Aruba isn’t exactly a beauty superpower nation. It occupies the 69th place at the Big5 Ranking which is one rank lower compared to its neighbor Curaçao. While it is true that the country is yet to win the Miss Universe crown, several Aruban beauty queens had left their indelible mark at the pageant. Think about Maureen Ava Vieira, Taryn Mansell and most recently, Thessaly Zimmerman.

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This year, Aruba will be represented at Miss Universe by Kiara Arends. The 23 year old model who is pursuing a degree in international law was crowned in a special ceremony by the outgoing queen Thessaly Zimmerman. During the crowning, she wore a gown with multi-colored skirt which represents the racial diversity in her country and a bodice adorned with crystals representing the rays of the sun.

Kiara Arends is 5’9″ tall and can speak English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Papiamento. She runs a charity organizations who help mothers tackle the ill-effects of the pandemic.