Estrella Mauritius, the new Miss Universe franchise holder for Mauritius has chosen Kushboo Ramnawaj to represent Mauritius at the 2016 Miss Universe pageant.

“The decision to send Kushboo to Miss Universe 2016 has been unanimous at Estrella Mauritius and we believe that she will be a wonderful representative promoting Estrella Mauritius, Mauritius and its people on such a big scale,” Estrella Mauritius said in a statement. “For us, Kushboo represents the ethos of Miss Universe Organization: she is a young empowered woman and is confidently beautiful.”

Press conference: introducing Kushboo Ramnawaj as Miss Universe Mauritius 2016.

Kushboo is 26 years old and is a native of Rivière du Poste. She was supposed to represent her country at last year’s Miss Universe, but was replaced because of a disagreement with the former franchise holder.

“After meeting and chatting with Kushboo, we saw the potential in her to promote our brand internationally and her dream to compete at Miss Universe. We had sent a proposal to the Miss Universe Organization and we are thrilled by their decision to allow Kushboo to participate,” Estrella Mauritius said.