OPINION :: Analyzing Miss Earth 2014


Analyzing Miss Earth 2014
By Ric Galvez


Drew, one of the prolific in-house writers here at Missosology, once pointed out that a hometown girl winning the crown always raises a lot of eyebrows. Indeed, Jamie Herrell of the Philippines winning the Miss Earth 2014 crown did raise my eyebrows especially if you factor in the fact that the pageant is Filipino-owned while being held in the Philippines with a panel of jury with large percentage of Filipinos. That sounds like an outright hometown decision, right?

Let’s be honest here. Missosology has been critical of hometown decisions especially if there are sufficient grounds to question these victories. For example, the fact that it is difficult to find a pageant host city nowadays means that the conspiracy theory of “host it to win it” may have credence after all.

But whatever the forces that allowed Jamie Herrell to win the Miss Earth 2014 crown should not cloud the real and hard-core fact that she is a front-runner in the competition. She has been spectacular in the swimsuit and gown competition and she aced her interview question.

The opening number

Personally, I would prefer if say Russia or Venezuela or even USA won the crown. It could probably spare Miss Earth from the tirades of its critics and the pageant would generate interest abroad. I would assume though that the Miss Earth organization could be in some kind of dilemma. Should the pageant crown the local girl and suffer the ire of its critics but all the while deny the crown from a girl who really deserves to win? Perhaps in the end, Miss Earth allowed the facts to dictate the course of the events. There is no way it can pacify its critics anyway so perhaps it simply allowed the deserving girl to win the crown.

One thing I noted is that the production this year dramatically improved. Pageants are better held indoors and while I hoped for a larger and more colorful venue, the UP Theater served its purpose. The hosts are passable but they are lost for some words at times grasping for some adjectives. At least one of them did not err this time by calling the event Miss World like what happened last year.

The judging panel is okay-ish but there were way too much Filipinos which simply fuels the speculation that the pageant is rigged. The overall quality of delagates is wonderful but we missed some of them such as Miss France as she suffered some ailment. This was the same case as with Miss New Zealand last year. The pageant should clearly address this issue but let me point out that other pageants in the Big4 do suffer from medical emergencies from time to time.

Whatever the forces that allowed Jamie Herrell to win the Miss Earth 2014 crown should not cloud the real and hard-core fact that she is a front-runner in the competition

The delegates who made it to the Top 16 are the ones I’ve been expecting all along although there are some surprises. Miss Paraguay Sendy Cáceres was one of the delegates that I was surprised not to see in the semis. I was kind of hoping that Miss Puerto Rico Franceska Toro would be there too considering that she is a strong candidate and has the momentum on her side.

The usual suspects – Venezuela, Brazil and the Philippines made it – which simply vindicated the controversial opinion piece that the Missosology editorial team penned a few weeks ago. The inclusion of Miss Egypt Nancy Magdy did surprise me especially since there are a lot of other candidates that are clearly superior than her. Nancy also sported a body that defies the conventional.

Miss Zambia
Miss Zambia

Many critics also slammed Miss Earth for ignoring the black candidates although Miss Zambia Cartier Zagorski is bi-racial (her father is Polish). My opinion is that each candidate should be judged by her merits and not by her skin color. A pageant should not be compelled to include a black candidate for the sake of it. It should be based on her overall performance. I don’t think that implementing some sort of affirmative action in the world of pageantry is very healthy. And one should take note that racism is a two way street.

But back to the usual trio – Venezuela, Brazil and the Philippines. Let it be known that the three ladies, Miss Venezuela Maira Alexandra Rodríguez, Miss Brazil Letícia Silva and Miss Philippines Jamie Herrell all deserve to be in the semis based on my opinion. While Missosology did point out the obvious in our controversial editorial, the critics are indeed correct in saying that in Miss Universe, the trio had been in the Top 5 for already two years in a row! So clearly, Venezuela, Brazil and the Philippines are the superpower beauty countries these days as based on the trends. And Miss Earth is simply one of the venues wherein these three countries are flexing their beauty pageant muscles.

