Meet Miss Supranational Spain 2016 ESTILBE HERNÁNDEZ AFONSO


Estilbe Hernández Afonso was born on March 26, 1993 in a small village to the northwest of Tenerife island (Canary Islands). This young girl is 23 year old and she is currently studying the last year of law at university, but she is passionate about beauty contests and the world of fashion. When she was 17 years she had a taste of beauty pageants by winning a local contest in her town of Buenavista del Norte in 2010. However, her formal contact with the world of beauty did not begin at that time because since she was a child she began to feel the nerves and the excitement behind the stages supporting her older sister.

Estilbe then began participating in several beauty contests, however, her participation in the provincial contest of Showstars (where she won the title “Showstars Tenerife 2016” ) marked the turning point for her. It opened a lot of doors for her especially now that she is the Miss Supranational Spain 2016. Her next destination will be Poland, where she will compete with beauties from around the world for the Miss Supranational 2016 title.