Miss International 2015 Edymar Martinez to attend Puteri Indonesia 2016

Edymar Martinez
Edymar Martinez

Miss International 2015 Edymar Martinez will soon grace the finals of Indonesia’s most prestigious beauty pageant – the Puteri Indonesia contest. The winner of the said contest will soon compete at Miss Universe 2016 while the first and second runners-up will be sent to Miss International and Miss Supranational respectively.

The Puteri Indonesia contest is one of the “must-watch” national pageants in recent years due to its series of placements of its winners at the Miss Universe pageant, having placed in the Top 15/16 from 2013 to 2015. The pageant also produced a Miss International semifinalist in 2014, when Elfin Pertiwi Rappa made it to the Top 10.  In 2013, Cok Istri Krisnanda Widani of Bali got the 3rd Runner-up placement at Miss Supranational.

Edymar will be the first Miss International winner to take the centerstage in the pageant. The most anticipated part of her attendance is when she will be at the centerstage wearing the traditional kebaya.

Puteri Indonesia, literally, Princess of Indonesia was officially established in 1992. It features beautiful women from across Indonesia – from Kalimantan province to Irian Jaya. This year’s contest will be held in Jakarta Convention Center on February 19. Missosology will bring you live updates of the event.


  1. goodbye miss universe 2016 semifinalist for miss universe indonesia, hello miss international 2016 semifinalist for miss international indonesia! 🙂

  2. Indonesia is bitter in the Philippines because it is doing great in Miss Universe, that’s why they did not invite Miss Universe to be their guest in Puteri, they say when Pia won, asians come and gathered to her but what I saw on the video is that Anindya Putri went to Miss Colombia and cried with her, she is also one of the persons who disrespected Miss Universe Pia WurtzBach on the video by means of ignoring her, I am not saying that this is the hobby of all Indonesians dragging someone doing great down but I have seen this before in Asias Next Top Model with Ghani saying so many bad things about Monika, and now Anindya backstabbing her fellow asian candidate. Its not only Urvashi Rautella who dont like the won of Pia or Miss Philippines but also Anindya Putri of Indonesia was one of the bitter Girls, in fact she is not sexy, she she doesnt have curbs. To the new Miss Universe Indonesia that will be chosen in Puteri Indonesia, you are carrying the name of your country, you should observe modesty not like this Anindya Putri who disrespected Queen P. Hope you search videos of what happen after the live telecast was cut and there you will see clearly that Miss Indonesia with Miss Colombia and ignoring Miss Philippines.

    • IMO, these are the top 3 cheerleaders for Miss Colombia:

      2nd Runner Up: Miss Montenegro- Best Body Language: Bending forward in disbelief with hands over her face after learning that Miss Colombia was only 1st Runner Up

      1st Runner Up: Miss Indonesia- Best Body features: Neckless and waistless Latina-wannabe.

      Winner: Miss India- Best Moment: Crying with Miss Colombia to grieve her own loss coz she thought she was a shoo-in for Top 15 based on Global Beauties hot picks. Very LOL.

      • Very Right Lara, You are the best. Actually, dont you know that Miss Indonesia Anindya Putri Pirated our very own Leo Almodal to design her evening gown in Miss Universe, Look at Leo Almodals Instagram, thats the gown Anindya Putri was wearing that night, thats why Stella Marquez Araneta turned him down as the designer of the national gown of the Philippines for Miss Universe and asked Albert Andrada to design the royal blue gown that she wore that night. I know how insecure she is with Miss Philippines, whe think she is sexy, then watch the swim suit competition where she has no curb and she has no neck. Well, good luck to Puteri Indonesia if they will get a better miss universe contestant. And with the achievements of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is getting especially now on theredoutfit event where she placed as top so far in the donation I think we should be happy, I just shared this comment because Miss Indonesia is sharing the same curtsyof praises that Miss Myanmar, Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, British Virgin Islands, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and other nonbitter girls are getting from netizens.

    • Agreed. Anindya does not have curves in her waist. They keep choosing candidates with no training.

      We do believe that Indonesia is doing well to improve their candidates, unlike Malaysia or Thailand who is not putting enough resources to train their candidates.

      Indonesians and Thai fans who are jealous of the Miss Universe crown have not accepted the fact that their candidates were not just good enough, plus the gown of Indonesia was ugly.. The Thailand gown was way nicer, flowed better and would have gotten picked but the makeup of Aniporn of Thailand was Crooked and her walk was terribly lacking poise and grace.

      It is my opinion that the only reason why they choose Indonesia is for one reason, diversity. That Muslim Indonesian girl chose to disobey her Islamic parents and values to win Puteri Indonesia, and the judges chose her because of that reason. Just like they chose that bald and ugly Ariana Miyomoto of Japan because of her unique black American heritage. Pure novelty, not beauty or talent.

      • I like the gown of indonesia it makes her look sexy somehow, but because of her lack of neck and ugly body, it makes the gown ugly, for me, the gown will look good if the one wearing it can wear it elegantly like miss france with a simple red gown but through her hair, shoes and body color and her physique she made the simple became fabulous, the gown of thailand is not good, its like an amature bridal gown and for me it looks like miss venezuelas gown that night if you just remove the sleeves and the back acent,, plus in swimsuit, she is tall but if you notice her butt and her breast it looks so flat, if I didnt know her or if she does not wear thailand sash I can Immediately suspected that she is not a girl. All in all, even in hot picks, I told myself why are they always picking thailand and what the fuck miss indonesia, what are their basis for this, for latinas, i can accept miss peru, she is absolutely gorgeous plus she is pretty and brazil. Look guys, I noticed something, about the final 5, each is from a continent in the world, like Philippines, from Asia; USA, from North America; Colombia from South America, Australia, from Australia/Oceania; and lastly France, from Europe, I think this is the new Miss Universe strategy of choosing the winner but this is still provisionary since its the first year of IMG to handle this pageant.

