Miss International 2016 Pre-Arrival Hot Picks

Miss International activities for the year 2016 will officially start in a few days, and the excitement is escalating. The highly competitive batch of delegates are expected to arrive this weekend from all corners of the globe, while a few first-timer countries are also expected to join, making this as one of the most anticipated Miss International pageant year of all time!

Missosology experts and forum members have been talking about the delegates during the last two weeks. As a result, we have come up with this very well-thought of pre-arrival selection of the hottest delegates whom we expect to be a shoo-ins for the crown:

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Jessica Duarte is all set to defend the crown for embattled Venezuela.

1. Jessica Duarte of Venezuela, no doubt, is the woman to beat at this point. Many pageant fans are quite apprehensive with a possible back-to-back victory from the “almighty” Venezuela but Jessica’s determination must not be underestimated. Battling some serious difficulties back home, with the worst economic crisis hitting her homeland, Jessica made sure that she would get enough financial and moral support before she flies to Tokyo this weekend. Seeing Jessica a few days ago at the Miss Venezuela 2016 final gala made us realize once and for all that her beauty has never faded out, and she has blossomed even further since her crowning last year.

2. In close second is the unstoppable Magdalena Bieńkowska of Poland, who is so far the most talked about Miss International delegate in the Missosology forum, with over 20 pages of thread dedicated to her. There is a reason why Magdalena is well loved by pageant fans. She has this charismatic and angelic smile that draw people to her. After Edymar Martinez, the standard of beauty for Miss International has been raised even higher and what could be a better way than to crown this Polish stunner as a follow up. Her Instagram followers are also massive, which is something that Miss International appreciates, instead of Facebook.

3. In third place is the delegate from he world’s most passionate beauty pageant fans, Kylie Verzosa of the Philippines. Miss International is the Philippines strongest turf among the Big 5 pageants, having won the crown five times since its inception. With Kylie, we expect a lot of Filipino fans to invade Tokyo Dome City Hall on October 27th as they cheer for this beautiful model from Baguio City. According to an interview, Kylie has studied very well the MI system, and she is said to have toned down her make up style and catwalk to suit the very conservative Japanese taste.  We shall see if that strategy will work.

4. In fourth place is none other than the blonde bombshell from New Zealand, Jessica Tyson. Many fans are calling her as the silent killer. Yes, New Zealand may not have a huge pageant scene, but Jessica is very serious with her title as well as her advocacy. She is not your typical beauty queen who is only after the glitz and glamour, but rather, she uses her title to be of service to the less privileged. In many of her international pageant experiences as a teenager, Jess as she is fondly called, had impressively won all of them.

5. Completing our Top 5 in the pre-arrival hot picks is Felicia Hwang of Indonesia. Many would remember that Edymar Martinez herself was there to witness Felicia’s crowning as 1st Runner-up to Puteri Indonesia, and that says a lot about the seriousness of the Indonesian organizers when it comes to pageantry. Felicia’s intelligence and inner beauty will be her strongest weapon as she tries to win her country’s first Big 5 crown.


6. In sixth place is Japan‘s Jyunna Yamagata. After being hired as a TV reporter (she will start working on April 2017) in one of Japan’s biggest TV networks, many are expecting Jyunna to place high in Miss International, despite her lack of height. Japan has not placed in the semifinals for a record three straight years. Jyunna will most likely place for sentimental reason, but some Missosology fans have already compared her to the likes of Miss Hong Kong and Miss Macau who are actually much taller versions of her.

Glamorous nurse. Sara Danielsen is representing Denmark at Miss International 2016.

7. In seventh place is the humble nurse from Denmark, Sara Danielsen. This very open-minded and down-to-earth Danish woman has done medical volunteer mission in Thailand, which she considered to be a life changing experience. Being the eldest of four siblings, which is quite rare for a northern European family, Sara is the first to compete in a major international competition while her younger sisters have already done some modeling stints abroad.

8. Colombia‘s Yudi Daniela Herrera is back in our list, and is now pegged in eighth place. How we regret not having her in the previous two hot picks, but this young woman is a force to reckon with! She is young and fresh looking, and will definitely be someone to watch out for when she arrives in Tokyo.

9. Hungary‘s Csillag Szabo, the only delegate who has undergone more than one year of preparation (she was crowned Miss International Hungary 2016 on July last year), must not be underestimated. Equipped with an intelligence and eloquence, Csillag belongs to an elite group of future politicians after being accepted in one of Europe’s most prestigious universities that cater to political science. Her dream is to become the first female prime minister of Hungary.

10. And rounding up our Top 10 is Bolivia‘s Katherine Añazgo, who never ceases to amaze us with her exotic looks, and the backing of her fans from all over the world. Katherine was a top favorite at Miss Bolivia 2016, but she only managed to clinch the second place spot, which may have become a blessing in disguise because this could be Bolivia’s chance to be back in the semifinals of Miss International.

11th to 15th. The newly crowned Miss International Thailand is getting closer into our Top 10, and she is currently in 11th place. Watch out for her amazing wardrobes, courtesy of her very forward looking national director and organization. In 12th place is Hong Kong‘s Kelly Chan, whom many believe is a prettier and sexier version of Japan’s Jyunna Yamagata. In 13th place is Mexico, while Finland is in 14th spot. And finally, the US representative has finally made it in our list because of her recent pictures which have shown a lot of improvements since her crowning.



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