The pageant was conducted Saturday night until the early hours of Sunday, May 22. Irma Miranda emerged as the overall winner and will be bestowed the title of Miss Universe Mexico 2022. She will compete at Miss Universe 2022 pageant. In the same contest, Itzia García was crowned as Mexicana Internacional 2022. She will compete at Miss International 2023 pageant.

Other big winners are Veronica Gamboa who was named Mexicana Latinoamericana 2022 and Diana Robles as Mexicana Hispanoamericana. The pageant night was marred with various errors and mistakes including wrong captions indicating the state represented by the candidates. The biggest oops moment however Mayra Valencia of Nueva Leon was mistakenly named – and crowned – as Mexicana International! When the error was spotted, she had to relinquish the crown to the true winner Itzia García.

Lupita Jones, Miss Universe 1991, is the organizers of Mexicana Universal pageant. Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete and Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza played as the hosts of the evening. Thirty two contestants from various Mexican states and cities including a representative from the Mexican community in the United States competed. This is the 4th edition of the Mexicana Universal pageant and has been pretty successful after Andrea Meza clinched the Miss Universe crown in 2020.

Irma Miranda (left) is Miss Universe Mexico 2022 while Itzia García (second from the right) is Miss International Mexico 2023

Mexico is one of the beauty pageant heavyweights boasting three Miss Universe crowns (1991, 2010, 2020), one Miss World crown (2018) and two Miss International crowns (2007, 2009). It is currently ranked 12th at the Big5 Ranking and is steadily rising after a series of recent Big5 victories.