Generally, the swimsuit and gown competition at the Miss Earth 2014 finals came and went without much fuzz. Of course, I am still upset that Miss Egypt Nancy Magdy came out to the stage with a not-so-shapely body. Miss Spain Zaira Bas, who is the Missosology’s Choice winner, was clearly a front-runner but I think she overdid it both in swimsuit and in gown. Those unnecessary moves did take its toll on her scores.

The Top 8 was great and I love to see countries such as Mongolia and Slovak Republic making it to the next level of the competition. Indeed, Miss Mongolia Tugsuu Idersaikhan and Miss Slovak Republic Dária Fabrici brought honors to their respective nations for landing this far in a Big4 pageant. It generated a lot of interest in their nations that are usually oblivious to pageants and it is good in overall to the world of pageantry.

The critics of Miss Earth have sharpened their pitchforks but there is no denying that it is still one of the Top 4 pageants in the world

The competition moved all along with the interview round. This is one of the weakest point of Miss Earth and that is largely due to the incompetent translators that botched up the answers of several front-runners. I personally think that this segment should be axed if Miss Earth can’t provide a proper translation service.

As it turns out, Miss Earth managed to provide decent translators for Spanish-speaking Venezuela and Spain and – to my delight – a good translator for the Mongolian, Russian and Slovakian languages. But why on earth can’t they provide a professional translator that spoke perfect Portuguese? Instead, Miss Switzerland Shayade Hug provided a rough translation of what Letícia has to say. There is no doubt that this is the lowest point of the evening for the Miss Earth pageant.

Miss Switzerland, right, roughly translated Miss Brazil’s answer

After the Q&A, both Miss USA and Miss Philippines gave strong answers and this is not just because they are the only ones who spoke English. However, I believe that it would have been a better idea if Venezuela or Russia took the lead.

And so, the Philippines took its second Miss Earth crown. A deep analysis of the pageant shows that Jamie Herrell deserves her victory. It is however easy to simply have a snapshot of the results and declare the whole pageant as a farce. The critics of Miss Earth have sharpened their pitchforks but there is no denying that it is still one of the Top 4 pageants in the world.

Meanwhile, the Philippines cemented its status as a superpower. One should not ignore this undeniable fact despite the overwhelming influence of the country on the pageant. It is also great to see the pageant improving in terms of production and venue and I am looking forward to see it being held overseas. I am also optimistic that countries such as Zambia or Mongolia or Slovak Republic will bring in better candidates in the future and it would be great to see them winning the pageant.



  1. Your analysis is Spot on. Very true indeed. I do belive Philipines deserved the crown but somehow the results seemed very boring. India and Kenya’s exclusion was a suprise. There are many contestants that were worthy to be in the top 16, if given a chance they would have shined and propbaly given the top 4 a though compettition.Anyways Philipines won and she deserved it. You forgot about Yahoo poll.

  2. Can you provide us with your opinion for the result of Miss Intercontinental 2014? I believe that Kris Tiffany should have placed higher. I felt something went wrong with the result. I found the Thai weak in her q&a yet she was proclaimed as the winner.

  3. I love this analysis. It is always better to provide reasons for what you claim instead of bashing people with different opinions. Thank you Ric!

  4. Everybody is entitled to her/his opinion but one thing is sure we can easily pin point any thing that we see that is disgusting or unappealing. We have prejudices and it affects how we see things. To have judgment we must take consideration of the facts and realities. When the Philippines won, can we validate why she win? Yes we can…She won because she has something that took her to the top. Let’s analyze every detail of the contest OBJECTIVELY….Many accused the Miss Earth Organization of being BIASED but hey SHOW proof? it doesn’t mean that we have set of FIlipino judges will make Miss Philippines the Winner…just take a look at the situation. Controversies are inevitable but Let us show support to who ever WIN…Miss Philippines DESERVEs the Title. Try to read the article it is double edged sword….try to be nice but saying that hey Philippines dont actually deserve it could have been blah blah blah…..Experts are experts….judges are judges…..winners are winners….We can’t deny that FACT! (dont be rude to be nice) Filipinos are nice but don’t mess with us we might bite you to death! wahahahhaa PEACE!!!