      • another bitter and immature view of things, the puteri indonesia doesnt base things on the single fact that anindya has an interestig story, it was based on her appeal that obviously both miss puteri ind and miss universe organization just saw beyond curve and back story line. Just like the case of miss japan. youre from london but you look at the things from a very immature and cheap perspective. how selfish is your comment of picking an ugly contestant for them not to win a crown. what the hell, its a beauty pageant and edymar is smart enough not to have the level of thingking you have. haha eksenadorang mga palaka na ang alam lang mg comment ng kung anu anu, move on teh! nanalo na tayo anu pa ba ang pinag hihimotok niu?!

        • The 2016 Princess of Indonesia can continue to clap harder this year, hopefully that Muslim Hijab veil wearing from Aceh city and she should join Kirran of Malaysia. No Asian candidate is fit to take on the Puerto Rican and Venezuelan goddesses who are determined to bring home the crown from which they already considered 2015 a “missed” moment that Colombia was not worthy to take on.

          • Ahuh, on the countrary, venezuelas representative for miss universe 2016 havent got an appeal to me although her walk was commendable, I ove miss columbia this year shes so so pretty and elegant with her skin tone. puerto rico is also a contender! but i think thailand as they land again in the semis together with ph and indonesia will give their fight not to miss the momentum.

          • They better choose Maria Gigante and Kim Ross for the Philippines if Pia Wurtzbach wants to retain the DIC crown for her countrymen.

          • Poor Miss Andrea Tovar of Colombia will surely be booed and insulted if she does not make top placement this year, and will definitely be a target point for Colombians to jeer against her black skin color and fat African lips. I can smell the incense of Racism against Tovar if she does not gain placement in the 2016 Miss Universe pageant.

    • What the heck all is getting better now so stop being so bitter, move on teh!!! If you are a true pageant fan, you must know that in the past miss universe events ph and indonesia wer happens to be room mates and for the past years indonesia and ph always ends up forging friendship and unity. stop being so one sided and immature of just basing your opinion on the video of miss after crowning, the thing is both girls were rubbed and had dealt with public controversy and its not about the girls who surround them or congratulate them first its about the shocking and unexpected result. Modesty is not about what country or continent you represent but on how you will be graceful to others specially to the one who was deprived more. I saw video of Ariadna apologizing for colombians and even tried eat pansit in a filipino restaurant. in the case or miss india i think its also not her fault to be closed with a latina, just like miss malaysia reaching out to her close friends and fortunately one of them was pia. Kaya ateng just shot your mouth coz it stings, you are on the lists of those kababayans that are immaturely viewing the event based on what they saw and not on the whole perspective(remember our first miss world was crown in bali). The bottom line is, I think the indonesians and the filipinos has always had a good relationship with each other, we have some of their traditions even up to this day, and the filipino and the indonesians are very welcoming with each other and i dont see any problem with that at all.hahahahaha wapakkkk

      • Hi Deshawn, yes its getting better but the point here is I like to emphasize what indonesia did to several of our countrymen, although Megan was crowned as Miss World in Bali, She trully deserves to win, plus indonesians cant do anything with that because there are fast tract events in Miss world, and at the end Julia Morley chooses who the Miss World is, the fact that the Host of that event is half Filipina, she was so gracious in announcing Megan all the time, but remember Daniel Mananta didnt even acknowledge her, so dont compare Miss Woeld to Miss Universe, there were certain attitude that Indonesian womans have, not all but many especially the ones competing, like asias next top model, where Ghani drag Monika down because she is very good, spreading bad things saying that she is a beautyqueen type who had mastered what she will say, and Daiel Mananta humiliated Amanda Chan in that contest. The point here is, yes Miss Indonesia sympathized Miss Colombia that night without even knowing that the other girl is also a victim, plus she stole our designer Leo Almodal, thats why Mrs Araneta asked Albert Andrada to design that blue gown for a small period of time. The prettiest candidate of Indonesia is Whulandari Herman in the batch of Ariella Aria, if ever they produced that kind of woamn who can perfectly speak english and is confident enough, she can be the next miss Universe. And plus we are both Filipino, we should not fight with eachother. I apologized if I offended you and others by posting this comment but this is a free country, so I would like you to know that if ever people want to express their thoughts you must accept that.

    • You are a Pinoy but use AnindyaPutriisthereason as your nick name. Btw, who said that we dont invite Pia to come to Indonesia? Actually almost Pageants Lovers in Indonesia being so upset bcoz Pia cannot attend to our Puteri Indonesia pageant. That’s why Edymar is chosen finally to Indonesia. Dont give the wrong info and start a war.. Your info is invalid.

      • I think Anindya Kusuma Putri going to Miss Colombia after the pageant whether it was good intention or not is very disgraceful.

        Indonesia does not deserve to have the reigning Miss Universe in Puteri Indoesia. I am glad and happy that Pia Wurtzbach and Miss Universe Management chose New York Fashion Week over Puteri Indonesia. Miss Universe does not care about your clapping pageant or your stupid Kevaya. Go make Edymar of Venezuela wear that stupid black bullion gown. It matches her old ugly white pearl gown too.

        And prepare to clap this year.

        • It’s “Kebaya”, not “Kevaya”. Learn how to spell dumbass. Anyway, we just simply don’t care with what you’re saying because your word doesn’t matter as long as you don’t show your true self and hiding behind your stupid fake account. What a freaking Coward. lol