Miss Earth 2015 in Vienna, Austria?

Vienna, aerial view at night, with danube and cityscape

Rumors are swirling in the vine that the next edition of Miss Earth is heading for Europe. The top brass of Miss Earth Organization and Carousel Productions were seen lately with smiling faces as they dine and tour the Austrian capital city of Vienna. While no official announcement was given, there is a persistent rumor that indeed, Miss Earth 2015 will be in Vienna as the head of Miss Earth Austria also visited one of the leading TV stations in the Austria.

This year, the Big4 pageants will be held in the following locations: Tokyo (Miss International), Sanya (Miss World) while Bogota is rumored to be hosting the Miss Universe pageant. Among the Big4 pageants, Miss Earth is relatively the earliest in holding its pageant outside its home city – in 2010 in Vietnam. Plans to hold the pageant in Chile and Thailand were shelved after the Chilean organizing committee failed to met the criteria in time and when Thailand was inundated with heavy floods.

Vienna, aerial view at night, with danube and cityscape