The 22-year-old Mirka Cabrera, representing El Oro province, was crowned Miss World Ecuador 2016 by her predecesor, María Camila Marañón, and will compete in the upcoming 66th Miss World edition to take place in Washington D.C.

Sharon Maldonado (Galápagos) and Andrea Villacres (Guayas) ended up as first and second princess, respectively.

The top 5 was completed with Lissette Sánchez (Bolivar) and Andrea Pendolema (Los Rios).

The special awards were for María Teresa Espinoza (Azuay) – Miss Talent;   Andrea Pendolema (Los Rios) – Miss Dance of the World; Andrea Villacres (Guayas) – Miss Beauty with a Purpose; Lissette Sánchez (Bolivar) – Miss Friendship.

Only 11 contestants competed, due that a week prior to finals, María José Villacis from Imbabura province, left the contest for health issues.

A new crown was introduced for this edition; the previous one was publicly granted to the Miss World Ecuador 2015 as a gift of recognition for her excellent performance throughout her reign.

In last year´s edition of Miss World, Ecuador was the 2nd most voted online and reached the top 20 on finals. / José Antonio Coronel for Missosology





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