Miss International 2019 Final Hot Picks


Graphics by Yuffie @kxxenriquez/ and Mario @marioangelomissosology Text by R. Galvez @the4ofustraveling/

It was exceptionally tense at Missosology’s virtual situation room. In about 24 hours, the new Miss International will be crowned and the final hot picks has to be produced as tradition dictates. About half of Missosology beauty experts believe that Miss International will take a path it never took before while the other half believe the pageant will simply stick to its old ways. The virtual situation room became a virtual “war” room.

Eventually, the beauty experts came to a consensus and placed their faith in Miss International believing that the pageant will do the right thing. There’s a record number of participating nations this year and most of them came from Africa. It would be downright unfair not to recognize this and it would only be justifiable if the pageant will finally crown someone from the African continent.

Miss Uganda Evelyn Namatovu is the strongest among the African contingent and she will be a worthy Miss International winner. Missosology correspondents covering the pageant since Day 1 also believe Evelyn will prevail during the finals. She is a well-rounded beauty queen and she has a pretty stable performance unaffected by the hectic schedule. Her beauty has this unmistakable class and finesse.

Challenging the position of Miss Uganda is Miss Mexico Andrea Toscano. Half of the panel of beauty experts believe that if Miss International is not yet ready to take that great leap, the pageant will eventually crown Andrea. She is the leading candidate among the Latina group. Her fierce beauty and shapely body makes her a formidable competitor. She is definitely ready to become the third Mexican Miss International!

Miss Belarus Maria Perviy returns to her original rank in the Miss International 2019 Hot Picks. In the very first Hot Picks, Miss Mexico and Miss Belarus occupied the second and third spots respectively and it is truly interesting that they returned to the very same positions! It is evident that like Andrea, Maria is consistent all throughout the different stages of the pageant.

Carrying the banner of the Asian region is the strongest of them all: Miss Vietnam Nguyễn Tường San. Her oriental charm has beguiled the mainly Japanese audience and she is expected to put her best foot forward during the finals.

Miss Costa Rica Tamara Dal Masa rounds up the Top Five and it is worthy to note that she had been lurking in the shadows at the early part of the competition. In the last hot picks though, she has surged to surpass the earlier favorites. Costa Rica has already two crowns in its kitty and with the charm and beauty of Tamara, the third one is already in the horizon.

Philippines meanwhile will not take the Miss International 2019 contest lightly. Miss Philippines Bea Patricia Magtanong has shown a solid performance and her sash carries a formidable strength in the pageant. The same is true with Miss Indonesia Jolene Marie Rotinsulu. Like Bea Patricia, Jolene Marie is well groomed and both have the backing of their raucous fans.

Miss South Africa Nicole Middleton may be part of the so-called African wave this year but she has made her own unique mark in the pageant. Her affable personality and good communication skills have caught the attention of pageant experts.

Meanwhile, gunning for her country’s first Miss International title is Miss Belgium Rachel Nimegeers. She is by far the strongest among the Western European beauty queens competing at the pageant this year. Her confidence is oozing and she the way she carries herself is very classy.

Rounding up the Top 10 is Miss Puerto Rico Ivana Carolina Irizarry. As mentioned in the last hot picks, there is only one way to describe her: elegant! The beauty experts believe that this will propel her further in the final competition!

Meanwhile, making it to the Top 15 are: Miss Poland Karina Szczepanek, Miss Thailand Sireethorn Leearamwat, Miss Romania Andreea Maria Coman, Miss Cote d’Ivoire Tara Gueye and Miss Japan Tomomi Okada.

Bubbling up are: Miss Colombia Alejandra Vengoechea, Miss Sri Lanka Pawani Vithanage , Miss Liberia Naomi Nucia Glay, Miss Netherlands Elize Joanne de Hong, Miss Cameroon Angèle Kossinda and Miss United Kingdom Harriotte Lane.

Do you think history will made this year at Miss International? Who do you think will win the crown? Leave your comments below!