  5. Miss Philippines wan again, she is really a hot girl, but….this is a Philippino beauty pagent, I am sorry the organizers of Miss Philippines are not impartial as Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International, this is why alwyas the girls from Philippines are always favorite, I am sure the next year Philippines will win again if the pagent doesn’t come international minded.

  6. Well, all I have to say is… I’m so sorry for Miss Brazil ): It’s a shame that the Miss Earth organization couldn’t provide a translator for Miss Brazil… And what a mean host! The guy who was presenting the peagent just took the microphone off from Letícia and she wasn’t able to finish her answer! She was clearly waiting for Miss Switzerland to translate what she was saying, and then she prentended to complete her speech, but the guy thought she finished answering the question and took the microphone off Letícia’s hands. This was so unfair ): Miss Brazil was clearly sad with what was happening… And Miss Switzerland did a great job by helping Miss Brazil, but OMG she translated both question and answer completely wrong!

    • Yes, Miss Brazil lost her momentum to shine during the live Q & A portion & the organization was solely to blame indeed. Truly the lowest point of Miss Earth 2014 (despite the grand effort to level up) & a valuable lesson for this pageant to learn from. Miss Brazil’s interpreter was fellow Brazillian Miss Earth 20?? Priscilla Meirelles who was not able to make it in time for the live event. It wasn’t Ms. Meirelles intention to cause her fellow Brazilian a crown for their country, it’s just that she was caught in traffic, but it still doesn’t give Carousel an excuse. Situations like this should have been anticipated by the organizers especially during a live event. Anyway, if the situation could have been different, Miss Earth 2014 would still be the Philippines based on Jamie Herrell’s straightforward answer & overall performance, but then again, a 1-2-3 finish by the usual suspects & always pageant-ready trio of the Philippines, Venezuela & Brazil would not sit well to many pageant observers especially with that one writer from Missosology who have critically pointed it out. The point to all of this is, either way, Miss Earth would still not avoid controversy if the situation took the right turn. To conclude, it would be interesting to point out that as of present count, the usual suspects are tied with 2 Miss Earth titles each–something that writer would love to nitpick with.

    • Miss Philippines

      Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Maria Diaz
      Miss Universe 1973 Maria Margarita Moran
      Miss Universe 1999 Miriam Quiambao (4th Runner up)
      Miss Universe 2000 Venuz Raj (4th Runner Up)
      Miss Universe 2011 Shamcey Supsup (3rd Runenr up)
      Miss Universe 2012 Janine Marie Tugonon (1st Runner up)
      Miss Universe 2013 Ariella Arida (3rd Runner Up)
      Miss Universe 2014 Mary jean Lastimosa (Top 10)

      Miss International 1964 Gemma Cruz
      Miss International 1970 Aurora Pijuan
      Miss International 1979 Mimilanie Marquez
      Miss International 2005 Precious lara Quigaman
      Miss International 2013 Bea Santiago

      Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Fontiveros Datul

      Miss World 1973 Evangeline Pascual (1st Runenr Up)
      Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young
      Miss World 1993 Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez (2bd Princess)
      Miss World 2003 Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon (4th Runner Up)
      Miss World 2004 Maria Karla Rabanal Bautista

      Miss earth 2008 Karla Paula Ginteroy Henry
      Miss earth 2914 Jamie del Rosario Herrell

      Miss Asia 1948 – Jane Mozo De Goya (3rd Runner up)
      Miss Asia 1979 – Alice Tiongson Crisostomo (1st Runenr up)
      Miss Asia 1971 – Carolyn Gomora Masibay (1st Runner Up)
      Miss Aisa 1972 – Yvette Marie Alfon (1st Runner up)
      Miss Asia 1962 – Maria Maripola Penson (2nd Runner up)
      Miss Asia 1976 – Baby Delgado (2nd runner up)
      Miss Asia 1977 – Rio Diaz (4th Runner up)
      Miss Asia 1978 – Epifania Lagman (1st Runner Up)
      Miss Asia 1979 – Lorraine Schuck (1st Runner Up)
      Miss Asia 1980 – Rosemarie de Vera (1st Runner Up)
      Miss Asia 1982 – Carines Saragoza (WINNER)
      Miss Asia 1983 – Bong Dimayacyac (WINNER)
      Miss Asia 2005 – Jedah Hernandez (4th Runner Up)

