María Belén Jerez Spuler off to Las Vegas representing Chile

María Belén Jerez Spuler

Post Miss International 2015, Chile maintained its Big4 Ranking of 42 but the general trend is really going down. In 2011, the country is ranked 41st. At Miss Universe, Chile had decent placement and it is one of the visible countries in the semis. Of course, everyone knew that Chile has one Miss Universe but since Uranía Haltenhoff was one of the Top 10 semifinalists in 1990, everything went downhill.

No Chilean beauty has ever placed in the Miss Universe semis since 1991. The only exception was in 2004 when Gabriela Barros placed as on of the Top 15 finishers. This year, Chile will be represented by María Belén Jerez Spuler. The 5’10.5″ tall beauty with a curvaceous body and elegant face will try to resurrect the hopes and aspiration of the Chilean people at Miss Universe. Based on the photos, do you think she will make it to the semis and even the crown?

María Belén Jerez Spuler
María Belén Jerez Spuler