The twitter-verse in the Latin American region lit up yesterday when there was a heated exchange of tweets between the famous National Director of Mexico Lupita Jones and her Miss Universe candidate for 2013 Cynthia Duque.


In August 20, Lupita allegedly complained the lack of commitment from her beauty queen. She allegedly tweeted, “Contra la falta de compromiso seriedad y ganas no hay nada que hacer” A day later, Cynthia allegedly challenged Lupita to dethrone her by tweeting, “Sinceramente, si me quieren destituir que lo hagan!!!” Both now denies that the tweets came from them and that it came from fake accounts.

Lupita has to face a lot of challenges involving the actions and attitudes of her beauty queen. In 1999, Lynette Delgado Gastélum resigned after believing she deserves more than just being a Miss International representative. In 2011, Cynthia de la Vegas has to be removed from Miss World Mexico designation after her lack of commitment. The biggest story however was in 2009 when Laura Zuñiga was caught with her gangster boyfriend forcing Lupita to cancel her supposed Miss International participation.