Hours before the Miss Supranational 2016 finals night kicked off, Missosology sounded the alarm that Miss Ecuador may not be one of the semifinalists. As the words were written in the final hot picks describing Maria Isabel as a heavy favorite before the arrival yet lacked the energy and positive vibes that were essential during the pageant activities, it was actually a solemn death knell for what was thought a campaign for crown full of pizazz and life.



Maria Isabel Pineyro represents the delegates of today and yesteryears who elicited great curiosity from pageant enthusiasts in their formative years yet succumb to the intense pressure of the competition. Her story is a strong reminder to anyone out there who yearns for a major international crown that in most cases, a pageant is a marathon not a mad 100-meter dash. Anyone who does not reserve their best weapons when it matters the most is bound to fail.


If only Maria Isabel Pineyro were there in the semis, she could have posed a serious threat to any of the frontrunners. This, after considering that the results was truly a great surprise. As the Miss Supranational 2016 rolls into the final stretch, it was basically anybody’s game. After her good run even before she steps afoot in Poland, Maria Isabel simply lost steam. She won the hearts and minds of the people but not the judges and needless to say, it was the judges who matter the most.


Yet another story where the same lesson was learnt. Sure, it pays a lot to create some noise and interest to a candidate months before the competition. But it is a wild world of pageantry out there. What was used to be a solemn and respectable celebration of beauty and intelligence has now turned into a jungle where only the fittest where survive. Credit of course must be given to the internet and the social media. However, let’s not forget the lesson – at this time and age, in beauty pageants, stealth has become the best weapon.