We’ve heard about it years ago but it seems it never took off but now this year, the Miss Latina Universe contest is poised to become a reality. It is basically a TV show aired on Telemundo and it is tasked to select a Latina woman who will represent the US Latino community at the Miss Universe. Ridiculous it may seem, this contest is plainly a form of bigotry, racism and apartheid. This contest has no place in a civilized world.



In 1970, in line with the apartheid policies of South Africa, a black South African contestant with a sash Miss Africa South competed alongside with a white Miss South Africa. This practice went on until 1976 when many countries decided to withdraw as a protest. If the current National Directors of Miss Universe are in any way decent and civilized, they would do the same thing should a Miss Latina Universe contestant compete at Miss Universe.


The symbolism of it all is plain and simple. It tells the world that a Latina has no right to wear a Miss USA crown and sash such that a completely different contest is required. It promotes the idea that the Latina beauty is an outcast in the American pageantry mainstream. If this is not a form of bigotry, racism, or apartheid, what it is then? The world, especially the Latin American countries should wake up to the fact that a Miss Latina Universe contestant at Miss Universe is an insult to the Latino community in the United States.


Miss Universe is arguably the world’s most awaited beauty pageant contest largely because it is a competition of nations. The sash that the contestants are wearing is more than just a sash. It has a deep political meaning and is a source of pride and dignity of so many nations. With a sash Miss Latina mingling with Miss USA at Miss Universe, the pageant has come into its all time low. It is disgraceful and immoral and Missosology takes this opportunity to urge the Miss Universe Organization to stop this madness once and for all.




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