PHOTOS :: Philippines wins second Miss Earth crown



Host delegate Jamie Herrell of the Philippines bested 84 other candididates from around the world to win the Miss Earth 2014 crown Saturday night during the finals held at the UP Theater in Quezon City, Philippines.

Asked during the question-and-answer portion what she will do to slow down global warming if ever she wins the title, Herrell responded: “Global warming has been (an) overdue issue. I will use my title to inspire others, help our environment and start with kids. They will be the people of tomorrow if we teach them. They will help the community.”

Herrell is the second Filipino to win the Miss Earth title, the first being Karla Henry in 2008. Both queens hail from the province of Cebu.

The new Miss Earth’s elemental court included Miss Air Andrea Neu of the USA, Miss Water Maira Alexandra Rodriguez of Venezuela and Miss Fire Anastasia Trusova of Russia.


Completing the Final 8 finalists were: Letícia Silva of Brazil, Tugsuu Idersaikhan of Mongolia, Daria Fabrici of Slovak Republic and Zaira Bas of Spain.

The rest of the Top 16 semifinalists was composed of: Alejandra Villafañe Osorio of Colombia, Nancy Magdy of Egypt, Lee Seo Bin of Korea, Yareli Carillo of Mexico, Romy McCahill of Scotland, Hereata Ellard of Tahiti, Sasi Sintawee of Thailand and Cartier Zagorski of Zambia.

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