Miss Universe 2014 8th Hot Picks


Miss Universe 2014 8th Hot Picks

The hottest contestant as of the moment goes to Andjelka Tomasevic of Serbia. When it comes to beauty of face alone, she wins this by a landslide. This woman just exudes a timeless and global appeal one could envy. Doesn’t her beauty remind you of those movie stars back in the heydays of classic Hollywood. Her beauty is just so everlasting and a dream to behold. Her outgoing personality just melts you. Her naturalness and overflowing charm is too contagious to ignore. She is a certified crown contender  and front-runner for the crown.



  1. I don’t agree with Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia and Australia. Come on, there are a lot of better girls who had a better shot than those…. Colombia just has that face, showing teeth, that’s not sexy at all! This year philippines looks like a latina ): Ariela Arida was way better than her… Australia, no comments… And Venezuela is just looking too simple…. She doesn’t give me that queen vibe… This is my opinion, please don’t judge me, They are all beautiful, but I just think there are girls with better shots and who are better in the competition…

    • I feel you..but you must understand also that Miss Universe is not just for typical barbie dolls…its not just about the beauty itself..its all about how your candidate had prepared for the competition it self! True Der are much pretty girls but the FACT that they are so BORING to watch and you could definitely see how unprepared they were.thats the advantage of venezuela and philippines…this Girls spend so much time and effort to be the TOP GUN!!! Just consider the web interview you will see how lively they are compared to other lifeless barbie dolls… Watch Miss Philippines and Venezuela at Miss universe this time and you will understand that beauty is nothing without Brain and Supreme Performance…thas the winning is all about in Miss Universe…

      • In Mexico we know that Venezuela is a beauty world power, but I haven’t heard that much about the Philippines to be a beauty world power as Venezuelans

        • I just watched on line the evening gown competition and I loved Mexico, Colombia and Peru, Vamos latinas, and I feel disappointed of Venezuela, she is overweighted, what happened to her?? too much tacos she ate, she was favorite for Miss Universe

          • Tacos? Venezuelans don´t eat tacos.Most venezuelans and really most Latin Americans don´t know what a taco is.Mexico is not all Latin America.

    • What better shots are you talking about? You’ve redundantly used the words “better” and “shot”. You have no idea on how to make your sentences coherent therefore you neither have a good idea on beauty pageants. It will be much better if you shut up!

    • you obviously haven’t seen yet other shots of miss Colombia, she’s gorgeous in every face and super natural! google her, her name is Paulina Vega Dieppa. I also like Argentina, Brazil, Russia and Serbia

  2. Andd you people make a top 16 list based on face value and exclude countries like Greece, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, and worse of them all GUYANA???? lol wow – worst hot picks list to date

    • Are you intimidated by a woman who is confident enough to chop off her hair? For that alone she should win. Because I know that not many of the other girls would have the confidence to be judged without long flowing hair covering their face. Well, The Miss Universe Organization will be crowning its first ”boy” come January 25th.

  3. Come on folks,, dont get so hooked on this kind of prediction,,, the miss universe fever may already started,, but still the preliminary night with the selected panel of judges still not on..! Thats where the action is before the coronation night… Missosology only just gives us insights,, and comments based on their own opinion… Just like you and me,, we are all entitled to reveal our own insights and opinions…

  4. Why is India suddenly down from 1 to 12? She’s more than capable of being in top 5! And why is Venezuela so low??
    I don’t agree with any of the top 5. IMHO Australia and South Africa shouldn’t even be here.

  5. My top 10:
    1) Serbia
    2) Lithuania
    3) Germany
    4) France
    5) El Salvador
    6) Austria
    7) Venezuela
    8) Colombia
    9) Costa Rica
    10) Norway

  6. Why not Brazil? Facial features are too strong
    Why not Phillipines? Too much plastic
    Why not Inodonesia? She does not look good from every angle and needs too much make up
    Why not Jamaica? Just not pretty enough
    Why not Russia? Cheecks and the parting in the middle of her hair
    Why not Ukraine? Because she lacks star quality
    Why not Spain? Because I remember her older pics…without the make up
    Why not India? Baby fat and not pretty from every angle
    Why not USA? Because she’ll be up there anyway

    • Thank God that you will not be one of the judges because you have no idea what you are talking about. But I will say that you are entitled to your opinion as flawed as it is. None of these girls is perfect. The objective is to find the kindest, sweetest, smartest, most intelligent and the most genuine of the bunch.

    • Sorry but i’m sure , Brazil will be on the top 5 with Spain and Ukraine . One of these 3 girls will be the Miss Universe 2014/2015. Wait and see !

    • Why not accept your opinion?
      Because you are an intellectually disadvantaged creature whose brain has drained out and nothing’s left but insecurity.

  7. Miss México for sure, she is directly into the Top 5 right now, i don´t mind if she lose the crown cause i know that she´s making a great job, she is the true queen of the universe.

  8. My favorites (Random Order)
    Top 5: Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Jamaica, India
    Top 10: Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, USA
    Top 16: Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, France, Brazil
    Dark Horses: Gabón, Guyana, Argentina, Ecuador, Indonesia

    • Is this a DARK HORSE? really?
      A body like Dayana, a beautiful and striking face (not typical or cookie cutter), intelligence, charisma and poise…. ECUADOR may well be again in the top 5 this year!

    • Sorry but i’m sure , Brazil will be on the top 5 with Spain and Ukraine . One of these 3 girls will be the Miss Universe 2014/2015. Wait and see !

