How Jamie Herrell became Miss Earth 2014



 Jamie was crowned as the queen of a local carnival

At the conclusion of Miss Earth 2014 pageant, some detractors of the pageant began circulating a video clip from the live stream claiming that the eventual winner, Jamie Herrell was left standing after the coronation without any single fellow contestant congratulating her. While it can’t be said anymore frequently that a local candidate winning a pageant can raise a lot of eyebrows, the video clip someone is insinuating that not only the results are questionable but also raises doubts about the true attitude and persona of Jamie.


Jamie Herrell was born in the United States to an American father and a Filipina mother but raised in the central Philippine city of Cebu. She proudly called that city, which is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, as her home. Despite of having an American background living in a nation that is so obsessed with anything American, she kept her feet on the ground and lived a normal and happy life.


The beauty of Jamie was a standout even in her adolescent years. But the young Jamie maintained her humble ways and friendly demeanor. She studied in a Christian school, which heavily influenced a lot on how she dealt with other people. Always an engaging friend, she is very accommodating even to strangers.


Her path to Miss Earth was reinforced by her participation in various beauty pageants in her country. She won the crown during a beauty pageant for her city’s carnival and participated in the nationals where she won. She dreamed of representing not only her city but her country as well but her first participation at a pageant called Mutya ng Pilipinas was a failure. Jamie was not even one of the semifinalists.



Jamie proudly represented her home city of Cebu at the nationals

Undeterred, Jamie joined the Miss Earth Philippines pageant representing the City of Cebu. She triumphed, thus earning the right to become the host contestant of the Miss Earth 2014 pageant. Jamie’s beauty was a stand out at the very beginning of the pageant. She was voted as the favorite of the press and while critics would claim favoritism, Jamie kept her cool and sunny disposition. Jamie’s victory at Miss Earth was heavily criticized by some of the pageant observers abroad. For them, a Filipina winner in the Philippine soil on a Filipino run pageant is very fishy. It solidified their profound belief that somehow Miss Earth is a sham pageant that has already a history of an explosive scandal.


The young Jamie

Thus the real purpose of the video clip showing that allegedly, the other candidates did not congratulate Jamie, is to discredit Miss Earth. Of course the truth begs to disagree with what these detractors are trying to insinuate. A day later after the clip circulated in the social media, several photos and videos showed up that Jamie was actually very much well congratulated by her fellow contestants. In one video clip, Miss Netherlands Talisa Wolters was seen kissing and hugging Jamie. Then Talisa turned to the press cameras and told the world that the new Miss Earth is a deserving winner and recounted the reasons as to why. What Talisa inadvertently did was telling the world the secret of Jamie’s success – a true and humble heart that simply prevails over negativity and destructive criticisms.



For winning her country’s second Miss Earth crown, Jamie was honored in both the lower and upper chamber of the Philippine congress

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    • Hey! How dare you say that? Come to think about it? When was the last time the Philippines got the crown? It was six years ago, and there were only 2 Filipinas who won the title. U know what, before you say anything, you must think first, it seems that your just having a little narriw brain and mind about things. Remember that not all things in the world is in your favor. By the way, even if your opinion is stupid enough, i will respectit because thats what you think but please do solemnly discern on my words. Amen.

    • Be respectful please. You are insulting the decision of the judges, all of whom are persons of integrity. With their standing in society , I will never believe that they will barter their good name just to favor one candidate.

  1. WRONG ENTRY IN THE ARTICLE: Jamie Herrell was never a candidate of Mutya Ng Pilipinas. She was one of the 20 candidates of Miss Resort World 2003 but did not make in the top 5.

  2. Personally, I really wanted USA to nail this be the certified Big 4 grandslam winner it deserved to be, but this girl, fair & square, really brought it home. It would have been easy, and to the pageant’s advantage if USA won for the instant global promotional reason but good for Miss Earth for not being easily swayed into the quick business side of things but giving it instead to the deserving winnner even if it meant unavoidably brushing with controversy that always come along when the host country wins a contest as subjective as a beauty pageant. The Philippines is an Asian country, and Asians are known to be hospitable, but Filipinos are not like the Japanese who are too giving to overtly long-overdue-ly deprived themselves from a well-deserved win in their own founded international pageant. Apparently this is a side of moderation we learned from the Americans in the 50 years we were under as a commonwealth nation. Even after the U.S. gave the Philippines independence, Filipinos, until now, pattern themselves in the American way of doing things (be it government, education or entertainment) but having a distinct Castilian Roman Catholic religiosity infused with enough Asian-Pacific idiosyncrasy in applying them.