Catriona Gray is Miss World Philippines 2016



Crowning moment of Catriona Gray, Miss World Philippines 2016. Outgoing queen Hillarie Parungao passed her national title to Catriona.


Final results: Miss World Philippines 2016 final results- Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray, 1st Princess: Arienne Calingo, 2nd Princess: Ivanna Pacis, 3rd Princess: Marah Muñoz, 4th princess: Sandra Lemonon



The Top 5 in Gown

Marah Muñoz8

Sandra Lemonon12 Ivanna Kamil Pacis9

Arienne Louise Calingo

Arienne Louise Calingo

Catriona Gray10

Miss World Philippines 2016 Top 5:

Sandra Lemonon, Arienne Louise Calingo, Marah Muñoz, Ivanna Kamil Pacis and Catriona Gray


Miss World Philippines 2016 Top 12:

No. 7: Sarah Margarette F. Joson
No. 5 Arienne Louise Braga Calingo
No.13 Catriona Gray
No. 2 Shena Saldivar
No. 24 Yuri Yu Caunca
No. 21 Marah Muñoz
No.12 Arah Alvero Salientes
No. 23 Ralph Lauren Asuncion
No. 8 Sandra Lemonon
No. 18 Ivanna Pacis
No. 4 Alyana Kagandahan
No. 10 Kristine Lopez6


No. 8 Sandra Lemonon during the swimsuit contest5

3 4The hosts of the evening Gwendoline Ruais, Richard Gutierrez and Queenierich Rehman
2Irina Garcia Cortez, Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray and Sarah Margarette F. Joson during the opening number1


  1. Really beautiful! I hope she wins the Miss World crown for the Philippines again this year! Go Catriona! Go Philippines! (She seems to look like Lana del Rey in many pictures.) 🙂