Jennifer Deku, who placed first princess in Miss Tourism Ghana 2020 pageant, will represent the African nation at the 60th Miss International beauty pageant.

She replaces Miss Tourism Ghana 2020 2nd princess Emmanuella Apuri Awedana who was supposed to compete in Miss International but had to beg off due to her duties as a scientist.

Deku is a registered midwife with experience in the care andtreatment of clients during ante-partum, intra-partum and post-partum stages of pregnancy. “As well as a wellness advocate, I take pride in my ability to execute my responsibilities thoughtfully to produce exceptional results. I am seeking to leverage my background into a midwifery position with a progressive hospital,” she said.

In 2017, Akorfa Awuma gave Ghana its first placement so far in Miss International. The country ranks 76th in Missosology Big 5 Ranking. Missosology.Org