  7. First of all, we would like to congratulate the deserving Jamie Herrell for bagging the crown for the Philippines. She was the candidate to beat from the getgo. The night belonged to her as she stood out the fairest of them all from the opening to the crowning finale. Yes, there were a number of ladies that stood out with her, but none could parallel her air of confidence with that enthusiastic charm & smile. If there was a clear homecourt advantage, this was that, brought about by the overwhelming all-out support by her countrymen. She certainly was really looking ‘feeling at home’ & having lots of fun on that stage. This was the ‘unfair’ advantage she had from the other candidates, that’s why we think it best for Miss Earth to look into holding the pageant outside the Philippines next year & in future editions. With all that said, Jamie Herrell truly deserved her moment of genuine orgasmic triumph just as Karla Henry did in 2008. Both showed genuine enthusiasm for Miss Earth’s cause which the organization was looking for. As it was heard, in order for one the reach orgasm, one has to show genuine enthusiasm is the name of this pageant’s game. Both beauty & brains from the Queen City of the South, Cebu.

    • All of the international pageants have difficulty in finding a host country every year. I hope it will be held outside the Philippines next year.

  8. I finally saw the TFC edited delayed telecast of the live event of Miss Earth 2014 on my DVR. I thought I was going to be disappointed, but to my pleasant surprise, I was so impressed of the whole presentation. Watching the show from the opening number to the closing, felt like I was watching a totally different pageant. Not quite the copycat, it almost was like Miss Universe. Gone was that cheapy feel that we’ve experienced from previous editions, especially the outdoor swimming pool venue editions of the last 2 years. Could it be? Is Miss Earth coming full circle, evolving to be more and more like her big sisters, Miss Universe & Miss World? The whole production was done with taste & it didn’t came off looking budgeted. The choice of music & choreography was impeccable and totally entertaining. The three hosts added pizzazz. Miss Earth should keep them for next & future installments. Not that winning wasn’t enough to be proud of, this would have been the edition previous winners wished they were part of. It was good enough to see the lovely Alyz Henrich graced the opening. She really stood out as the reigning queen. She truly deserved a production like this. Jamie Herrell is one lucky hometown girl indeed. The only pitfall of the show was the no-show of Miss Brazil’s interpreter. I guess things like this happens every now and then in a live show. The organization should learn from this. I felt for Justin Bratton as he sheepishly said, “I felt smaller” in clear embarassment after Miss Brazil’s turn. Apparently he is no Bob Barker, but overall he did quite well, more than the previous hosts Miss Earth hired in the past editions. Justin, Joey Mead King & that other host are a keeper. To grade this edition, I’d say I’d give it a B+. Congratulations Carousel! Keep up the good work but avoid the pitfalls, then perhaps you’ll get a perfect grade next time.

    • The unedited Rappler version is far better than the TFC edited version. The swimsuit & evening gown portions of the competition was unnecessarily hurried in the TFC version & the question & answer portion was heavily edited, omitting interesting quips from the host. But wait, you probably saw the Rappler version coz the part where Justin Bratton embarassly commented, “I think I got shorter” was taken out in the TFC version. I agree with you that he is no Bob Barker. The unforgettable Miss Universe host would have handled the situation well. The Price Is Right anchor would have taken a pause & asked if there was anyone in the audience who can interpret Miss Brazil’s answer.

  9. Wow congratulations to Jamie and the Philippines. Well deserved winning. Hope to see more miss Philippines beauties wins forward in all competitions.

  10. Listen, I am not going to demean Miss Philippines or their loyal fan base, but can you honestly look at the photo in this write up with Puerto Rico and the Philippines next to each other and justify Miss Philippines being crowned and Miss Puerto Rico not even placing? We are all entitled to our opinion, of course, but in my eyes Miss Puerto Rico is not only prettier, but she was much more charismatic, poised, and alluring than Miss Philippines. Yet Miss Philippines won and Miss Puerto Rico did not even place? That being said, what is done is done. They are both very pretty young ladies and the Philippines did attempt to right whatever wrong may have been committed by calling Miss Puerto Rico back to the Philippines and signing her to one of the more lucrative cover girl contracts the nation has to offer.