Miss United Continents 2015 Final Hot Picks




Miss United Continents 2015

Final Hot Picks


Less than 24 hours from now and a new Miss United Continents will be crowned.  This year, Missosology predicts that the crown will finally leave the American continent, and it will most likely go to a country far, far away… Here are our final hot picks:

1.  PHILIPPINES (Anabel Christine Tia) – The Philippine bet just keeps getting better and better, and she oozes with such youthful glow that makes her standout in a sea of super glammed up Latinas.  She may represent an archipelago that is unattached to the main Asian continent, but her overall look can be easily identified with the Chinese and Malay races.  She will make a great queen for an organization which is planning to expand more globally.  She is also being tipped to win the very important Miss Photogenic award, through the undying support of her fans who have been voting for her tirelessly via the online poll.

2.  INDIA (Sushrii Shreya Mishraa) – It can either be Sushrii or Anabel as winner for us.  If Anabel does not deliver on the final speech, Sushrii might easily snag the crown away from her.  But it cannot be denied that the Indian delegate is in Ecuador to win it, after being locked in the Top 3 for the first two years of MUC.  One of her fellow Indian national,  and a runner-up at last year’s pageant. Gail Da Silva, will sit as a judge, so that is expected to boost her chances of placing even higher!  Please also note that Sushrii won the Best in National Costume award a few days earlier, and that is a sign that she is a major favorite.

3. PARAGUAY (Myriam Carolina Arévalos Villalba).  In terms of overall look, beauty, body and impact, Myriam is the rightful winner for this year’s MUC.  She is one of the two towering beauties this year, and her presence is very hard to ignore.  She is sexy and vivacious, two qualities that do well at the Miss Universe stage, which might also work at MUC.   There is a high possibility that Paraguay will earn its highest placement at MUC, courtesy of Myriam.

4. BELGIUM (Dhenia Covens).  Regrettably ignored during the first hot picks, Dhenia is actually a beauty to behold!  She is the second Belgian to compete at this pageant.  In 2013, Sherine Dandoy gave Belgium a 3rd Runner-up placement, and it is Europe’s best placement so far in the history of the pageant.  Dhenia’s sophisticated look may equal such feat, or get an even better result!

5.  BRAZIL (Nathália Paiva Lago).  Historically speaking, the sweet beauty of Nathália is the type that is always being favored at any beauty pageant.  At MUC, and even at the earlier Miss Continente Americano editions, Brazil has a pretty good record with this Ecuador-based pageant.   Her national costume presentation showed a lot of energy and great stage presence, which is quite expected for a Brazilian delegate.  We hope to see such energy tonight in Guayaquil!

6.  JAPAN (Anri Okane).  News about Japan’s deadly flash floods that destroyed houses and villages has already reached Anri, and that made her even more determined to win the crown.  Why not?  She is young, intelligent and has a very strong stage presence that is very rare for a Japanese delegate these days.  Her height is her biggest advantage, and with a spectacular national costume amde of genuine Japanese silk, her endless legs at the swimsuit presentation and a fabulous Leo Almodal gown that she will wear on the finals, expect Anri to be on her top form and might just win it from behind!

7.  COLOMBIA  (Daniela Andrea Castañeda Pardo).  Colombians are well known to be beautiful and smart.  Daniela for sure will not disappoint her countrymen, and she has improved her rank from the previous hot picks!  Despite being in seventh place, do we think she can still win it all?  Yes, of course!  Colombians normally deliver the goods when it matters the most.  Daniela may pull an upset win, and the crown may stay in Ecuador’s next door neighbor.

8.DOMINICAN REP (Kimberly Castillo).  As much as we want Kimberly to be up there, the odds are not just on her favor.  Coming a week late at a pageant, no matter what the reasons are, won’t make her win.  If she wins, it won’t reflect well on the integrity of the pageant, and it won’t make a good precedent for this three-year-old global pageant.  Another thing that a lot of Missosologists and fans notice is her nose that has obviously undergone a surgery that did not go well to the overall balance of her face.  But in terms of pageant attitude and presentation, Kim has all the goods to create an impact.

9. ECUADOR (María Elisa Padilla Cardoso).  Our hometown girl will put Ecuador back into the Top 10 spot.  She is pretty decent, and she has been a gracious host to all the delegates this year.  It is too soon to have another Ecuadorian win in Ecuador again, so we don’t see her winning this pageant at all.  But, we know that Elisa is a great delegate, which we believe could easily win this title if it was being held somewhere else.  Muchas gracias Elisa for the wonderful moments you shared and brought to all the delegates this year!

10.  KENYA  (Wambui Mureithi).  Only two women of color came to compete at this year’s pageant, and we thought that Wambui is the better delegate between the two, with lots of charm and genuineness in her.  Her infectious smile can lighten up the mood, and being the lone and first African delegate at this pageant also gives her an edge.  Her presence alone has created a positive impact to the MUC brand name, and we hope to see more Africans to compete at this pageant in the years to come.


  1. Now philippines won’t win! Missosology
    just ruined her chance.They always jinx
    the no 1 hotpick…she’ll end up a runner
    up or just one of the top 10… This post is
    The anti jinx…India shoud be on the no 1

  2. missology is Pinoy’s campaign..they should be ashamed..over boasted pinoy and over pride! put your pinoys at the top 1? oh my god..ahahaha…when you finally found the answer, all pinoy will drink the poison..found that your candidate crown nothing but brought home a bag of dirty gown..aahahaha..PINOY’S CURSE..stuck on the runner ups? oh my god this time will even worst,,not enter top 25. ahahaha congratulatios..

    • why should we be ashamed if our candidate is deserving? we don;t really mind if she doesn’t get the crown, a runner-up finish is already commendable. as for you, continue to hide your real self because it is really a shame that while you keep bashing the philippines, we keep winning as runners-up or the crown itself. while your country has yet to experience a win, i’m afraid it will not happen in your lifetime. pity you and your pathetic existence in the world of pageantry.

    • At least we get runner up positions or included in the semis in most major beauty pageants worldwide, Filipina beauties are recognized and awarded…what about your candidates?

  3. Sadly, the evident over-nationalistic approach in this website means that they continue to lose any credibility they may have had once. Missosology (which maybe should better be called, Pinoysology!) embarks on hyping campaigns to build up their candidates in detriment of an objective analysis, preventing them to appreciate the beauty of other delegates and to recognise that, sometimes, their own delegate is not the strongest at a particular pageant. When this happens, they will find ANY excuse to justify the so-called ‘injustice’ of not having won: the designer is foreigner, the judges are ridged, the stage was too big, the sun was too shiny, the list goes on and on and on…
    Food for thought: maybe trying to push your delegates down everyone else’s throat doesn’t work and on the contrary, creates a anti-pinoy sentiment around the world? Maybe, just maybe, for once, let your delegate shine on her own merits, without crying ‘racism’ or ‘bashing’ or ‘haters gonna hate’ when truly objective analysts don’t count her on their predictions?

  4. This page is biased and always placed as favorite Miss Philippines; please be more objective, there are candidates with better performance than the Philippines and thus be in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International …. no more triumphalism.

    • who do u think own this website?….when “that country” hosts beauty pageants do not expect fair results…you should have known by now..