Maybe it is indeed true that Miss Universe 2014 is cancelled or rather it will be on January 2015. Maybe it is true that the Mayor of Doral made some announcement but it is about hosting the Miss Universe 2015 which in many news report does not specify any date. In an ocean of maybes, one thing is for sure, the Miss Universe Organization is silent in all of these. Take for example in 2011 when so many rumours are swirling – Ximena Navarrete quickly tweeted the contract signing with the executives of Rede Bandeirantes. In 2012, we first saw it in the official Miss Universe Organization website.


Another thing that is sure is that the supposed press release that is being posted in the internet is pure hoax. Miss Universe Organization is yet to issue a statement/press release in all of these. And here’s another thing that is sure. The more the fans get agitated and worried, the more press mileage the Miss Universe gets. If this is some sort of a cruel joke or a publicity stunt, then it is not funny. MUO must realize that the tradition and integrity and honor of the Miss Universe as a pageant is at stake. They should not skip a year as this will be a huge blow to the reputation of the pageant. And no sponsor will be very willing to spend some cash on a pageant that skipped a year for being incompetent.



No contract signing? Whatever happened in Doral, the MUO is still mum


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