Miss International 2014:: 5th Official Hot Picks





5th Official Hot Picks by Missosology


1. Mexico – Vianey’s presence is all over the website!  She’s the hottest delegate right now, and everyone’s talking about her impeccable beauty that looks perfect in any angle!  Some people are even saying that she has no close competition at all.  But, will she be able to sustain it?  We certainly hope so, because she is such a rare find!

2. United Kingdom – As the days go by, we thought that Victoria’s momentum would go down, but we were wrong.  She’s consistent and never fails to impress.  Everywhere she goes, the Japanese crowd goes crazy!  She is not just  a pretty face.  She is friendly, amiable and very jolly!

3. Thailand – Flawless and effortless, Polly ‘s move is very calculated.  She knows what she is doing.  Her sister, who’s an exchange student in Japan must have tipped her with a lot of useful information about the country.

4. Netherlands – Smart and undeniable beautiful, Shauny is slowly gaining grounds in our hot pick!  She is very consistent, and well-loved by the Japanese.  Her warm personality radiates from inside out, and you can really feel her determination to win.

5. Colombia – Everyone loves her!  From the chaperons down to the locals, Zuleika has this likable personality wherein one can easily relate to.  Missosology truly loves her.  While people are a bit doubtful about her chances because of her skin color, we believe that Zuleika can pull another Jemmy Paola on November 11th!

6. Gabon –  “Maggaly!  Oh Maggaly!  Your smile is so infectious!”  Africa may not be favored well in Miss International, but win or lose, Missosology believes that she deserves to be in the Top 10, no matter what!   She can be Africa’s first ever MI winner, but if that doesn’t happen, Miss Supranational is waiting for her!

7. India – Jhataleka is slowly taking a low profile, which is a very smart move.  She needs to reserve her energy in the final days.  Although she dropped to seventh place in our latest hot picks, it doesn’t mean that she is totally losing her steam.

8. Israel – Shani’s tall presence cannot be denied in this year’s competition.  Aside from her exotic Mediterranean charm, she is well-educated and a good speaker as well.  But, we hope that she stops slouching because that’s what Missosology fears as her weak points.

9. Peru – Fiorella looks like Alejandra Andreu, but with a long hair.  And we at Missosology means that with compliment.  If she plays her cards well, she might pull a major upset at this year’s competition, and take away the crown from the early favorites.

10. Indonesia – Elfin is cute and very charming.  She is also smart and knows what to say, when to say, and not to mention, she is so full of conviction.  Her fans are so supportive of her, that we are always seeing a major Indonesian invasion in Missosology because they believe in their queen to deliver well during the finals.


Bubbling up: 11. Philippines 12. Macau 13. Brazil 14. Puerto Rico 15. USA