Miss Earth 2014 7th Hot Picks


Miss Earth 2014 7th Hot Picks




  1. Of course Philippines is the number one, Miss Earth is a Philippinio beauty peagent,, the most partial beauaty peagent on Earth

      • Philippines will win this year, everybody knows that., Miss Earth is a Philippino beauty peagent, will be held in the Phiippines and the judges are 100% Philippino, so guess who will win? Miss Philippines, so you are the stupid

        • Have you tried watching international pageant? if so, where did you get the idea that if the competition is being held in particular country the judges will automatically 100% national of that country and eventually winner comes from the host country? Do you do the same in your country that’s why your using it as basis?

          Будьте благоразумны! быть справедливым в ваш комментарий

          • Hello, I don’t want to offend anyone, for sure Miss Pilippines is a beautiful girl, but don’t you think is a favoritism that every single year Miss Philippines is at least in the top 4? in Mexico the main beauty peagent is called Nuestra Belleza Mexico and they sponsor girls to Miss Universe, Miss World and Mis International, but they never do to Miss Earth because the favoritism issue, the girl comming from Mexico to Miss Earth came out from a minnor peagent , without any sponsor, no one saw her on TV, poor girl, if Miss EArth became impartial as Miss Universe for sure Nuestra Belleza Mexico will send a girl to Miss Earth, but sadly that is not the case

          • Mexico should not think that way. If Miss Philippines deserves to win then she will. If other country will win,if she deserves that then the same thing, We will be very happy for her. Judges have different TASTE so we have to trust them.

          • FYI MR. MEXICO, it seems that you are not watching miss earth,, the pageant has judges from different nations,, search in youtube so you will be enlightened,, besides last year Miss Philippines didnt place in the top 4,, watch your words because you’re such an embarrassment to your country…

          • Miss Earth is not broadcasted in Mexico because it is not sponsored by the main beauty peagent “Nuestra Belleza Mexico”, The girl from Mexico going to Miss Earth is not sponsored by Nuestra Belleza Mexico and she is paying everything by herself, she paid her airline ticket, poor girl!

          • You guys doesn’t respect foreigners point of view, I am telling you, it is not my fautl, in Mexico Miss Earth is a Philippino beauty peagent who favorises Miss Philippines, You guys think you are always right

          • Mr. Mexico,, just so you know, there is a Ms Earth Mexico Pageant and for sure the organizers of that pageant would pay for all the expenses,, what is the pageant for if they will make the candidate pay,, besides its an international pageant,,, no one will join them if they do that,, you are an idiot mr mexico,, no offense but its true..

          • You are the idiot. This is a proof that you guys are all brain washed, you don’t accept foreigners point of view, this is the best way to know what is going on in your country, asking foreigners is the best way, in Mexico the only valid international peagents are MU, MW and MI

          • Ok, believe what you want to believe.. I dont want to speak with a pebble minded guy like you. By the way, are you eally a guy? I thought you’re gay.

          • Hello, I am not gay, but I respect Gay people. In my case, I like women very much, including Philippine girls, all races are beautiful,, that is why it is a Little disappointed Miss Earth favorises Philippino girls because other countries deserves also an opportunity and I hope you guys come more open minded. If you are gay I have no problems with that, I respect you.

          • Mr Mexico, All pageants has that in town favoritism, but in our time it was being discouraged by all the pageant organizers and all the organizations, having a favorite is the nature of all humans, we know that you have favorites too, you cant blame the people and give those impressions or insights especially in a very popular forum like missosology. You should just confine your demands and just watch in the developments of the pageant industry, we respect your insights so try to respect also the organizers of Miss Earth, I am an avid fan of the Pageant world especially the big 4 pageant and I’ve seen that favoritsm doesnt only happen in Miss Earth, all the pageants have that controversy, but the thing that we must do is just to accept and be sports. Let’s be the power of the winners, because they needs our support.

          • I am married to a beautiful woman who participated in Miss Mexico some years ago, if I were Gay what is the problem?, but I am not, I have no prejudices, I think you are Gay, but what is teribe is that you are a very short minded person who doesn’t watch futher than your noise, I advice you to travell, read, study, and to accept your homosexuality

          • Isn’t it offending that you are accused of issues with NO BASIS?

            Where did you get the idea that every single year, Ms. Philippine is the top 4?

            FYI Mr. Mexico, in the 13 years of the Ms. Earth pageant, Miss Philippines got 1 title, 4 runners up and 8 yrs unplaced.

            It’s your countries prerogative not to send representative .but if that will be the case your country will never have the chance to win the title. Right?

          • Mexico has two Miss Universe and two Miss International, and the girl for Miss World is a very strong candidate, do you know why??? becasue Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International show not favoritism to any country, so enjoy your fake moment when Miss Philippines wins or at least is in the top 4 of Miss Earth

          • That’s the reason why Philippines has 2 Miss Universe, 5 Miss International, 1 Miss World ( as you said these pageant doesn’t have favoritism) and 1 Miss Earth winner. And I can’t see any reason why they will not get another 1 miss earth this year.

            Accuse Ms. earth of favoring Philippines, if they don’t have Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International in the record.

            Study your piece before sharing it.

          • After the placement of the Filipino girl in 2012 everything is possible. That girl was not really beautiful