Miss Universe 2014 Hot Picks # 3



With a huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over Miss Universe as to whether there is indeed a 2014 edition or not, there is no doubt that Costa Ricans will be happy to know that their candidate is currently giving pageant observers a sizzling hot vibe. Karina Ramos is definitely ready to snatch the glory for the Central American nation. Her beauty is ethereal. Her poise is definitely regal and she’s very fluent in English and has good communication skills.


On the second place is the stunning Miss Curacao Laurien Angelista. Her main weapon is her poise and that lovely height. The body proportion of Laurien is nothing short of being phenomenal. Miss Colombia Paulina Vega meanwhile is on the third place. This Latina is simply gorgeous and has an outgoing personality – perfectly genuine and approachable. She is perhaps the best Colombia contestants we’ve seen since Taliana Vargas.


Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell continues to earn rave reviews. This girl has a Lupita Jones vibe written all over her. While she is ranked 4th in this Hot Picks, she could seriously be the first Jamaican to win the crown. On the fifth place is Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa. This girl is just fierce with great communication skills and a body to die for. Millions are hoping that she will be third Filipina Miss Universe and she simply got what it takes to be Miss Universe 2014.


Others who made it to the Hot Picks are:

6.) Miss USA Nia Sanchez

7.) Miss Aruba Digene Zimmerman

8.) Miss Mexico Josselyn Garciglia

9.) Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Castillo

10.) Miss China Nora Xu

11.) Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew

12.) Miss Germany

13.) Miss Serbia

14.) Miss Myanmar

15.) Miss Venezuela


  1. I love that Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega Dieppe s becoming the most fav to win Miss Universe 2014. She is the complete package since Tatiana Vargas who has a glamorous walk and natural eBay shows a lot. Alfredo Barraza will do excellent work and make up team will at least to final 2 with Miss Venezuela. Good luck to all

    • Easy dear darling. She’s Miss Venezuela. The people who write this blog are Filipinos. Most people who read it are Filipinos as well. They seem not to be able to stop bashing Venezuela

      • How can this pictures bash this photos?? Like seriously MJ (Philippines) has a terrible photo in here taken in 2011.. You guys are just too sensitive..

        • yeah! Just take a look of MJ Lastimosa’s Picture? Is she good looking in the picture? Nahh! They also chose the ugly ones. So be sensitive guys. Stop the WAR and let us support them instead of bashing them. By the way, I’m a Venezuelan. I just want to know that I’m not saying that one is better than the other but I just wanted to let you know that… please STOP THE WAR!

      • Dont say filipinos are against to the venezuela.. when miss earth is held in the philippines.. miss venezuela won the title. How could you say that filipinos are the one who wrote that blog….We who ever win or won the crown ….we salute judges for they know who are most qualified and not only beauty counted. MUch nside and BRAIN.. WE HAVE A SAYING THAT BEAUTY IS USELESS BUT CHARACTER IS the best…VIVA philippines…..The home of beauty and Brainy ( and the philippines have different beauty it can be latinas, chinese or even exotic beauty.).OKay thanks who supported Pilipina Beauty and Be bless…

        • Just to clear things up, I know you think you can compare latin beauty with Philippino beauty but you’re totally wrong. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but Latin American physiques are a result of tremendous race mixing not only from the Spanish, but also from African, European, and Indigenous phenotypes. Philippinos are mostly of Asian descent mixed with Spanish blood, and have very different looks than Latin Americans. Again, I’m not saying Philippinos or Latinas are ugly/better/less or more exotic, but they’re just so different. So stop comparing them. Smh.
          And I do have to admit Philippinos couldn’t stop bashing Gabriela Isler and Venezuela in general after she won MU last year, so I wouldn’t blame the person above to believe Philippinos have a bias against Venezuela. I’m not Venezuelan though, just saying.

  2. As a Filipino, i always root for the Philippines. But honestly, I am not sure this one will make it beyond maybe the top 16. I hope I am wrong, but…

  3. Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell is a front runner! She is focuses and currently training hard to put Jamaica on the map again after the last three years of no placements. The girl is beautiful, intelligent and poised. She has the it factor. She is ready mark my words.

  4. Top 16 in alphabetical order:

    1. Australia
    2. Austria
    3. Brazil
    4. Colombia
    5. Costa Rica
    6. Curacao
    7. Guatemala
    8. India
    9. Jamaica
    10. Lebanon
    11. Mexico
    12. Montenegro
    13. Philippines
    14. Serbia
    15. South Africa
    16. Venezuela

    Good Luck, Ladies!

  5. Dominican Republic? Jamaica? Really? Where’s Miss Spain? The Spaniard is stunning! and where’s Miss Puerto Rico? She’s looking great & had improved a lot, hope she can make it to the top 20. So far, the hot contestants are: Spain, Venezuela, Colombia & Argentina. Then Puerto Rico, Costa Rica & several other ones.