ANALYSIS :: The Hungarian Games


Hungary, a small landlocked nation in central Europe, is a unique nation. Its language is distinct and bears little affinity to the language of nations around it. It was thought that Hungarians arrived in central Europe as a band of tribes originating on what is now southern Russia. As Hungarians struggled to settle in Europe, they were constantly being influenced by the forces around them – from the Latin Rome, the Greeks, the Anglo Saxon tribes up north and the Slavic people to the east and south. In modern times, Hungary for the early part, was under the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union. As a communist nation, it largely avoided beauty pageants and that continued to be so until the Iron Curtain finally collapsed.


In 1992, Hungary debuted at Miss Universe and it is nation that is struggling to understand what it takes to prepare a contestant at the beauty pageants. Hungarian women are one of the most beautiful in the world. There is a vast range of beauty types that the country can choose from thanks largely to the various races and cultures that shaped the nation. But despite of the inherent and intrinsic strength of the Hungarian women, they were largely unnoticed. Consider this, in Miss Universe 1994, Silvia Florian was ranked 25th and she was far remembered, more than anything else, as the woman to fetched the highest bid at gift auction thanks to her ceramic violin. Had the judges used the same standards that they are using today, she could have easily be in the semis or even in the Top 5. Look at her recent photos below. Sadly in 1990s, Miss Universe was giving great premium to intellect – women who answered smartly gets a lot of scores.



Thanks to their weak sash, inexperience, and the lingering effect of communism, Hungarian beauties were simply ignored at Miss Universe. In 2006, the big Hungarian break came in. Visibly shocked, Adrienn Bende, like the most of pageant observers, couldn’t believe that she was one of the Miss Universe semifinalists. Now an avid racer, Adrienn is the girl who is responsible for breaking that psychological barrier for Hungarian women. Adrienn’s strength is largely on her confident attitude and knowing how to project herself. Unfortunately, she failed to advance at the Top 10.



In 2008, the stunning blonde beauty Jázmin Dammak again made it to the semis of Miss Universe. She was actually a girl that could easily be the next Miss Universe. In the swimsuit round, she was ranked 12th and failed to be in the Top 10.  Jázmin has a phenomenal body but her greatest downfall is that she is simply an amateur at the catwalk. If she has been trained to walk properly and if she had been more knowledgeable on how to project herself, she could breeze through the Top 5. Her semis finish though was remarkable considering that she was not even in the radar of most pageant observers and missosologists.



The latest Hungarian beauty to land at the semis of Miss Universe is Agnes Konkoly. She is also the first ever Hungarian beauty to hurdle the first cut by making it to the Top 10. Agnes was simply brilliant at the swimsuit round and her body is simply phenomenal. Sadly, she did not really use a gown that can wow the judges and definitely, Agnes needs better projection skills.



Hungary indeed has a lot of wonderful women fitting to become the next Miss Universe. But the country is not upping the ante and keeps a safe game. Hungary should level up by training properly its girls especially on catwalk and how to properly project themselves onstage. The intrinsic beauties of Hungarian women are already top class but the problem lies on how to beautifully present it onstage for the judges to appreciate. The Hungarian national organization should invest in proper training. This is the only way for Hungary to be back on the game.



  1. Yes. Great article analysis. I suppose Hungary will send gorgeous and simply beautiful women as years pass by. With that, Hungary might have streaks or the nation is yet to capture its first Miss Universe crown at its year. Either way, we’ll never know for now.

  2. Hungary is doing okay. Better than its nearby countries like Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, and Bulgaria.

  3. “Sadly in 1990s, Miss Universe was giving great premium to intellect.” Why is this sad? Do you mean to say that giving importance to intelligence is a sad practice or view? What is sad is the view that it is sad to think highly of intelligence.

    Besides, the 90s produced really amazing Misses Universe, not only intelligent women but gorgeous as well.