Denmark will select its contestants for Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Supranational this Saturday, May 14, 2016. Check out which of the stunning delegates that our experts think will be crowned tonight in the Face of Denmark 2016 pageant!

Christina Mikkelsen has proven to be consistent in photos and in person, her presentation is always put together and sharp, she has only improved and will be tough to beat at the finale, she is very competitive.
Sofie Klejnstrup Nielsen is standing out in the homestretch proving that her endurance is one of her strongest qualities. Her model looks, height, and naturally thin frame, ash blonde hair, and energy makes her a strong competitor.
Alexandria Eissinger seems to have learned from her previous pageant experiences, and is still in our top 3, she has the body and the beauty, and will surely do well on Saturday.
Malene Sørensen could win it all and represent Denmark very well abroad, she is always ready and consistent in her performance. Her walk and height and Nordic look will do her well.
Cecilia Christensen has a strong, fresh personality, her height and beautiful smile, with her healthy figure and walking will make it hard not to notice her on Saturday.
Sara Skals Danielsen has improved since the beginning, her smile is hard not to take notice of. She has the qualities, such as kindness and approachability that allows for her to be a great international candidate.


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