Jeannie Mai :: 2011-2014



She told us that yellow is the color of joy and celebration and that anything red is Jessica Rabbit. Jeannie Mai, whose usefulness at Miss USA and Miss Universe was once questioned by Missosology, was recently the symbol of #hateTrump but #savethesash movement. Her job as a commentator in both pageants has a personal touch to it. She gets to interview the girls up close and that she delved into their opinions and feelings. She is far more hands-on in screening the girls than any celebrity judges would.

A daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant who escaped the tyranny of communism, Jeannie was hurt by Donald Trump’s comments that disparaged those who came to America to seek shelter from the harsh realities of their homelands. Yet because her job allowed her to personally interact with the women who compete at Miss USA and Miss Universe, she refused to quit. She said it’s all about the girls and brushed aside the political side of things. But with Trump calling the reigning Miss Universe Paulina Vega as hypocrite, a raw nerve was touched. For Jeannie Mai, it was the last straw.


  1. Hi everyone especially to Missosology.. Honestly, I cried because Miss Universe had turned into a game show that everyone hates… I watched Miss Usa and Miss Universe since I could remember… I am from Malaysia.. I am currently in USA pursuing my studies.. I always dream to work with Donald Trump because of his words that inspires people… But, when he mentioned about hispanic people, I cried because I realized how fuck he is… I love Miss Universe so much… But then, I decided to stop my dreams to work with him.. The reason was he doesn’t appreciate the people that have work with him.. I love Mexican people.. They’re really nice people.. So I decided to banish him from my lofe forever.. But still I love Miss Universe… Go Paulina, keep the crown..

  2. This Donald Dump should really shot himself now to make sense of his life. He is a useless troll who can’t control his cunt mouth from spewing hate words and using poor people to further his forgettable career.

    • i agree 100% with you…keep it up…if you trained the pinoy enough, they will do the dirty job for you…they are like dogs (which they are!)…