  9. hot picks and no miss GUYANA.. You are looking for Face value in all the wrong places.. i agree with some of them but some don’t belong there… Why miss gUyana should be there?
    1. she is REAL from head to toe.
    2. Very intelligent
    3. Passionate about saving lives
    4. she has the face of a goddess.
    5. the smile of an Angel
    6. Genuine personality
    7 and her aura is so real, warm and outgoing that its very prominent in her photos.. worst hotpicks ever. (my opinion dont hate appreciate) miss indonesia, france, peru, panama should be there too. 🙂

  10. Is this a DARK HORSE? really?
    A body like Dayana, a beautiful and striking face (not typical or cookie cutter), intelligence, charisma and poise…. ECUADOR may well be again in the top 5 this year!

  11. Missosology you have got it all wrong this time. Obviously all the queens are beautiful and sexy it’s going to take more than just that to capture the title. In competitions like this personality, intelligence, aura and that unique exotic look is what stands out. You know in your heart that MISS GUYANA should be on that list, quite frankly in the top five of that list. She’s the one who can win without even trying too hard. That’s exactly what happened when Miss Angola won in Brazil, when Miss Botswana won in Trinidad and when Miss Trinidad won in Hawaii. This is Guyana’s time!

  12. What about Miss PR? Do not underestimate this beauty queen. You did not learn a lesson from last year, Didn’t you MissSoSo? Miss Israel is suing you because you promised her the crown and Miss Venezuela, whom was way back behind the top five, was the unexpected surprise for your wizards in beauty crew.

  13. I don’t agree also of Serbia as top winner, maybe Spain or Philippines yes..and the runner up would be, Colombia, India and Serbia..

  14. Im glad to see Phillipines and India descending where they belong. Theyre just not top ten material. Costa rica ecuador jamaica and mexico belong in the top 5

    • I agree totally; add Venezuela to the list of those on the decent, she looks like she just had a baby. But , I think Guyana should be in the top 5

  15. I think not only choose the prettiest. I think that’s why the Miss Universe is not a contest of three days . The competition lasts for about 3 weeks. I think at that time the Miss Universe Organization ‘s assesses all aspects : how they behave, how they express themselves , how responsible they are, how they are managed against the media or against various personalities , if you know how to behave at the height circumstances , mental quickness having to answer awkward or difficult questions. Of course physical beauty : a pretty face , good body, elegance , namely walking, all that also has , but I think the winner is the one that is best fully prepared . And that I think certainly the Venezuelan carry a great advantage over other competitors.

    • Sorry , although i like Venezuela cause she’s beautiful , she seems to be nice and maybe she will be on top 5 again but i’m sure , Brazil , Spain or Ukraine . One of these 3 girls will be the Miss Universe 2014/2015. Wait and see !

  16. Missology once again wrong , very wrong ! I remenbered 2012 , they included Puerto Rico in top 5 many times and in many times in the first spot but she didn’t place that year ! Pay attetion Missology , u will got a big surprise this year again ! I can feel it !!!!!!!!!! i don’t know the order but I’m almost sure that Top 5 is :

    Brazil , Spain , Ukraine i’m sure , the others 2 spots i’m not sure maybe Venezuela cause is in Doral and the last one i really don’t know . But it doesn’t matter cause the mIss Universe 2014/2015 is Brazil, Spain or Ukraine . you’ll see!!!!!!!!!! My name is name is Tom ; remenber my name on january 25th , 2015 .

  17. I guess most of these prediction are tendentious. They are made upon a specific person’s personal taste. It does not make any sense if we all compare with the other beauty websites running on social network lately. All speculation!

  18. My Top 20 prediction according to glam shots, swimsuit and evening gown presentation:
    Great Britain
    South Africa
    Africa: 3
    Asia: 3 (if Russia is counted as part of Asia)
    Europe: 6
    Americas: 5
    Caribbean: 2
    Australasia: 1
    Top 5 if fairly done:
    Jamaica, USA, Spain, France and Mexico
    Have a feeling that the Top 5 will be
    USA, Venezuela, Philippines, Australia and Columbia………..just because of “sash factor” and trend from previous years…..

  19. My Prediction for top 15 with asterisk for top 5:
    Costa Rica
    Czech Republic*
    South Africa*
    Top 5 – Columbia, Czech Republic, Guyana, Serbia, South Africa (*)

    Long shot: USA.

    If you had to substitute Philippines & Venezuela with 2 beauties, who will they be?

  20. It’s very difficult this year for Miss USA, Nia Sanchez. She is a natural beauty and it seems a lot of the frontrunners are plastic Latina barbies. It’s really disappointing to me that countries are supporting these types of women to represent their nation. I know USA isn’t the most beautiful but her heart is pure and I hope her gratitude and confidence radiate on that Miss Universe stage. She’s a true natural gem and I support her fully because of that. No hate towards the other contestants I just respect that Nia is working hard to win this one by being herself 🙂 <3 USA USA

  21. It’s really fun to read comments and reactions over here! LOL People are giving their so-called “expert” opinions but none of it really matters. In the end, it’s up to the judges or shall I say, Mr. Trump. He sure is a happy man now that you’re slitting your throats for his business. It’ll make a lot of free publicity.

  22. colombia has no special charisma for me.. yes, great body but i can’t remember her face.. that’s my big problem… venezuela reminds me a man, she’s only extremely photogenic.. i like spain and serbia…