Denmark wins Mr World 2014


Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark  wins Mr. World 2014 “The search for  the World’s Most Desirable Man!” in Torbay, England, United Kingdom. 15th of June 2014.  Congratulations!


MR WORLD 2014 – Denmark (Nicklas Pedersen)

1st Runner up – Nigeria – Emmanuel Ikubese

2nd Runner up – Mexico – José Pablo Minor

145Nicklas Pedersen left reacts from Denmark after winning the title of Mr World 2014.



top 10 finalist

Top 10 Finalist
Ukraine – Bohdan Yusypchuk
England – Jordan Williams
Puerto Rico – Alberto Martínez
Mexico – José Pablo Minor
India – Prateik Jain
Nigeria – Emmanuel Ikubese
Denmark – Nicklas Pedersen
Curacao – Zuemarik Veeris
Moldova – Valeriu Gutu
Netherlands – Demian Overduijn


2014 style Award Winner

Winner – Nigeria


Sports Challenge

Winner – Denmark (Nicklas Pedersen)

Runner ups – Bahamas & Peru


Talent Challenge

Winner – Curacao (Zuemarik Veeris)


Extreme Challenge

Winner – Moldova (Valeriu Gutu)



Winner – Netherlands (Demian Overduijn)

2nd: India (Prateik Jain)
3rd: Denmark (Nicklas Pedersen)








  1. Mr world Denmark deserves the title, he almost won all the fast track titles and proves that he is capable of being the worlds most desirable man. Mr. World is not just about looks or being good in speaking tons of language, its about showcasing the whole package.

    Last night when the top 10 was announced, a lot of people were not satisfied on the results, the winner of the talent competition is not deserving for the title and most of the viewers liked the performance of Netherlands. Yes there will be a lot of criticisms for the panel of judges but at the end of the day, the judges knows best, they are the ones who knows what a real man beauty is, it is not about the looks alone but instead the inner and outer capability of a man which makes him exceptional from the others. Denmark is the most exceptional man last night, he is the one who has the greatest impact and for that I congratulate him.

    One thing about last nights pageant, the bad factor is choosing female judges to seat on the table. It is just a suggestion to the Mr World Organization, why not choose the former Mr worlds to judge the panel, they have the expertise upon choosing the best, considering the looks and the overall capability of an aspirant. But over-all, the Mr World Organization has a great job last night, and I raise my glass for the whole committee, may you continue to inspire more males to join and showcase themselves with pride and honor. You’ve once again proved that Mr World “The Search for the Most Desirable Man” is truly the most prestigious male pageant in the whole world.

  2. asan na yung mga pinoy na kung makapanglait sa ibang contestant e abot hanggang kangit?! ang yayabang kasi kapag panalo, ayun di man lang pumasok si mr philippines kahit sa top 10 man lang! nganga tuloy sila! lol

    • she is an american ….you actually think she will stick around in that dump site country of yours after her reign is over? she was just using your country as it was an easy passage for her enter a pageant with less or substandard rivals.