral city mayor saying that there will be no Miss Universe 2014. And that’s really really bad news for fans out there. There is a sliver of hope though – the Miss Universe website is mum about it including Gabriela Isler’s official twitter account, including the FB of Miss Universe. The plain and simple truth – it’s not official unless you see at the official Miss Universe website. Even the National Directors are yet to know the venue and date of the pageant.


The uncertainty causing a lot of stress among the fans. We need a Miss Universe 2014. Period and full stop. If MUO skips 2014, it will never be the same again and there is no turning back. One missosologist said that skipping a year is not a big deal – Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, Thais, Indonesians, Venezuelans, Colombians and many more will still turn up in droves in this affluent Miami suburb. But MUO should not take for granted its prestige. Miss Universe is the best in the world largely because it is one of the longest running pageants in the world and has never skipped a year. That’s prestige and should be protected at all cost. Simply put, without a 2014 edition, Miss Universe’s image will be tarnished forever.


Question: If MUO skips the 2014 edition of the Miss Universe pageant, will you still believe that Miss Universe is a prestigious pageant? Have your say at the comment box below.


  1. The whole debacle is turning into a ridiculous farce!! And the absence of any real information from Miss Universe Organisation is fuelling the rumour mills not to mention the fact that it looks wholly unprofessional and is tarnishing the reputation of the brand. Very sad times indeed!!

  2. Still D. Trump is tweeting that it will be in 2015 NOT that it will be MU2015. I want to believe (still) that it will just be a delayed MU2014 in the beginning of 2015. I want to be an optimist.

  3. hope D.TRUMP or MUOrganization will realize what will be the negative outcome if they skip a certain year with out a pageant.hope the image of
    MU,will never be stained.And hopefully MU2014 will still exist this year.

  4. Manila bid already for Miss Universe 2014 pageant because of the one main reason… That is because it is the 20th Anniversary of the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant (PICC) and 40th of the 1974 Miss Universe Pageant (Folk Arts Theater) held in Manila, and they just want to make a history again. But apparently D. Trump and MUO doesn’t want that. They think that the PHILIPPINES momentum might not go on if that happens again in Manila. Well they have a point but remember that D. Trump had an investment in Manila. If MU 2014 happened in Manila, both parties will be benefited, TOURISM will benefit Philippines, MUO will gain respect, MU FANS will not be disappointed, and D. Trump will gain more profit in his condominium investment by advertising it.

  5. The MUO will forever be tarnished if they skip Miss Universe 2014. While watching the Miss America Pageant, I actually felt sorry for the MUO because it seems like the venerable Miss America organization is still going strong 93 years after it began, awarding millions in scholarship funds after returning to its founding city last year and it seems to have major support from the ABC television network. I would imagine that NBC, which co-owns the MUO with Trump, would be pretty upset if there were no pageant this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if a power struggle ended up ousting Trump who is really nothing but a big blowhard.