Miss Supranational 2017 Second Hot Picks


Miss Supranational 2017 Second Hot Picks

Nearly 70 delegates from all around the world have now arrived in Slovakia for the 9th edition of Miss Supranational, the last of the Big5 Pageants to commence this year.  This is the first time that the pageant year will be concluded by Miss Supranational, which is a position that was held by Miss Universe from 2014.  Now that we have met the delegates, and combined with the public pulse, here is our latest hot picks!

  1.  COLOMBIA – Tica Martinez
  2.  VENEZUELA – Geraldine Duque
  3. PHILIPPINES – Chanel Olive Thomas
  4. INDONESIA – Karina Nadila
  5. POLAND – Paulina Maziarz
  6. THAILAND – Jiraprapa Boonnuang
  7. SWITZERLAND – Mariela Nova
  8. SPAIN – Beatriz Balseiro
  9. AUSTRALIA – Alecia McCallum
  10. JAPAN – Yuki Koshikawa
  11. SLOVAKIA – Michaela Cmarková
  12. BRAZIL – Thayna Lima
  13. RUSSIA – Anastasia Shcheglova
  14. JAMAICA – Nicole Stoddart
  15. CZECH REPUBLIC – Tereza Vlčková
  16. CHILE – Constanza Schmith
  17. MEXICO – Samantha Leyva
  18. ENGLAND – Kenzie Anne James
  19. ECUADOR – Katherine López España
  20. RWANDA – Habiba Ingabire


If the final competition is going to be held right now, there is no doubt that Colombia‘s Tica Martinez already has this in the bag!  She is the one to beat at this year’s competition.  If she wins the title, she will surely elevate the status of Miss Supranational into the upper echelons of the current Big5 system.  All eyes will definitely be on Miss Supranational this year because the pageant night will be held less than six days after Miss Universe.  Crowning a major stunner like Martha will help them cement their status as a pageant that truly crowns the best looking delegate.  Srinidhi Shetty, the current titelholder, has set the bar too high, and someone like Martha can continue such legacy.
If Tica does not deliver, 18-year-old Geraldine Duque of Venezuela may use her youthful charm to get the crown this year!  Venezuela came close into winning last year, but this time they have probably learned the Supranational formula.
Chanel Olive Thomas of the Philippines is in close third.  No one can deny that Chanel is one of the most loved queens from the Binibining Pilipinas system in recent years.  Her bubbly personality makes her really likeable and anyone can be easily drawn to her beauty and personality. There is also a high possibility that Chanel will win the crown for the Philippines.
Karina Nadila of Indonesia is now in our Top 5 and we are not surprised at all.  After their historic win at Miss International, Karina is now more motivated than ever to win their first ever Miss Supranational title.  Prior to their remarkable streak at Miss World and Miss International, Indonesia got it’s pageant success first at Miss Supranational when Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani won 3rd Runner-up in 2013.  Karina is pretty enought to get the nod of the mainly Polish set of judges.
Completing our Top 5 is none other than Paulina Maziarz, who just came back from Japan representing Poland at Miss International 2017.  Fresh from her first international pageant, Paulina will surely apply what she has learned in Tokyo.  When the delegates move back to Poland for the final competition, Paulina will have the support of the local fans.  Her beauty was wasted at Miss International, but it won’t be ignored at Miss Supranational.

Thailand is currently in sixth place.  We will be keeping an eye on her as she is someone who came from a strong national organization.  Switzerland actually surprised us with her exotic beauty!  She has successfully shown the diversity of modern-day Switzerland to the world. Spain is another delegate to look up as she has come prepared for this task.  Australia never fails to send another great deleagte and we simply love her personality.  Japan is actually a strong performer on stage, although a bit conservative when being approached up close.  Watch out for her national costume!

The delegates from Slovakia, Brazil and Russia have actually caught our attention.  While Jamaica and Czech Republic are also not to be ignored.

We will try to give better assessments of more girls as we get to know them better day by day.  Meanwhile, this is what our fans and followers have come up as our second hot picks!  Hope you share your thoughts here so we can use them for our next hot picks!