Miss International 2019 8th Hot Picks


Graphics by Yuffie @kxxenriquez/ Text by R. Galvez @the4ofustraveling/

For any pageant fan intently following the Miss International 2019 pageant, it is becoming clear by now on who are the frontrunners. One can fill-up their personal “hot picks” and there’s more certainty this time around thanks to the preliminary contest. The safest bet as of the moment is Miss Belarus Maria Perviy. There is consistency with both her placement in Missosology’s Hot Picks as well as with her actual performance.

Miss Puerto Rico Ivana Carolina Irizarry is also a safe bet. The elegance of her beauty is pretty much apparent and it is also clear that she has been trained for this competition. Miss Japan Tomomi Okada meanwhile slipped into the third place after topping the last Hot Picks. Still, there is no denying that she could be the second Japanese beauty to clinch the Miss International title. The momentum is still on her side as the nationalistic fervor of her countrymen continues full swing.

Miss Costa Rica Tamara Dal Maso and Miss Sri Lanka Pawani Vithanage did not even register in the last Hot Picks but here they are filling up the rest of the Top 5. Is this a sign of an impending volatility in the dynamics of the contest?  Or this is a testament of the pageant’s inherent unpredictability? Either way, it has to be emphasized that one should not overlook the real strength of Tamara and Pawani.

Well, this is the last Hot Picks before the ultimate list. In a way, this tells us two things: 1.) it’s still anybody’s game 2.) some frontrunners from day simply refuse to fade away. One thing is for sure though: this is going to be exciting!

  1. Belarus – Maria Perviy
  2. Puerto Rico- Ivana Carolina Irizarry
  3. Japan – Tomomi Okada
  4. Sri Lanka – Pawani Vithanage
  5. Costa Rica – Tamara Dal Maso
  6. Mexico – Andrea Toscano
  7. Romania – Andreea Maria Coman
  8. Argentina -Milena Sofía Judt
  9. Ukraine – Marina Kiose
  10. Zambia – Luwi Kawanda
  11. Thailand – Sireethorn Leearamwat
  12. Czech Republic – Andrea Prchalová
  13. Venezuela – Melissa Jimenez
  14. Paraguay – Elida Lezcano
  15. Liberia – Naomi Nucia Glay