Jennifer Valle of Honduras is our new leader in the Hot Picks! It is no surprise considering that her participation was delayed for a couple of years, and even back in 2013, she was one of the early favorites for the crown. This might turn out to be a blessing in disguise because the very calm beauty of Jennifer is a hit in Japan. She is also one of the tallest delegates this year, and her creamy white complexion and statuesque figure are her strong points. This is not to say that Jennifer is only about pretty face and nice body. She is smart and relatively good in conversational English.

Mexico’s Lorena Sevilla is very close behind. Her angelic facial features, and expensive aura are visible in every photos you see of her. But up close, she is humble, very sociable and serene. At this rate, looks like Mexico has a high chance to have another pearl crown in the making.

In third place is Daniela Armijos, who represents Ecuador. This young woman has a vibrant personality, and what we like about her is the fact that she is not that much aware how incredibly beautiful she is.

USA’S Lindsay Becker is back in the magic circle, and we are very positive that she will remain in the upper ranks leading to the finals.

Completing our Top 5 is Hungary’s Linda Szunai, who is displaying how she must be taken seriously because so far, she is the leading European delegate this year! Watch out for her during the Miss International Forum.

Top favorites Venezuela and Philippines are still in the running. They undeniably have lots of followers who are always loyal to them, through thick or thin.  Colombia is now visible in the Top 10 and we love her natural candidness. Macau has been the darling of Missosology during the early days, and one cannot deny how one can be easily drawn to her friendly personality. Poland is a doll, and she has been having a lot of supporters in the Missosology forum.

Meanwhile, New Zealand is down to the 11th spot, no thanks to those who were disappointed with her arrival photos and styling. Japan is in 12th place, appearing for the first time in our hot picks! She has improved a lot since her coronation last year. Panama is a black swan. She is very well-poised and is always smiling, sending positive vibes to everyone. Brazil and Thailand complete our Top 15.

Bubbling up: Hawaii, Spain, Moldova, Sweden and Indonesia.



4th Official Hot Picks

1. HONDURAS (Jennifer Valle)
2. MEXICO (Lorena Sevilla)
3. ECUADOR (Daniela Armijos)
4. USA (Lindsay Becker)
5. HUNGARY (Linda Szunai)

6. VENEZUELA (Edymar Martinez)
7. PHILIPPINES (Janicel Lubina)
8. COLOMBIA (Natalia Ochoa)
9. MACAU (Ana Choi)
10. POLAND (Ewa Mielnicka)

11. NEW ZEALAND (Hayley Rose Coombe)
12. JAPAN (Arisa Nakagawa)
13. PANAMA (Jhasmeiry Herrera Evans)
14. BRAZIL (Isis Stocco)
15. THAILAND (Sasi Sintawee)

16. HAWAII (Brianna Acosta)
17. SPAIN (Christina Silva Cano)
18. MOLDOVA (Anastasia Fotachi)
19. SWEDEN (Isabella Jedler Forsman)
20. INDONESIA (Chintya Fabyola)



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