MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013 –  SOUTH AFRICA (Cindy Rosslind) –  It’s about time to finally crown an African this year!  It’s been long overdue, and with only four delegates from the proverbial “black” continent this year, they have at least sent top caliber delegates who are worthy of a placement.  And, it would be perfect to crown someone who came from the country of the late Nelson Mandela, and it’s not because of him, but in a matter of perfect timing, this progressive country has sent a beautiful, eloquent, soft spoken and humble delegate in the name of Cindy Rosslind.  It would be hard to miss this exotic beauty who exudes a positive aura everytime she is arouund you.    It does not come all the time that Africa is well-represented by great delegates, headed by Cindy, so please, don’t miss this chance to finally bring this 53-year-old pageant into the next level.

1st RUNNER-UP – ICELAND (Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir) – Many people may thought that she has faded away in the middle of the competition, but hell no!  Sigrun is a major contender and she pulled out her strengths when they mattered the most.  This tall and lovely blonde is listening very well to her critiques, and she has been stepping up her game eversince.  She can be a worthy winner as well, so this position just suits her well.

2nd RUNNER-UP – NETHERLANDS (Nathalie den Deker) – We have explained Nathalie’s strengths several times in this forum, so for the benefit of those who have not known yet, Nathalie is a actually an aspiring lawyer with a GPA of 4.0 at the prestigious University of Utrecht.   With her extraordinary beauty and intelligence, where else can she go wrong?

4.  SWEDEN  (Eleonore Lilja) – This sweet-looking Stockholm gal has kept her front-runner status, and such attention towards a Swedish delegate has never happened in Miss International for such a long time.  Eleonore is one very memorable delegate, and we certainly hope that she places high in the finals later in Tokyo!

5.  PUERTO RICO (Ashley Beth Perez) – This very eloquent Boricua has a number of admirers here in Japan. Her captivating smile, gorgeous face and friendliness are three of the characters that made her one of the five front runners at this year’s competition.   Among the Latinas, she is indeed the strongest delegate, and her previous pageant experiences have certainly help her to grow.

The rest of the Top 15 are composed of the deleagtes from India (6) and the Philippines (7), who are two of the most talked about deleagtes in the Missosology Forum.  Gurleen Grewal of India is poised to bring India’s first ever Miss International crown, and a lot of people believe that she deserves it so.  Bea Rose Santiago, on the otherhand, has bounced back and is ready to make a strong showing at tonight’s final show!  If you heard her speech during the International Forum, you would understand why this woman can be a great spokesperson for the MIO.  At No. 8 is Reilly Mboumba Makaya of Gabon, who is another African whom a lot of Missosologists believe is worthy of winning their continent’s first ever Miss International crown.  During the pageant activities, she has shown a lot of class and grace, and the fact is, she is really determined to make a strong impact at this year’s pageant as evidenced by her constant communication with the people who are knowledgable about Miss International.  Meanwhile at No. 9 is Paraguay’s Maria Marta Raviolo, who is, by far, the most beautiful South American delegate this year, and is one who is capable of speaking both English and Spanish during the course of teh pageant.  Well, who knows if she can speak another one?   Tunisia’s Sondes Zamouri is at No. 10.  One follower of this pageant is crazy over her beauty, and she has made a lot of people in Japan turn their heads on her whenever she passes by.  That’s the kind of aura she magnifies in real life!

Brazil (11) and Japan (12) are represented by Cristina Alives and Yukiko Takahashi, respectively.  Both are pegged to do well on the finals night due to their wonderful personality and unique beauty.  Venezuela’s Elian Herrera is at No. 13.  Although  a lot of people may have criticized her looks on still shots, this sweet and down-to-earth Amazon beauty is actually one of the nicest and friendliest delegates this year.  The American delegate, Andrea Neu, is pegged at No. 14.  Her magnetic eyes and effortless beauty are truly mesmerizing, especially in person!  Aside from that, she is very well-spoken and with a good grip of her audience when she speaks.  And at No. 15 is Indonesia, Marisa Sartika, sho is also another tall beauty who is always very polite and courteous to whomever she meets.

Mexico, Estonia, Suriname, Macau and Poland are on the bubbling up list, and are all credited for their strong showing all throughout the pageant activities.