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Tonight is the night! A new Miss Supranational will be crowned in Poland in the next few hours and Missosology has assembled its seasoned pageant experts to share their thoughts.

Miss Peru Valeria Florez came out as the top choice of the pageant experts. Her speaking skills and confidence are already enough to secure a place in the Top 5. Valeria has a very strong chance to snatch the title, thanks to her commanding presence during the swimsuits and shining aura during the gown competition.

Securing the second spot in the list is Miss Ecuador Andrea Aguilera. Her sassiness and undeniable beauty is truly captivating. Meanwhile, Miss Philippines Pauline Amelinckx had her fair share of critics – and supporters – but it would be a shame to deny the fact that she came out strongly in so many aspects. She showed elegance during the gown prelims, confidence during the swimsuits and she will hurdle any interviews with ease.

Miss Spain Lola Wilson is in the fourth place thanks to her sophisticated personality. The young, statuesque beauty showed everyone during the prelims why she deserves to be in the Top 10 of Supra Model of the Year. While majority of the candidates showed fierceness onstage, Lola opt for elegant moves which made her a standout. It is very possible that we will end up in a higher placement than what the predictions suggest.

Coming out strongly from the African continent is Miss Zimbabwe Sakhile Dube. She is Africa’s Supra Model of the Year and her persona seems to reflects last year’s winner Lalela Mswane. She’s oozing with self-confidence and her magnetic beauty simply draws everyone’s attention.

This year’s pageant however is sprinkled with very strong candidates. Watch out for Miss Thailand Patraporn Wang or Miss India Pragnya Ayyagari. They may be underrated but they can pull a surprise. Europe is also fielding strong contestants like Miss Czech Republic Marie Jedličková and Miss Poland Aleksandra Klepaczka. In a nutshell, anything can happen tonight!

Who do you think will win? Here’s the complete list of Missosology’s Miss Supranational 2023 Final Hot Picks:

  1. Peru – Valeria Flórez
  2. Ecuador – Andrea Aguilera
  3. Philippines – Pauline Amelinckx
  4. Spain – Lola Wilson
  5. Zimbabwe – Sakhile Dube
  6. Thailand – Patraporn Wang
  7. Colombia – Valentina Mora
  8. Czech Republic – Marie Jedličková
  9. Poland – Aleksandra Klepaczka
  10. Dominican Republic – Crystal Matos
  11. South Africa – Ayanda Thabethe
  12. Vietnam – Ngân Đặng Thanh
  13. Puerto Rico – Camille Fabery
  14. Mexico – Vanessa López
  15. Gibraltar – Michelle Lopez Desoisa
  16. Ukraine – Alina Liashuk
  17. Botswana – Dabilo Moses
  18. Venezuela – Selene Delgado
  19. Germany – Maria Ignat
  20. India – Pragnya Ayyagari
  21. USA – Rylee Spinks
  22. Brazil – Sancler Frantz
  23. Curacao – Andreina Pereira
  24. Indonesia – Yasinta Aurellia
  25. Romania – Ioana-Izabela Hotăran

Bubbling Up: United Kingdom, Canada, Namibia, Japan, Malaysia